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In the discussion between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Candra Empire navy, it wasnt just the Frestech Chamber of Commerce fulfilling the requests of the Candra Empire navy.

In their discussion, maintaining the guard ship was only the most basic problem. What the two really needed to discuss was the request the Frestech Chamber of Commerce made to the Candra Empire navy.

According to the contract they signed, the Candra Empire would buy three guard ships from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce at five hundred thousand gold coins per ship. They would use other conditions to repay the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, otherwise how could the missing one and a half million per ship be easily filled.

Leaving their subordinates to discuss the maintenance issue, Russell led Xu Yi to another room on the military compound.

In this place, there was a slightly fat man with a friendly smile on his face waiting for Xu Yi. There was a sharp look in his eyes, it was clear that this middle aged man was more a merchant than a soldier.

In fact, he was indeed a merchant.

“Chairman Xu, this is the Lavender Chamber of Commerces chairman Robert Zenny.”

The middle aged man revealed a warm smile and reached his hand out to Xu Yi, as he said with a smile, “Chairman Xu, this is our first time meeting, you have to take care of me in the future.”

“How so, how so, well all be working together in the future, theres no taking care of each other.”

Xu Yi gave these courteous words while seriously looking over Robert Zenny.

This Lavender Chamber of Commerce had some fame in the Candra Empire. Xu Yi had investigated the first class companies in the Candra Empire he needed to pay attention to and this included the Lavender Chamber of Commerce.

He never thought that the Candra Empires navy would be behind the Lavender Chamber of Commerce.

But this wasnt anything strange.

To be a first class company that could stand firm in the Candra Empire, they had to have something supporting them.

The Lavender Chamber of Commerce couldnt become the strongest company in the Candra Empire and to Xu Yi, it was because they were implicated by the Candra Empire navy.

At least to Xu Yi, those fellows of the Candra Empire navy didnt have any mind for business at all.

Or perhaps the people of the navy could make money, but it was far from being able to improve the poverty of the navy.

“Chairman Xu, I have actually been very interested in the magic machines of your company for a long time. Even without meeting today, I would have found chairman Xu for a cooperation. Now with sir Russells recommendation, its become much easier.”

Seeing chairman Zennys friendly smile, Xu Yi didnt have a warm response. After pausing for a second, he shook his head and said without any courtesy, “Chairman Zenny, if you are here to discuss a cooperation in terms of magic machines, I can only say sorry.”

Chairman Zenny and Russell were both surprised. They looked at each other before Russell asked with knitted brows, “Chairman Xu, what do you mean”

Xu Yi gave a sigh and pointed out the room, “Sir Russell, chairman Zenny, you are from the Candra Empire and are the strongest aquatic force on the Sines Continent, you arent thinking of the endless seas and you want to cooperate with our company in terms of magic machines, dont you think youre being too stingy”

Chairman Zenny and Russell looked at each other with doubt.

“Chairman Xu, doesnt your Frestech Chamber of Commerce focus their business on magic machines If we do not cooperate with you in terms of magic machines, how are we to cooperate” Russell asked with knitted brows.

“No, no, no, youve made a mistake. I do want to cooperate in terms of magic machines because I want magic machines to spread all over the Candra Empire, so we can obtain this large market.”

“That was what we were thinking. Chairman Xu, why are you denying this” Chairman Zenny asked in a confused voice.

“My meaning is that we dont need to only limit ourselves to selling our companys products in the Candra Empire, right According to what I know, the main business of the Lavender Chamber of Commerce is sea products, isnt that right, chairman Zenny” Xu Yi asked back.

Chairman Zenny was a bit surprised.

He thought that this was Xu Yis first time learning of his Lavender Chamber of Commerce, but he never thought that Xu Yi would expose them for selling sea products. It could be seen that he already had some understanding of the Lavender Chamber of Commerce.

“Yes, with the support of the royal fleet, if we didnt understand how to use the resources of the sea, we would be too stupid.” Chairman Zenny replied with a smile.

“Un, thats right. But chairman Zenny, from what I can see, you arent using it enough. There are endless resources on the sea and your company is currently using less than ten thousandth of it.”

Chairman Zenny knitted his brows, “Chairman Xu, what do you mean in the end”

Xu Yi revealed a smile and took out a map, spreading it on the table.

Russell and chairman Zenny looked over and found that it was a map of the Sines Continents southern seas.

After carefully looking at it, there was a look of surprise on Russells face.

The royal fleet naturally had maps of the southern seas and it was much more detailed than the maps sold on the market.

But compared to the map that Xu Yi took out, the royal fleets map simply couldnt compare at all.

“Chairman Zenny, your Lavender Chamber of Commerces sea products are mainly fish, kelp, and coral, right”

Chairman Zenny was even more certain that Xu Yi had investigated his Lavender Chamber of Commerce before, or he wouldnt know this much.

“Thats right, what opinion does chairman Xu have”

“He, chairman Zenn, havent you noticed that for the products your company specializes in, they are mainly based around the shore”

Seeing Xu Yi draw an arc on the map not far from the shore, chairman Zenny was confused as he said, “What problem is that With the current ability of fishermen, they can only get fish from places not far from the coast. We dont have a way for them to enter the deep seas. The seas are very dangerous, how could the fishermen risk their lives……”

Chairman Zenny suddenly understood and looked at Xu Yi in a daze.

He suddenly remembered that this chairman Xu was from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Didnt they just invent the powerful steel ships that could enter several hundred kilometers into the sea

Normal fishermen didnt have this ability because their fishing boats didnt have the best sailing ability, so they could only fish near the shore.

Even for the large wooden boats of the Candra Empire, they werent able to enter the deep seas.

So even if countless people knew about the enticing resources in the depths of the seas, because of their limited abilities, they could only watch without doing a thing.

Now that the powerful steel ships made by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could easily enter the seas, didnt that mean that the resources they had drooled over were finally in reach

Thinking of this, chairman Zennys breathing became faster and he looked at Xu Yi with sparkling eyes.

Seeing his reaction, Xu Yi knew that he understood what he meant. He pointed at the seas on the map with a smile and said to chairman Zenny, “Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce not only makes guard ships and large transport ships, we also make fishing Magic Ships for fishing in the deep seas. Chairman Zenny, are you interested in these things”


Five days later, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce delegate led by Xu Yi ended their discussions in the Candra Empire.

According to the results, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had full rights in providing maintenance to the Candra Empires guard ships, guaranteeing that they could freely use their ships.

At the same time, the Candra Empire navy took the Frestech Chamber of Commerce as a partner, designating their guard fleet as an ally fleet. They gave the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet the right to freely move through the Candra Empires seas. They also opened up three harbours in the south which they could freely use.

Other than this, the Candra Empires navy had also signed an agreement with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to develop the southern seas. First they would set up magic signal towers on many islands in the south seas over the next two years, creating a magic communication network, striving to cover the entire southern seas.

In response to this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would give the Candra Empire navy five hundred Magic Communicators, which the Candra Empire navy could use to freely call in a five kilometer range.

This was the published results, but in secret, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had also reached another agreement with the Candra Empire navy. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be able to develop six mines in two small countries under the Candra Empire in the southeast.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt profit from these mines, but the ores from these mines would be sold to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce at market price.

Other than this, the Candra Empire navy would secretly help the Frestech Chamber of Commerce open sales channels in the Candra Empire. The first step was to give the Frestech Chamber of Commerce an external company approval in the Candra Empire.

This approval was the Candra Empires approval for other countrys companies. The companies that obtained this approval were well known companies on the continent.

If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could receive this, not only would it bring fame to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the Candra Epirel, they would be able to open a channel through the Candra Empire which had a great significance.

Other than the contract the Frestech Chamber of Commerce signed with the Candra Empire navy, the other important thing was the contract they signed with the Lavender Chamber of Commerce.

Chairman Zenny was very interested in the deep sea fishing ships that Xu Yi had mentioned. He didnt care that they were still in development and hadnt been made it, he already said that he hoped the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could sell five of them to him.

Xu Yi naturally agreed.

Other than this, Xu Yi had promised chairman Zenny that he could use the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet for information on resources in the southern seas, helping him fish in the future.

There was no need to wait for them, they agreed to start in just a month.

As for the other aspects, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would lend their large transport ships with refrigerators to transport the fish products of the Candra Empire to other places. This was equal to opening more markets of the Lavender Chamber of Commerce.

The Lavender Chamber of Commerce would share their Candra Empire sale channels with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Although sea products and magic machines had nothing in common, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce needed a channel to bring magic machines into the Candra Empire. As for how they sold, Xu Yi wasnt worried at all.

Both the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Lavender Chamber of Commerce greatly benefited this time. Even if the maintenance fee of the guard ships were high and it felt the Frestech Chamber of Commerce trapped the Candra Empire navy, they were still satisfied because of the benefits of opening the mines with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

When they left, they were naturally happy.

But when he was saying goodbye to Xu Yi, Russell couldnt help pulling Xu Yi in and secretly asking something.

“Chairman Xu, your Magic Airships……When will you be selling them What is the price youre planning on setting”

Seeing the expectant look on Russells face, Xu Yi couldnt help revealing a heartfelt smile.

He thought that he wasnt interested since he didnt ask this question in the past few days, but it seems like he was forcing himself not to ask.

“This……We will be selling them, but as for when we sell them, the earliest we can start is next year. As for the price……Im not clear on it right now…..”

Xu Yi answered Russell while secretly laughing.

This Russell could be considered a big fish he lured in with the guard ship and now that he was taking the initiative to hook himself on the Magic Airship, it really made one feel emotional.

Sir Russell, why are you so cooperative-

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