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Volume 5 Chapter 151 Adding special effects

Other than receiving the invitation from elder Undine, Xu Yi came to the Azshara Tribe to meet up with Still.

Since leaving the Stantine Duchy, Still had already been filming in the Azshara Tribe for half a month now. Then when Xu Yi left for the Candra Empire, then going to the island on the southern seas, it had been another half a month,

Counting this, he hadnt seen Still for over a month now, so naturally he missed her very much,

Not to mention that Still was seven months pregnant, so Xu Yi was still a bit worried about her.

But when he saw Still, Xu Yi found that she looked very good. She was very spirited and her skin had become much smoother, like she was several years younger.

Xu Yi put down his worry while also feeling curious.

Was it because Still was busy working even though she was seven months pregnant that she didnt seem exhausted, but rather seemed like she was glowing

This didnt follow the normal convention.

“Ive been listening to you alright Ive been paying attention to my rest and havent been working all day, alright”

Still rolled her eyes at Xu Yi before moving around Xu Yi, giving him a naughty look with a bit of teasing in her eyes.

“How is it Do you feel that my skin has become better Dont you think that I have more charm”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “You are very attractive all the time. Tell me, what is the reason”

“You really dont understand…..” Still muttered before replying, “Its mainly because of elder Undines special care. The elves have unique techniques for taking care of their bodies and Ive learned quite a few things from elder Undine. Elder Undine even opened up the Moonlight Pond in their tribe for me to take a soak every day, which has greatly helped my body.”

“Oh She even opened the Moonlight Pond to you” Xu Yi was a bit surprised.

The Moonlight Pond was the Pond of Life for the elves. It was the source of life for the elves, so it could be said that every elf clan placed importance to this place.

Elder Undine had not only opened the Moonlight Pond to her, she let her take a soak there every day which showed elder Undines care for her.

“Yes, Im benefiting from associating with you.” Still said with a smile, “Elder Undine said that this is the first time they opened their tribes Moonlight Pond to a human. Right, speaking of this, elder Undine wanted me to ask you, are you interested in taking a soak in the Moonlight Pond”

Xu Yi was stunned, “Me Why would a man like me take a soak, could it be that I need to improve my skin”

Still gave a laugh, “Youre actually white enough, you dont need it at all. Elder Undine didnt mean this, she told me that humans that bathed in the Moonlight Pond would be able to increase their sensitivity to their surroundings. For a magician, it would increase their sensitivity towards magic elemental energy, which can help them increase their magic. After I soaked there for some time, Ive found that my control of magic elemental energy is much better. How about it Are you interested”

“Oh Its like this……” Xu Yi rubbed his chin to think for a bit before nodding, “If the effects are good, then I can consider it. Hey, how about we go soak together tonight”

Still saw Xu Yis strange smile and rolled her eyes at him, “Wheres your mind going Since you want to go, Ill just tell elder Undine later.”

“Theres no need for now, I can only stay here for a night, so I dont have that much free time. Come, lets take a look at your film and let me give some opinions.”


Still took out the Magic Illusion Projector and placed a small illusion disc in. The Magic Illusion Projector released a blue light before creating an illusion in the air.

This film that was called «Floating» temporarily was what Still and her New Moon Chamber of Commerces filming crew had been focused on making recently. It spoke of what happened three thousand years ago when the elves still ruled the continent, telling a story of a touching love between an elven girl and a human boy.

It was clear that this came from Stills writing……

At Xu Yis suggestion, the New Moon Chamber of Commerces «Daily Lives of the New Moon Troupe» had been very popular. It was shown in many places in the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy, even surpassing an audience of one million viewers.

The New Moon Chamber of Commerce had earned seventy thousand gold coins in selling tickets, which could be said that they had earned quite a bit.

Xu Yi personally wrote a script for Still, having the New Moon Chamber of Commerce film this drama which had also been very popular.

After these two successes, Still firmly believed Xu Yis analysis of the Magic Illusion Films. She decided to greatly invest in it and to make the New Moon Chamber of Commerce an “entertainment company” as Xu Yi had described.

This «Floating» came from Xu Yis suggestion, but he just proposed filming it like a film and didnt get involved in the other aspects.

Seeing the finished product of the New Moon Chamber of Commerce, Xu Yis heart was filled with praise.

It had to be said, this Magic Illusion Film had its advantages over the movies from earth. It had the effect of being shown in 3D, which made it more realistic.

Because this film was made through recording with the Illusion Magic Array and then broadcasting it with the Magic Illusion Projector, this was a first edition duplication and it was very realistic.

But there was also a problem with this. Because of how realistic it was, they couldnt add special effects like the movies on earth which gave them less space to work with.

Thinking of this problem, Xu Yi was silent for a bit. He talked to Still about the shooting angle, the plot advancement, and other small details of the movie.

After learning these details from earth, Still had gained quite a bit of inspiration.

“It really is a pity. Xu Yi, it would be good if you werent the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman. I would definitely pull you into my company and make you focus on making Magic Illusion Films.” Still said with a look of regret.

Xu Yi gave a laugh, “I can consider it when I retire from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. But before this, I still have to create a system of showing these Magic Illusion Films. Still, I think that since youve increased the speed of your filming, we should change our plan from before.”

“Oh How so” Still asked in a curious voice.

She and Xu Yi had come up with a plan before, it was that they would organize the many theaters in the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy to show these films. It would be like the movie theaters from earth.

Once people were used to this, they would change their distribution.

But now that Still had surpassed his expectations in leading the New Moon Chamber of Commerce to film Magic Illusion Films, Xu Yi felt that they could increase their progress.

“I feel that we can set up public Magic Illusion Projectors in each city and make a short piece to introduce that film that you made which would be considered advertisement. At the same time, your New Moon Chamber of Commerce can use these Magic Illusion Projectors to find a new source of income for yourselves.”

“New source of income” Still knitted her brows, “How”

“Look, as long as these public Magic Illusion Projectors have enough Magic Crystals, they can project all day. Then other than the short introduction that you would make for your films, you can also show some advertisements.”

“Advertisements” Still was surprised before suddenly waking up, “You mean to let the other companies film some advertisements, just like how we helped your Frestech Chamber of Commerce film those advertisements before”

“Thats right, but the ads you did before were only simple. The ads that you would do now would be complete films that will be realistic. Think about it, when you helped me advertise those things before, it helped display your charm, didnt it”

Even if they were an old couple, hearing Xu Yis words, Stills face couldnt help turning a bit red. Then she became excited and said with a nod, “Un, I understand what you mean. This is a very good idea, I will seriously consider it.”

“Alright, Ill only say this. As for how to film these advertisements and who to film them for, that is something for your New Moon Chamber of Commerce. I can only assist you with setting up the public Magic Illusion Projectors.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“Of course, do I need your help with this” Still rolled her eyes at Xu Yi. She walked over to the side with a smile and began talking to the New Moon Chamber of Commerce staff that she had brought.

Xu Yi gave a laugh. He thought that although Still was no longer a young girl who was in her early twenties, she was still very beautiful, so much that people would never tire of looking at her.

After giving a satisfied smile, Xu Yi thought about the problem he had been thinking of before and then he went looking for elder Undine.

“You want to change the illusions that are filmed and add some…..effects” Elder Undine looked at Xu Yi with a confused look, looking puzzled by Xu Yis question.

After Xu Yi explained it, elder Undine finally understood what he meant by “special effects”.

“Eh……Although we havent researched this before, the Illusion Array can make illusions out of nothing, so I think that we can accomplish the special effects that you mentioned.”

“Then that isnt a problem.” Xu Yi let out a sigh of relief, “Elder Undine, if possible, I hope that you can give us some of the core technology for the Illusion Array so we can meet this need.”

“For the special effects you mentioned” Elder Undine revealed a smile, but she also shook her head, “I think that theres no need. Illusion Magic is considered a hard type of magic for us elves, so even if we did give it to you, you wouldnt be able to grasp it in a short period of time.”

“Is that so” Xu Yi slightly knitted his brows.

He didnt feel that he couldnt grasp Illusion Magic, but he was a bit surprised that elder Undine had directly rejected him.

“Actually, chairman Xu, you dont have to grasp Illusion Magic, right” Elder Undine said.

“Un” Xu Yi looked at elder Undine in surprise.

“Didnt you always tell me that the main reason why you humans could replace us elves in dominating the continent was because you humans understood the merits of being unified and working together So that was why you could display such incredible strength”

“You mean……”

Elder Undine revealed a faint smile, “It would take you a long time to grasp the Illusion Magic Array, so you might as well have our clansmen that have grasp over the Illusion Magic Array join you and help you with this project, right”

Xu Yi looked at the faint smile on elder Undines face. He confirmed once again that elder Undine was the most business savvy elf that he had ever met.

There was no one else who could compare.-

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