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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 153 - Reason for war

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Volume 5 Chapter 153 Reason for war


Xu Yi suddenly stood up. Because he stood up too quickly, he hit himself on the table and pushed it up, creating a loud sound.

King Teruc turned to wave at his guards that came in from this sound to show that it was fine and to have them go out again. Then he turned back to Xu Yi, waiting for his next reaction.

Xu Yi was in a daze for a bit before his expression slowly calmed down and he sat down again.

After a bit of silence, Xu Yi asked, “Your majesty, can you tell me why this happened”

Seeing Xu Yi recovering this quickly, King Teruc had a look of praise as he replied, “The reason…..On the surface, its because of a smuggling case.”

“Smuggling” Xu Yi knitted his brows.

Because the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom had been hostile all these years, transactions between the two countries had been performed through smuggling before.

But since the two countries created the free trade area and because there was this free trade area, there were much fewer cases of smuggling.

Even if they were, it was just to avoid a bit of tariffs and didnt have that much effect. It wasnt important to either side and it wasnt possible to spark a war between the two countries.

The only smuggling cases with this much influence was related to that aspect.

As expected, King Teruc continued with a nod, “Yes, according to the official announcement from the Lampuri Kingdom, the Lampuri Kingdom had some people smuggling military magic machines to the Sack Kingdom…..”

When he said this, King Teruc looked at Xu Yi and saw that he wasnt surprised at all. He just slightly knitted his brows, which meant that Xu Yi was definitely aware of this.

“After the Lampuri Kingdom side discovered this, they started investigating this smuggling case and finally traced it to the Sack Kingdom. In the beginning, the Lampuri Kingdom only requested the Sack Kingdom to hand over the criminals, but the Sack Kingdom rejected this request. In the end, there was a conflict between the two sides. In the conflict, the Lampuri Kingdom lost seven soldiers and the Sack Kingdom had lost several dozen border guards, as well as harming several citizens.”

“And then Did they directly declare war” Xu Yi asked with a surprised look.

“Yes. The Lampuri Kingdom declared that the Sack Kingdom attacked first, so they would officially declare war on the Sack Kingdom. As for the results…..it was as I just told you.”

Xu Yi deeply knitted his brows.

There was definitely no need for King Teruc to lie to him about this, but no matter how he thought it, he felt that this matter was strange.

Even if the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom had been hostile with each other for several hundred years, for the two kingdoms, declaring war was not an easy thing.

Not to mention that they finally created a free trading zone between them. This was the first time trade had been open between them for several hundred years and with how well it was developing, the Lampuri Kingdom could sell many magic machines and other products to the Sack Kingdom, earning a large amount from them.

In this situation, the Lampuri Kingdom had suddenly declared war on the Sack Kingdom and even attacked them, seizing a third of the Sack Kingdoms southern territory at once

Perhaps for the people of the Lampuri Kingdom who had been suppressed by the Sack Kingdom for several hundred years, this matter was something to be proud of, but it was completely confusing for Xu Yi.

Who decided to start the war Was it the queen Seveni

Xu Yi shook his head and denied this guess.

Because he knew that Seveni wasnt this kind of brainless person. Moreover, when they signed to create the free trade zone with the Sack Kingdom, it was decided after Xu Yi discussed this with her.

Seveni was clear on how much the Lampuri Kingdom would benefit from this free trade zone, the data from this year and last year had proven this.

Xu Yi didnt believe that Seveni didnt understand the benefits of maintaining this situation for the Lampuri Kingdom, so it was clearly impossible that she would take the initiative to declare war that would destroy this good situation.

But if it wasnt Seveni, the ones who made this decision should be from the Lampuri Kingdom.

However, it was like this, it would prove an even terrifying possibility. It was that Seveni couldnt fully control the Lampuri Kingdom, which includes not being able to stop the war with the Sack Kingdom.

This possibility would shock Xu Yi more than Seveni declaring war.

Although he had appeared in the Lampuri Kingdom after transmigrating and lived there for several years, adding in the fact that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce started there, so he had a special feeling for the Lampuri Kingdom.

The reason why he supported the Lampuri Kingdom mostly came from the good relationship between him and Seveni.

He believed that Seveni was a good ruler for the Lampuri Kingdom, supporting her would allow him to establish the idea that magic machines changed peoples lives.

But if the Lampuri Kingdom wasnt controlled by Seveni, it would mean that the investments in the Lampuri Kingdom wouldnt have a foundation and would escape his control.

In Xu Yis heart, Seveni and the Lampuri Kingdom was one. If Seveni didnt control the Lampuri Kingdom, he wouldnt treat the Lampuri Kingdom any differently.

So if this speculation was true, it would have serious effects on Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi asked King Teruc in a deep voice, “Your majesty, whose name did the Lampuri Kingdom declare war on the Sack Kingdom in”

King Teruc wasnt surprised by Xu Yi asking this question. He replied with a faint smile, “Of course its in the name of Queen Seveni. Queen Seveni had even announced the war declaration through the «Lampuri Weekly» before the war began. I happen to have brought this issue of the «Lampuri Weekly» over, do you want to see it”

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before giving a nod. He took the «Lampuri Weekly» from King Terucs hands.

Sevenis declaration of war was printed on the front page of the «Lampuri Weekly», using large letters as a header which made it stand out.

This declaration was on the front page and the second page of the «Lampuri Weekly», reaching around three thousand words.

Xu Yi carefully read over this declaration, but he wasnt looking over the content, but rather he was focused on the tone of the declaration.

If just from this article, Xu Yi felt that it was indeed written by Seveni because the expression, the tone, and everything else matched the Seveni that Xu Yi was familiar with. It seemed like she had personally written this.

But after reading it, Xu Yi wasnt in a rush to draw a conclusion. After thinking for a bit, he put the paper down and looked back at King Teruc.

Without seeing Seveni first and getting confirmation from her, Xu Yi could only keep this speculation in his heart. The problem in front of him was why King Teruc had come to tell him this news and was even in such a rush.”

“Many thanks to your majesty for informing me of this matter. This will have a big effect on the plans of our company, so learning of it beforehand allows us to make our preparations.” Xu Yi first thanked King Teruc first and after a bit of a pause, he asked, “But, your majesty, for you to summon me like this, was it just to tell me of this matter”

King Teruc gave a laugh and sat up from the chair that he had been leaning back in. He narrowed his eyes to look at Xu Yi for a while before slowly shaking his head.

“Of course not, chairman Xu. Actually, I dont need to say it, you should be able to guess what I want to discuss with you, right”

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before giving a sigh, “If my guesses arent wrong, your majesty should want to discuss the matter of the military magic machines. You telling me about this matter is to remind me that the Lampuri Kingdom isnt as reliable as I thought, right”

“The first half is correct, but the second half…..” King Teruc gave a laugh and didnt finish, “As for the military magic machines, Ive mentioned them to chairman Xu many times, but youve always rejected me. I thought that I could patiently wait, but now that the Lampuri Kingdom has declared war on the Sack Kingdom, I feel that it is difficult to keep waiting.”

“Oh” Xu Yi raised a brow as he looked at King Teruc.

“Dont look at me with this doubt. Chairman Xu, Ive made a big decision in coming to see you this time. Look, I even left Caraca City and came all the way to see you, this should show my sincerity. Then, chairman Xu, shouldnt you also show some sincerity”

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before nodding, “Alright, your majesty, lets be a bit more direct. You want to buy military magic machines from our company”

“If I said that I hope that you would transfer the military magic machine technology to our Rudson Kingdom, would you agree”

“No.” Xu Yi shook his head without any hesitation.

King Teruc gave a sigh before shaking his head, “So Im not planning on making this proposition. I hope that for now, I can purchase all the military magic machines I need from your company.”

Xu Yi paid attention to the word “temporarily”. He revealed a smile and didnt mind it as he asked, “Then your majesty, how much are you planning to buy and what kind of military magic machines do you need”

King Teruc narrowed his eyes, “Chairman Xu, can I treat this as you answering my question”

“Ive never refused to sell military magic machines to the Rudson Kingdom, but dont we still need to discuss the specifics”

“Alright, lets discuss the specifics.”-

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