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After having lunch in the royal palace with Seveni, Xu Yi rode his Magic Sedan out and left Anvilmar City.

But he didnt go far, he came to a barren hill at the southwest suburbs of Anvilmar City.

Looking up from the foot of the hill, he saw the iron tower that was half finished sparkling in the sun on top of the hill. Looking up at it, it seemed quite magnificent.

This iron tower was of course the magic signal tower that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would promote in the future.

Since Seveni had requested a communication line be established between the Stantine Duchy and Anvilmar City, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been sending out manpower to take care of this.

Of course, there was over a thousand kilometers from Anvilmar City to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base, so it would take several years to make this connection.

In this situation, Seveni first requested the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to build a communication network in Anvilmar City.

According to Akalis research into magic resonance, she had already been able to discriminate between signals. She could let people use different Magic Communicators to contact different people through the same magic signal tower.

Although this function couldnt compare to the cell phones from earth, at least the few people who had Magic Communicators could freely contact each other.

Thats right, the investment into the magic communication network in Anvilmar City had already reached seven hundred and sixty thousand gold coins, but the only people who could access it were less than fifty people including Seveni.

Of course, to connect the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base to Anvilmar City, which was a distance of over a thousand kilometers, it would cost a shocking investment of thirteen million gold coins. But right now, this network was being established just for Xu Yi and Seveni, which seemed a bit too much.

“Hei…..how is that possible”

Xu Yi gave a laugh and shook his head.

When it came to the magic communication network connecting the Stantine Duchy and Anvilmar City, the Lampuri Kingdoms newspapers had the same view.

Although most of them didnt dare put it too clearly, their meaning was that they were accusing her majesty Seveni of squandering the peoples resources for her own selfish desires.

There were only two people who used this magic communication network, it really was too much.

Seveni never explained this, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had explained the magic communication network through the «Lampuri Weekly» and other newspapers.

According to the information from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, although this magic communication network only had this purpose, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce kept making breakthroughs with this technology. They believed that in a few years, the magic communication network was something that everyone would be able to use.

When that time comes, anyone could talk to another person who was connected to the magic signal network at any time.

Many people were enticed by the beautiful scene described in the newspapers, but there were also many people who doubted this.

It was a good thing that since Seveni took the throne, the Lampuri Kingdom had been developing well every year. She had a high prestige in the Lampuri Kingdom, so even if people questioned her, they wouldnt be able to do anything.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce also had a very good image in the minds of the Lampuri Kingdoms people. Then again, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce always did very novel things that people couldnt understand, so it didnt matter if they took out this magic signal tower and this magic communication network.

Countless people looked forward to it, when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be able to make a breakthrough in their technology. If they could achieve the scene described in the «Lampuri Weekly», that would fill people with joy.

“Speaking of this…..Last time Count Sean told me that he also wanted a magic communication network in Sowell City, but theres not much use for this in Sowell City…..”

Xu Yi knitted his brows as he muttered this. He looked back up at the magic signal tower before using his magic to fly up from the foot of the hill.

When he came to the top, Akali looked over at him.

“Hey, sir chairman, youre done talking with her majesty”

“It isnt finished talking, its finished eating.” Xu Yi turned to look at the Amrit Chamber of Commerce working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces technical staff and asked, “It seems like you still havent had lunch yet”

“Lunch” Akali looked at the sky and said in a surprised voice, “So its already this late! I thought that it was still morning.” She rubbed her stomach after saying this and revealed a bitter look, “Sir chairman, its all your fault! I didnt feel hungry at first, but now that youve mentioned it, I cant take this hunger anymore.”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling as he shook his head. He turned to look at the others and gave a clap before raising his voice, “Alright, you can all stop working now and prepare to take your lunch.”

The workers of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce naturally didnt mind, but the technical staff from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce looked at Akali.

Akali rubbed her stomach before waving her hand, “Alright, since sir chairman has already spoken, everyone can go get lunch.”

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce always treated their employees well, so before building this magic signal tower, they had already prepared all the logistics.

Although this was a bit far from Anvilmar City, there was already a place to live that already had food prepared.

With the Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machines, life was quite convenient.

But Xu Yi saw that Akali was about to eat with her subordinates, so he grabbed her hand.

“You dont need to go. Come with me, Ill invite you to a meal.”

Akali was surprised, “Didnt you say that you already eaten”

“The problem is that I have to eat again.” Xu Yi gave a shrug. He took Akali and flew off towards the foot of the hill.

Akali was a bit confused, but she followed him after thinking about it.

The two stopped at Xu Yis Magic Sedan parked at the foot of the hill. After starting it, Xu Yi asked Akali, “Akali, if nothing unexpected happens, our company will be developing a magic research facility in Anvilmar City with the Lampuri Kingdom. Are you interested in being the chief”

Akali blinked in a daze, “Sir chairman, you…..What are you saying”

“Alright, I know that you heard me. Speak, are you interested”

Akali was in a daze for a bit before revealing a bit of hesitation on her face, “Sir chairman, if you suddenly say this to me…..I really havent prepared my heart.”

“So Im telling you now so that you can prepare your heart.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Actually, there isnt anything to prepare yourself for. With your current position in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the one most suited for the chief of this magic research facility is you. Moreover, you can also work on building the magic communication network, so its quite good.”

“But wouldnt I have to come to the Lampuri Kingdom for work”

“Dont forget, you are from the Lampuri Kingdom.” Xu Yi said.

“Ah I……I really forgot…..”

Just like Akali, when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce left the Lampuri Kingdom, they took many of the Lampuri Kingdoms natives with them.

These people had been working in the Stantine Duchy for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and they had been living in the Stantine Duchy for a long time, so many of them had already forgotten they were from the Lampuri Kingdom.

When King Eric was on the throne, he called those people traitors of the Lampuri Kingdom and took away their status as citizens.

But after Seveni took the throne, she announced that this decision was inalid and welcomed them back to the Lampuri Kingdom at any time.

But those people were already used to working for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so not many people came back.

Akali had also forgotten that she was from the Lampuri Kingdom, so she only remembered after Xu Yi mentioned this.

“But that doesnt matter.” Akali complained, “Ive lived in the Stantine Duchy for all those years, even more mom, dad, and little brother all moved there. If you have me move back to the Lampuri Kingdom now…..This……”

“That means that youre planning on remaining as Evitas subordinate forever” Xu Yi suddenly said.

Akali was stunned again. After pausing, her eyes suddenly lit up, “Sir chairman, you mean…..this position as chief of this magic research facility is at the same level as Evita”

“Strictly speaking, theres still a level off, but this magic research facility doesnt follow the management of the main facility. It reports directly to the company, which is my command, so…..you understand.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

“Really Thats great!” Akali excitedly cheered before lowering her head to think for a bit. Then she raised her head to say to Xu Yi with a smile, “Alright, sir chairman, can you give me two days to consider this”

“No problem.”

Xu Yi replied before suddenly spinning the wheel, making the Magic Sedan take a quick turn. They left the main road leading to Anvilmar City and came to another suburb outside Anvilmar City.

“Sir chairman, didnt you plan on taking me into the city for a meal” Akali asked in a confused voice.

“I did invite you to the city, but before this, we need to meet a few guests first.” Xu Yi replied.


Akali was even more confused.

Who was that important that they needed Xu Yi to personally meet them-

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