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Volume 5 Chapter 152 Something big happened

His happy time with Still was very short. After staying in the Azshara Tribe for a day, Xu Yi headed back to Nissi Harbour.

When the Magic Airship fell, there was a silver Magic Sedan that quickly came over from in the distance and stopped right in front of the Magic Airship.

Count Kompany came out of the back seat and ran over to the cabin door. Waiting for the cabin door to slowly open, when he saw Xu Yi appear, he let out a long sigh of relief.

“Chairman Xu, youre finally back.”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “What Lord City Lord, were you afraid of me running away”

“No, no, no, nothing of that sort.” Count Kompany wiped the sweat off his forehead and made an inviting gesture to Xu Yi, “Please come with me. According to the information I just received, his majesty is already less than twenty kilometers away. I ask chairman Xu to go outside the city to welcome his majesty with me.”


Xu Yi replied. He turned to say something to the people in the Magic Airship before boarding the Magic Sedan with Count Kompany.

The Magic Sedan quickly started and headed to the north of Nissi City.

Seeing Nissi City disappearing behind them, Xu Yi turned to Count Kompany beside him to ask, “Lord City Lord, in the latest news sent from his majesty, did he reveal why he is in such a rush to meet me”

“This……there was nothing specific about this. But since its this important to his majesty, even needing to personally come here to meet chairman Xu, I think that it must be something very important.”

“I also understand this, but after thinking about it over the past two days, there hasnt been anything unexpected that has happened in the cooperation between our Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Rudson Kingdom. Even if there are a few small mistakes, I dont think that it would be enough for his majesty to personally come.” Xu Yi said with knitted brows.

“He, he, I dont know too much about this, but chairman Xu, while our cooperation is going smoothly right now, it doesnt mean that itll always go smoothly, right Perhaps his majesty wants to discuss some new cooperations with chairman Xu and to show his sincerity, he is personally coming to see you.”

“Un” Xu Yi narrowed his eyes to look at the friendly smile Count Kompany had.

From Count Kompanys words, he could tell that there was a bit of information.

It was that…..King Teruc should be discussing a new cooperation with him.

This wasnt surprising because compared to the Lampuri Kingdom, the cooperation between the Rudson Kingdom and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were missing a few things.

For example, the Lampuri Kingdom was working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce on construction magic machines, as well as having several steel mills, while the Rudson Kingdom didnt have any. The most important thing was that the Lampuri Kingdom had some form of cooperation with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce on the military magic machines for a long time.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had left the Lampuri Kingdom and their military magic machine cooperation had stagnated, making no progress, the Lampuri Kingdom did have the foundation in this aspect which allowed them to widen the disparity with other countries.

For example, the most simple Magic Repeating Crossbow that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made first, it had now become standard issue for the Lampuri Kingdom army.

Then with the weapon factories that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had left behind, the Lampuri Kingdoms army was the best equipped army in the surrounding countries, so there was no way to compare battle strength like before.

The surrounding countries were aware of this.

The Rudson Kingdom was a kingdom on the same scale as the Lampuri Kingdom, so it was normal for them to care about this.

This time King Teruc showed his sincerity, it was very likely that he would negotiate with Xu Yi on the military magic machines.

“If he really puts forth this request, how should I respond” Xu Yi knitted his brows to think.

Based on his original intentions, he just wanted to promote the household magic machines to improve the standard of living on the continent.

But the military magic machines had been developed and with their might, it couldnt escape the attention of other countries.

Xu Yi was naturally prepared for this, but in his plan, he had to be careful with the military magic machines.

The most basic request was that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to suppress the other forces when it came to military magic machines. They definitely couldnt let the Frestech Chamber of Commerce be threatened because they sold their military magic machines.

This was something that Xu Yi always controlled well. Only a part of the military magic machines were sold to other countries and the core parts were controlled by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, allowing their guards to have the absolute advantage in battle strength.

But as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces research into military magic machines became deeper and deeper, Xu Yi was already beginning to release more military magic machines to the public.

For example, selling the three guard ships to the Candra Empire navy while equipping several Magic Cannons and small Magic Rockets on it. This could be considered the most advanced military magic machine sold by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce currently.

The Lampuri Kingdom wasnt a country by the sea, so they didnt have such high demands. But the Rudson Kingdom had a sea to the south, so perhaps King Teruc wanted to buy a few guard ships to play with

With this kind of doubt, the Magic Sedan brought Xu YI to a rest stop that was to the north of Nissi City.

He and Count Kompany along with his group of followers had only gotten out for less than twenty minutes when they saw dust on the road to the north. After a while, they saw a motorcade of Magic Sedans quickly heading over.

Seeing this motorcade, Xu Yi couldnt help being surprised.

Although Magic Sedans had already become popular in the Rudson Kingdom, King Teruc had always maintained tradition and had gone out in a traditional horse carriage.

Of course, there was a deep meaning to his luxurious horse carriage.

King Teruc rarely left Caraca City and only traveled short distances. Riding in his horse carriage that was built for comfort was clearly the better choice.

But Xu Yi had told him before that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was developing super luxurious and very safe Magic Sedans. It would be built for important people like King Teruc and would satisfy all his needs.

King Teruc was very interested in this and he said that he would definitely custom order one when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce released this.

But before the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had developed this kind of Magic Sedan, King Teruc took the initiative to ride a Magic Sedan here this time.

Other than speed, it was also to show Xu Yi his sincerity.

However, Xu Yi deeply believed that nothing was for free.

King Teruc was showing this kind of sincerity, it was clear that what he was requesting wasnt something easily satisfied.

Xu Yi slightly knitted his brows as he watched the motorcade approach. The first car stopped outside the rest stop and he and Count Kompany went over with smiles on their faces.

“Chairman Xu, long time no see.” King Teruc came out of the back seat of the Magic Sedan and looked over at Xu Yi with a smile on his face.

Xu Yi quickly came over and gave King Teruc a bow before respectfully saying, “Greetings to your majesty. For your majesty to personally come, it makes me a bit worried.”

King Teruc gave a laugh before patting Xu Yi on the shoulder, “Chairman Xu, you arent a citizen of our Rudson Kingdom, you dont need to be so polite in front of me. Come, lets go in and talk.”

Xu Yi doubtfully followed King Teruc into the rest station.

King Tercu sat at a table that was already prepared and pointed for Xu Yi to sit down in front of him.

Xu Yi declined out of politeness at first, but he still sat down.

King Teruc looked to the side and his guards understood, driving everyone out of the rest stop. Count Kompany was not an exception.

In this big rest stop, there was only King Teruc and Xu Yi left.

After everyone left, King Teruc looked over Xu Yi before saying with a smile, “Chairman Xu, I wonder if your trip to the Candra Empire went smoothly”

Xu Yi replied with a faint smile, “Many thanks for your majestys care, it was considered smooth.”

“Oh Thats good.” King Teruc laughed before falling silent. He suddenly tapped the table and said with a sigh, “Chairman Xu, not being able to contact you this time has finally made me realize an important problem.”

“What is it”

“Its no wonder your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has been building all those magic signal towers in the Stantine Duchy and then doing the same in the Lampuri Kingdom. With these magic signal towers, people that are separated by thousands of miles can talk to each other, it really is countless times better compared to before. If our Rudson Kingdom also had the magic signal towers, I wouldnt need to rush here to meet you. At least, I think it would be much easier contacting you, right”

Xu Yi never thought that King Teruc would mention the magic signal towers first and he couldnt help being surprised.

“This…..If your majesty is willing, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is happy to cooperate with the Rudson Kingdom to build magic signal towers and erect the magic communication network.”

“Is that so Good, chairman Xu, it is decided. I will send people over to your company in a few days to discuss the matter of building magic signal towers throughout our kingdom. I hope that you will work with them.” King Teruc slapped the table again as he said this with a serious look.

Xu YI was surprised, never thinking that King Teruc would be so resolute that he would settle it like this.

But thinking about it, he didnt think that there was a problem, so he said with a nod, “Alright, our company is currently promoting this thing, so we will definitely work with you.”

King Teruc was different from the nobles in the Lampuri Kingdom, being worried about the magic signal towers. Naturally Xu Yi also wouldnt ask about this.

Just based on this, it seems like the advertisement the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had released on the magic signal towers had some effect.

Of course, King Teruc must have also investigated this matter, otherwise he wouldnt make a decision this easily.

Seeing that Xu Yi agreed, King Teruc gave a satisfied nod. After pausing, he continued, “The magic signal towers are just a small thing, there is something else that I need to discuss with you this time.”

Xu Yi wasnt surprised at all. He silently looked at King Teruc, waiting for him to speak.

King Teruc was silent for a bit before suddenly looking to the north west and then saying, “Chairman Xu, youve been away during this time, so you might not know that something important has happened recently.”

“Oh Your majesty, please tell me.”

King Teruc turned to Xu Yi and narrowed his eyes, revealing a serious look.

“Half a month ago, the Lampuri Kingdom declared war on the Sack Kingdom. Right now they have already captured three cities in the south of the Sack Kingdom and have occupied a third of the Sack Kingdoms southern province.”-

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