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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 155 - Airspace

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Volume 5 Chapter 155 Airspace

The border between the Stantine Duchy and the Lampuri Kingdom was eight hundred kilometers away from Anvilmar City. With the speed of the Magic Airship, he could arrive in eight hours.

Xu Yi was planning to set out in the morning and reach Anvilmar City in the afternoon. If nothing unexpected happened, he would have dinner with Seveni and he would be able to discuss the matter of the war with the Sack Kingdom with her.

But other than setting out smoothly the next day, when noon came, when the Magic Airship flew over Cramer City that was two hundred kilometers away from Anvilmar City, there was an incident.

“Sir chairman, it seems…..like several people are flying over.” The Magic Airships pilot reported to Xu Yi with a shocked look on their face.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been in development for close to two years now and they had flown to many places, but this was the first time it had met someone in the air.

Xu Yi looked out the window and saw several black spots quickly approaching.

It was clear that these people flying in the sky were magicians.

But why would magicians of the Lampuri Kingdom suddenly block the Magic Airship

With the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fame in the Lampuri Kingdom, it was impossible that they didnt recognize the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Airship.

Xu Yi knitted his brows to think before having the pilot stop. He opened the door and flew over to them.

“Chairman Xu, long time no see.”

The one leading them was a magician that Xu Yi recognized. It was the Lampuri Kingdom Magicians Guilds vice president, Larkstein who was a Ninth Grade Magician.

When Xu Yi went to the certification exam and then met up with chairman Eren, he had also met him several times.

Even without the status of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, Xu Yi was an outstanding magician. He had even become a powerful Great Magician in his thirties, so he was famous among the Lampuri Kingdom Magicians.

Larkstein was the noble Magicians Guild vice president, so when seeing Xu Yi, he followed the customs of magicians and bowed to greet Xu Yi who was a Great Magician.

Xu Yi returned the bow before looking over the magicians. He found that these magicians were wearing the robes of High Grade Magicians, so they clearly werent weak.

Although adding them together wasnt enough to threaten a Great Magician like Xu Yi, sending all these powerful High Grade Magicians at once was rare.

“Vice president Larkstein, this is……”

Seeing the curious look on Xu Yis face, Larkstein quickly said with a smile, “Chairman Xu, we came to blo…..Ke, to greet you.”

“Greet” Xu Yi knitted his brows and he felt a bit unsettled.

First the Lampuri Kingdom strangely declared war on the Sack Kingdom and then sent this group of High Grade Magicians led by Larkstein to wel…..No, it was clear that they were here to intercept him.

This strange situation created a guess in Xu Yis mind and he couldnt help feeling worried.

Could it be that something really happened to Seveni and she had lost control of the Lampuri Kingdom It was even so serious that people were here to stop him

“What happened that you need to come and welcome me” Xu Yi asked in a deep voice.

“This……” Larkstein had an awkward look before giving a cough and flying closer to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi knitted his brows and wanted to move away, but after thinking about it, he stayed in place. He allowed Larkstein to come to his side while also gathering his magic, preparing to release it at any moment.

“Chairman Xu, the kingdom parliament just passed the «Lampuri Kingdom Airspace Control Law» last week, preventing any magicians or flying objects from other countries from flying in the airspace of the Lampuri Kingdom. You….and your Magic Airship are in violation of this, so…..Ke, we wanted to stop you at the border, but you were just too fast, so we could only come and stop you here.”

“«Lampuri Kingdom Airspace Control Law»” Xu Yi looked at Larkstein in surprise.

When did the Lampuri Kingdoms parliament have the foresight to begin protecting their own airspace!

It had to be known, the word airspace had only been mentioned in secret between Xu Yi and Seveni. Because the Magic Airships hadnt entered mass production yet, Seveni didnt care about this. Xu Yi never thought that the Lampuri Kingdoms parliament would actually pass a law controlling this.

But this law wasnt passed before, it had to appear during this sensitive time which created more doubt in Xu Yis heart.

“The parliament passed this themselves What opinions did her majesty Seveni have about this” Xu Yi asked.

Larkstein seemed to have expected this question and he answered with a smile, “It was proposed by her majesty and after being discussed by the parliament, it was passed unanimously.”


This answer was a bit unexpected to Xu Yi.

He thought that something had happened to Seveni and she lost control of the Lampuri Kingdom, which was why the Lampuri Kingdom did all these unreasonable actions recently.

But with Larksteins answer, it showed that Seveni was still firmly sitting on the throne and nothing had happened.

Of course, there was the chance that Larkstein was lying.

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before asking Larkstein, “Your meaning is that we can no longer fly through these skies”

Larkstein revealed an apologetic smile, “At least before obtaining the authorization of the kingdoms parliament or her majesty, chairman Xu, you and your Magic Airships cannot keep flying in the airspace of our Lampuri Kingdom. Otherwise, this would violate the laws of the parliament and we would have to stop you.”

Hearing Larkstein finally saw the word “stop”, Xu Yi shook his head and gave a sigh. He told Larkstein to wait before flying back to the Magic Airship.

“Sir chairman, what is happening” Akali, who had been recording data in the cabin, came forward to ask this.

“I cant explain it now. Akali, lead the Magic Airship back to the company first, Ill be back in a few days.”

Akali was stunned, “Sir chairman, youre going alone But didnt you say……”

“Its fine, you can go back first.” Seeing Akalis worried face, Xu Yi patted her shoulder and said with a smile, “Dont forget, I am a Great Magician.”

Akali hesitated a bit before giving a nod, “Then…..Sir chairman, you have to take care of yourself.”

Xu Yi waved his hand at her with a smile before flying out the cabin door.

After waiting for a bit, the Magic Airship in the air turned to head back to the southwest.

“Chairman Xu, this…..” Larkstein pointed at the Magic Airship flying away and doubtfully asked Xu Yi.

“Theres no need to worry, they will be leaving the Lampuri Kingdom at their fastest speed and returning to the Stantine Duchy.” Xu Yi looked over the other magicians behind Larkstein who all stopped preparing for trouble and focused their attention back on Xu Yi.

“Eh…..Alright, chairman Xu, then please come with us. When we left Anvilmar City, the royal palace sent her majestys orders. They were to bring you to see her majesty after we stopped the Magic Airship.” Larkstein gave an inviting gesture to Xu Yi.

“Is it really an order from Seveni” Xu Yi looked at Larksteinm, but he didnt really ask this question. He flew down to Cramer City below with them.

Larksteins group had clearly come to Cramer City early to stop Xu Yi. After they arrived in Cramer City, they went right to the City Lord Manor where there were two Magic Sedans prepared. The magicians took the first one to lead the way while Larkstein sat down in the second one with Xu Yi.

The two Magic Sedans didnt stop at the City Lord Manor and headed off, quickly heading in the direction of Anvilmar City.

Xu Yi observed Cramer Citys situation through the windows and found that Cramer City was no different from the other times he came here. It was still as prosperous as before and the people in the street had very normal expressions, it didnt seem like they were influenced by the outside world at all.

Of course, media networks werent developed in this world, so people in Cramer City might not even know about things that were several hundred kilometers away. Counting on these citizens to know about changes in the upper stratum of the Lampuri Kingdom was overestimating them.

But at least he could see from the current situation that the Lampuri Kingdom was stable, it hadnt reached the point where the lower class were affected.

This made Xu Yi much more assured.

At least with Larksteins words, he knew that nothing had happened to Seveni.

Then as long as he met Seveni, even if she met some kind of a problem, Xu Yi was confident in helping her.

When Eric was still on the throne, Seveni could be said to be in her most dangerous situation. Xu Yi had given Seveni support with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, allowing her to overthrow Eric and allowing her to gain control of the Lampuri Kingdom.

Now that several years passed, both Seveni and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were much stronger, so there werent many things that could trouble them.

Thinking of this, Xu Yis mood slowly became better. He turned away from the street to look at Larkstein before asking, “Vice president Larkstein, how is the current situation in the war with the Sack Kingdom”-

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