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Volume 5 Chapter 154 A big transaction

Three days later, the Magic Airship left Nissi City again.

This time it didnt head to the Azshara Tribe, it didnt return to the Stantine Duchy, but rather it headed in the northwest direction. It was heading right towards the Lampuri Kingdoms capital, Anvilmar City.

After staying in Nissi City for three days, Xu Yi and King Teruc had many discussions in private.

From the result, there was no substantive progress made and they didnt even sign any contracts.

But in his private discussions with King Tercu, Xu Yi and the Rudson Kingdom had reached some certain deals in private.

For example, the magic signal towers that King Teruc mentioned in the beginning, Xu Yi approved of this and fully supported it.

Both sides agreed and in a month, the Rudson Kingdom side would send people to the Stantine Duchy to inspect the functions of the magic signal towers.

If nothing unexpected happened, the Rudson Kingdom would invite the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to build magic signal towers in the Rudson Kingdom and create a magic communication network.

But King Teruc had also clearly investigated this magic signal tower, telling Xu Yi that the Rudson Kingdom would need to control the core of this communication network in their own hands.

Hearing him say “magic signal towers frequency”, Xu Yi was surprised.

Xu Yi didnt oppose King Terucs request. He stated that after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce helped the Rudson Kingdom establish their magic communication network, they would hand a part of the core technology to the Rudson Kingdom. They would guarantee that the magic communication network would be completely controlled by the Rudson Kingdom.

The only request that Xu Yi had was that after the Rudson Kingdom built their communication network, they would connect them to the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchys communication network. That way the three countries could freely contact each other.

King Teruc agreed to Xu Yis request, so the negotiations went smoothly for both sides.

Other than this, King Teruc also hoped that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could build several steel mills and non-ferrous metal smelting factories. He guaranteed that the ores provided to these factories wouldnt come from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces share, guaranteeing that they would always have enough ores to smelt.

Xu Yi also agreed to this, but he had some different ideas on how to split the joint investment.

King Teruc wanted to control the factories in the Rudson Kingdom, but Xu Yi firmly rejected this.

Finally he backed off and agreed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would control these factories, but the Rudson Kingdom wanted a certain share of this and requested the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt stop them from learning the smelting techniques.

Xu Yi agreed to this, but he also raised a list of alloys that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce definitely wouldnt share and the Rudson Kingdom shouldnt meddle in.

After negotiating a few times, they finally reached a preliminary deal.

The smelting factories would be built in the spring of next year and if nothing unexpected happened, they could start production by the end of next year.

King Teruc also hoped that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces cooperation with the Rudson Kingdom wouldnt be limited to just household magic machines.

After negotiating it, Xu yi represented the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to agree to build a bicycle factory and a tires factory in the Rudson Kingdom.

Learning from their cooperation in terms of household magic machines, the bicycle and tire factories would be built outside Caraca City. They would hold a bicycle race in Caraca City, which would be used to promote the bicycles in the Rudson Kingdom.

In other aspects, they had only laid a foundation and hadnt begun negotiating yet, so they didnt mention it.

In these discussions, the most important thing was naturally the military magic machines.

According to King Tercus request, he hoped that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would sell all their military magic machines to the Rudson Kingdom,

But this was something that Xu Yi would never agree to, so after many discussions, they finally agreed that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be selling large amounts of Magic Repeating Crossbows, small Magic Rocket Launchers, Magic Trebuchets, and other normal military magic machines. At the same time, they would be selling the Rudson Kingdom three hundred Magic Armoured Vehicles, a hundred small Magic Cannons, and four guard ships with corresponding facilities.

If this agreement was signed, the amount would be over twenty seven million gold coins. It could be said that this was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces biggest deal to date.

Of course, this wasnt finished in a day or two. According to calculations, Xu Yi gave the timeline of three years to complete this deal.

Even if King Teruc felt that this was a bit too long, Xu Yi told him that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces production capacity was limited. This was the fastest time they could fulfill this order in, so King Teruc could only accept it.

But no matter what, after reaching this deal with Xu Yi, King Teruc was very happy.

If it wasnt for Xu Yi saying that he was heading to the Lampuri Kingdom, he would have sent people to the Stantine Duchy immediately to set this deal as soon as possible.

Of course, King Teruc understood Xu Yis trip to the Lampuri Kingdom……

“It would be strange if he didnt understand.” Xu Yi thought of the deep meaning in King Terucs smile when he bid him farewell and he couldnt help cursing in his heart.

The matter of the Lampuri Kingdom declaring war on the Sack Kingdom, even if King Teruc didnt come all this way to tell him, Xu Yi would have found out about it after returning to the Stantine Duchy.

But he came all this way to tell Xu Yi just like Xu Yi had guessed before, he wanted to tell him that the Lampuri Kingdom wasnt a reliable partner. But demonstrating the Rudson Kingdoms sincerity, they could become someone that Xu Yi considered.

If it was said that Xu Yi didnt have this idea, that would be impossible. But when it came to cooperating with the Rudson Kingdom in terms of military magic machines, this wasnt related at all.

Actually, even if King Teruc didnt come, Xu Yi would still have planned on selling military magic machines to the Rudson Kingdom.

Now that King Teruc had sent himself to the door, it saved him this effort and he could raise the price.

The final price was even higher than what he had wanted, so it could be considered a pleasant surprise.

To put it bluntly, whether it was the military magic machines or the household magic machines, they were only just products.

The difference was that the military magic machines had more influence, so Xu Yi had to be more careful with them.

Forever keeping the military magic machines to himself wasnt correct. The other countries and powers would have scruples with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce because of this, creating many problems.

And they couldnt only just sell the military magic machines to the Lampuri Kingdom. This would make other countries become wary of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Lampuri Kingdom, greatly affecting the other cooperations of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

So Xu Yi already wanted to sell the military magic machines to the surrounding countries.

The Rudson Kingdom was the second choice for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce after the Lampuri Kingdom. This agreement this time was a good choice for both sides.

Then again, Xu Yi even sold military magic machines to the Sack Kingdom, so how could he reject the request of the Rudson Kingdom

Thinking of the Sack Kingdom, Xu Yi felt his head ache.

If the Sack Kingdom and the Lampuri Kingdom werent hostile with each other and they didnt attack the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, everything would be easier to handle.

But because of this problem, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce found it very hard to build relations with the Sack Kingdom.

Xu Yi wasnt clear why the Lampuri Kingdom would suddenly declare war on the Sack Kingdom, but after thinking about it for several days, he felt that this might be related to him agreeing to sell military magic machines to the Sack Kingdom.

“Sir chairman, weve linked through to chief Evita.” A subordinate came over with a small Magic Communicator.

Xu Yi took it with a nod and came to a corner of the Magic Airship before saying in a low voice, “Hello Is it Evita”

“Its me. Sir chairman, youre back” Evitas voice came from the Magic Communicator.

“Un. Im currently at the border between the Stantine Duchy and the Lampuri Kingdom. Im planning on taking a trip to the Lampuri Kingdom.” Xu Yi casually explained, “Evita, did the people from the Sack Kingdom come”

“They did, they left a week ago.”

“Then…..they should know that the Lampuri Kingdom declared war on the Sack Kingdom What was their reaction”

“Sir chairman also wants to know” Evita had a bit of surprise in her voice before replying, “They were rather surprised, but they stayed to continue the negotiations.”

“What are the final results”

“Its as you ordered, weve agreed to most of their requests, but we still need you to come back and decide the specifics. The Sack Kingdom left two people here who said that they need you to come back first before continuing the negotiations.”

“Alright, keep them there for now, but dont accept any further requests. Wait until I come back from the Lampuri Kingdom.”

“Yes.” Evita replied before falling silent for a bit. After a while, she said in a hesitant voice, “Sir chairman, will there be a problem if you go to the Lampuri Kingdom right now”

Hearing the trace of worry in Evitas voice, Xu Yis lips curled into a faint smile as he replied, “There wont, the Lampuri Kingdom cant leave me just yet.”

Evita was silent for a bit before agreeing, “Alright, I hope that sir chairmans trip will be smooth.”


Xu Yi turned off the communicator and let out a soft breath.

Even Evita could tell that something was off, so many people would be able to notice this.

Since such a simple thing could be seen, just what was the Lampuri Kingdom, or rather Seveni thinking-

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