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Volume 5 Chapter 164 Meeting by chance

The old magician looked at Xu Yi before revealing a smile of deep meaning.

“Your excellency Xu Yi, should I call you chairman Xu Or should it be your excellency Great Magician”

Xu Yi revealed a smile and gave him the magicians greeting before saying without any fear, “Its better to call me chairman Xu. Everyone is more familiar with this identity and I like being called this more. Your excellency Ferguson, its been hard on you to come all the way here, I really feel sorry about this.”

The old magician gave a sigh and shook his head before revealing a smile.

“If it was riding the old horse carriages like before, then it would be a bit exhausting coming three thousand kilometers from the City in the Sky. But sitting in your Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Sedan, the trip was much shorter and it wasnt that exhausting.”

“Many thanks for your excellencys praise. Of course, if the Marlow Empire and the Falk Kingdom were connected with roads, I believe that your trip would have been even easier and more comfortable.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

Marquis Southgate on the side gave a laugh, “Chairman Xu, you dont need to remind me. Be assured, since Im here this time, it means a decision has been made. I think that youll be happy with my decisions.”

“Oh Then that really is great.” Xu Yi broke out in laughter before giving the two of them an inviting gesture, “Since its like this, then please enter the city and lets slowly discuss this. It isnt suitable to talk on a road, right”

“Un, lets go.”

Marquis Southgate and Great Magician Ferguson looked at each other before giving nods and getting back in the Magic Sedan.

Xu Yi waved his hand to Akali and Princess Caroline which they both understood, moving to their separate Magic Sedans.

There was only Seymour standing there looking at his bright yellow Magic Sedan in a daze. He looked at Xu Yi and hesitated to speak.

“Your excellency Seymour, only the back side of this car was hit, it doesnt affect its performance. You can drive it into the city first and Ill have someone fix it.”

“Ah Ah…..Alright…..Alright.”

Seymour first revealed a look of pleasant surprise before forcing it down. He quickly went into his Magic Sedan and after not having a problem starting it, he immediately quickly drove off with a smile.

Seeing that bright yellow Magic Sedan disappear into the distance, Xu Yi knitted his brows. He entered his Magic Sedan and headed towards Anvilmar City after starting it.

However, Xu Yi didnt lead them into Anvilmar City, but rather they came to a suburb that was two kilometers outside of the southern gate.

Although this was a suburb, when one looked at it, they would find that it was filled with tall buildings. There were tides of people here and it wasnt any less lively than inside Anvilmar City.

This was the newly built city district that was opened two years ago. Compared to the industrial base in the west, this place was the new commercial zone. It gathered many of the stores and restaurants of Anvilmar Citys biggest companies.

Even the most luxurious Chanel Restaurant in Anvilmar City opened a branch here and because they werent limited by land like in the city, this place was ten times bigger than the old store.

Of course, the biggest area was used as a parking lot.

The “parking lot” was a new concept that had just appeared in the Lampuri Kingdom two years ago, rather it was a new concept that had started in Anvilmar City and Banta City.

Before the restaurants only prepared a small area for parking for the guests that came in horse carriages, but as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Sedan became popular in the Lampuri Kingdom, with almost every merchant and noble having one, the lots that the restaurants used for parking before were far from enough.

To be honest, a large part of the reason Anvilmar City opened this new commercial land in the south was because of the lack of parking spaces.

Moreover, this place wasnt far from Anvilmar City and the environment was also much better. It only took ten minutes to drive here in a Magic Sedan, so once this shop was opened, it became even more popular than the main Chanel Restaurant.

If it wasnt for the fact that Xu Yi had made an appointment ahead of time, with so many people suddenly arriving, not only would they have not found a place to eat, they wouldnt have even had a place to park.

When Xu YIs group was led by the valet waiting outside the door of the Chanel Restaurant to the parking space that was reserved for them, once they came out of the car, they heard cursing from behind them.

“Damn, why can they park as soon as they arrive and we cant Is your Chanel Restaurant looking down on us Ah Let me tell you, father is from the Festalin Family, your Chanel Restaurant can look down on me, but can you look down on my grandfather”

Xu Yi knitted his brows as he looked over. The young person who was drunk was pointing at them with an arrogant look on his face.

Seeing Xu Yi look over, he glared right back at him.

“What are you looking at I dont know which small merchant you are, you dare to be this arrogant Do you know who I am Im……”

Before he could finish, the person beside him suddenly covered his mouth and made him swallow his words. He could only make muffled sounds and couldnt say a word.

Xu Yi looked at Anke Eren covering his mouth, finding it a bit funny.

“Your friend”

Anke Eren nodded with an awkward smile towards Xu Yi, “Un…..He is the grandson of Duke Festalin…..He just drank too much, so please dont be offended by his words.”

“I thought that after you opened your company, you would leave this kind of company, but it seems like it still hasnt changed.” Xu Yi shook his head before asking, “You said that he was drinking”

“Un…..Hes drunk, drunk, so you really, really shouldnt mind his nonsense.”

Anke Eren was considered the chairman of the Anke Chamber of Commerce with some fame. He was considered someone with a bit of position in the Lampuri Kingdom, but in front of Xu Yi, he could only act this way, not daring to disrespect him at all.

He still remembered the trauma Xu Yi had afflicted onto him with the gambling trap and was actually thankful that Xu Yi gave him a chance to turn a new leaf, becoming a person that many people could respect.

“Hes drunk……Then was he the one who drove that car here” Xu Yi pointed at the pure white Magic Sedan beside that person as he asked this question.

Anke Eren looked over and gave a nod.

“Un, its his car. Us friends were gathered somewhere else and didnt feel that it was that good, so we came here, but we never thought that we would meet you. These people are……”

“They arent related to you for now.” Xu Yi cut off Anke Erens questioning and pointed at that person, “Driving while drunk, you should know what kind of punishment there is. Send him to public security, I dont need to tell you about anything else.”

Anke Eren was stunned as his expression changed.

He had even forgotten about this.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce kept promoting the Magic Sedan in the Lampuri Kingdom, they strictly regulated those who could drive Magic Sedans.

Although the drivers license had been handed over to the Lampuri Kingdom to take care of, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce kept adding new laws. The Lampuri Kingdoms parliament almost never rejected any of the laws the Frestech Chamber of Commerce proposed.

Among these laws, driving while drunk had a very serious punishment.

This friend of his had been caught by Xu Yi, so that meant that he wouldnt be able to drive another Magic Sedan for another three months.

Anke Eren gave a bitter laugh and was about to respond, but the youth who he had been covering the mouth of broke free and pointed at Xu Yi as he cursed, “What kind of thing are you You actually dare to meddle in fathers matters, I think that you dont want to live here anymore, right Do you believe…..”

He didnt get to finish half his words.

This time Anke Eren didnt cover his mouth, rather he hit him in the back. There was a cyan magic glow around his hand. It was unknown what magic he used, but that person fainted right away.

Xu Yi looked at Anke Eren in surprise, “Ah, I never thought that your magic would increase in the past few years.”

Anke Eren quickly said with a smile, “Im normally working with magic machines, so Ive had more time to research magic. Of course, I cant compare to you since you are already a Great……”

Xu Yi raised his hand to cut him off.

“Alright, I said that theres nothing involving you here, but now Ive changed my mind. Give him to your other friends to carry of, you come with me.”

Anke Eren was surprised before looking at the people behind Xu Yi who were watching what had happened with a smile. He found that other than a young man who was the same age as the friend beside him who had his nose up the whole time, the others all had unusual auras to them.

Other than the two beautiful misses, the middle aged man was definitely from a noble family and had a unique status.

And that old magician was actually a Great Magician from the Magicians Guilds headquarters!

If these people came with Xu Yi, they were naturally discussing things that werent ordinary.

Now that Xu Yi had allowed him to come, wasnt this giving him a chance to participate in their discussions

Anke Eren felt his heart beating quickly several times before quickly passing his knocked out friend to his other friends. He said, “Sorry, I cant be with you for now.” And then he followed Xu Yi with a wide smile.

His friends looked at the knocked out person in their hands in a daze before looking at Anke Eren who was smiling like a flower blooming, all feeling confused.

This fellow, had he been drugged today-

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