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Volume 5 Chapter 140 Established companies and new companies

“Hei, its not a problem if they want the technology, but before asking for it, shouldnt they see if theyre qualified” Xu Yi gave a cold laugh as he threw the letters in his hand to the side, “Cruise, you can just burn these things in the future, dont give them to me.”

The letters were from the companies of the Lampuri Kingdom. There were only minor changes to the content, they all expressed their interest in the magic machines of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, hoping that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would share the technology with them.

There were magic machine companies, as well as two companies that didnt participate in the magic machine industry. This showed that the influence of the magic machine industry in the Lampuri Kingdom and the surrounding kingdoms became bigger and bigger, so even traditional companies couldnt sit still.

Chairman Cruise sitting in front of Xu Yi looked at the letters he threw onto the table and revealed an awkward smile.

The chairman of those companies came to him with those letters and begged him to bring them to Xu Yi, but they never would have thought that Xu Yi would disdain even looking at them.

After a bit of silence, chairman Cruise asked, “Then……Xu Yi, which companies do you think are qualified to get the magic machine technology For example, is our Amrit Chamber of Commerce qualified”

“What Youre finally interested in joining this industry” Xu Yi asked back.

“No, no, no, Im not interested.” Chairman Cruise shook his head, “I was just asking, do you think our company is qualified”

“No.” Xu Yi denied him without any courtesy, “Your company doesnt have a problem in terms of funds, but your accumulated technology is too weak. Even if I gave you the technology for free, you wouldnt be able to do a thing with it.”

“It cant be that bad……” Chairman Cruise was a bit unwilling to admit this, “As long as you can give us enough technical support, I just need to invest a large amount and should be able to grasp it.”

“Alright, Ill give you the technology for the Magic Cement Mixer that your company uses and tell you that you need to invest at least three million gold coins, as well as two years of time to have some initial understanding of it. Are you willing to accept this”

“Un…..If its three million gold coins and two years, it isnt impossible.” Chairman Cruise looked at Xu Yi and laughed, “We spend at least one and a half million gold coins just to buy the Magic Cement Mixers from you Our company uses this thing in many places, so if we can make it ourselves, we can save quite a bit.”

“Are you certain” Xu Yi asked with a ghost of a smile.

Chairman Cruise was surprised before waving his hand with an ugly look, “Forget it, its better to just buy it from you. The magic machines from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce will definitely be stronger, itll be stronger than what we can develop ourselves. Why would I waste all that time and money for this”

Xu Yi shook his head and said with a sigh, “Its no problem if you think like this, but Im too disappointed if the others think like this.”

“Oh Oh…..I understand, you still want to promote the magic machine industry” Chairman Cruise said.

“Un, the Lampuri Kingdom and I, as well as the Drake Kingdom will be building those agricultural magic machines and the construction magic machines. This is already me indicating my willingness to release the technology, but up to this point, its all this trash that comes looking for me. The companies that I actually appreciate havent moved at all, so I really am disappointed.” Xu Yi said with a sigh.

“I think that……that isnt that they cant see this and they do want this technology, but Xu Yi, have you ever thought that the companies that you have a good impression of…..Un, the best should be the Ireland Chamber of Commerce You praise them for being at the forefront of innovation.”

“Right, the Ireland Chamber of Commerce has always been willing to invest in research. Although I dont like that Kovacs, I have to admit that he is a genius at business. Its his help that has made the Ireland Chamber of Commerce the biggest company when it comes to magic machine components.”

“Look, even if the Ireland Chamber of Commerce is the biggest company in building components, have you thought about how much money the Ireland Chamber of Commerce has now” Chairman Cruise then asked.

“This…..Freeman told me last time that his company was earning over three hundred thousand last year, so I estimate that it should be more now.”

“So that means that three hundred thousand is already quite a bit for them, but if they want to buy the technology from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it is far from enough.” Chairman Cruise seriously said, “Not to mention that after buying this technology, they need to spend a large amount of funds and manpower to digest it. You just told me that it would take at least three million gold coins and two years to grasp the Magic Cement Mixer technology. For a small company like theirs, it would take even more. Do you think they can handle this”

Xu Yi was in a daze, not being able to respond.

“Xu Yi, Ive found that theres a big problem with you.” Chairman Cruise said with a serious look.

Xu Yi looked at him with a bit of doubt.

“Youve never trusted those established companies. Even our Amrit Chamber of Commerce, if it wasnt for the fact that weve cooperated for so long, you might still not trust us. So when youre looking for partners, you would unconsciously exclude the old companies.”

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before nodding.

“I know that you think the magic machine industry is a new industry, its easier to train new companies to make them accept this, but Xu Yi, this is no longer the same time as when your Frestech Chamber of Commerce just appeared. When people still didnt know what magic machines were. Now that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce isnt just the strongest company in the surrounding countries, youve made everyone accept magic machines, so you dont need to have the same scruples as when you started. Compared to those new and small companies, the established companies are much stronger. If you cooperate with them, it will make your chances of success much higher.”

Xu Yi knit his brows in thought for a bit before slowly giving a sigh.

“Cruise, youre right. I was affected by my thinking before and almost walked down the wrong road. Thank you for reminding me.”

Xu Yi lowered his head to look over the letters on the table and after seriously looking over them, he picked them up.

Seeing his actions, chairman Cruise let out a sigh. He had finally persuaded Xu Yi, he could finally report to those old friends of his.

Xu Yi suddenly looked at chairman Cruise and asked, “In the end, Cruise, your Amrit Chamber of Commerce is an established company. Are you really not interested in magic machines”

“No.” Cruise waved his hand and said in a strangely firm voice, “Ive always had the same belief, one has to be specialized if they want to succeed. Our Amrit Chamber of Commerce has always been in the construction business and we will continue in that business in the future. Then again, how could I have the free time to consider this now Youre already giving me such a tiresome task……”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “It certainly is tiring, but its too much to call it a task. If this plan succeeds, theres no need to mention how much money your Amrit Chamber of Commerce will earn from this. The more important thing is that your Amrit Chamber of Commerce will become a large company that will become famous across the Sines Continent. Havent you always dreamed of making the Amrit Chamber of Commerce a first class company across the continent This is a definite good chance now.”

Chairman Cruise rolled his eyes, “Actually, before realizing this idea, I might just die of exhaustion.”

“Alright, instead of complaining here, we should discuss how to put our plan in effect. Youve been here for half an hour now, you should have rested enough.” Xu Yi waved his hand at chairman Cruise, walking over to the giant map on the wall.

Chairman Cruise could only roll his eyes before walking over.

The map on the wall was a map of the Sines Continent that Xu Yi prepared for the study in his manor. All the lines were much more clear compared to a normal map, it even had the names of normal villages on it.

But this map had three conspicuous red lines that went from the bottom left corner and spread across the entire map.

Chairman Cruise looked over and raised his hand to place it on the topmost red line.

This red line started at the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base in the Stantine Duchy and heading from there, it went north to the Black Rice Wasteland. It continued north into the Lampuri Kingdom, passing through Banta City, Anvilmar City, and leaving from Sowell City. It entered the Drake Duchy and continued northeast toward the Falk Kingdom, finally reaching the Marlow Empire.

The Marlow Empire didnt have any lines which represented the end of the road for now.

“Xu Yi, this road straight to the Marlow Empire is fine since the Lampuri Kingdom and the Drake Duchy have already made their decision. The Falk Kingdom is very happy with their cooperation with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so there shouldnt be a problem convincing them. But the other two roads will be very difficult……”

Chairman Cruise lowered his finger slightly to point at two red lines.

The middle line set off from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base, going east to the Rudson Kingdom, then slightly north to the Mirando Duchy before going east to the Norton Duchy, finally heading a bit northeast to enter the Candra Empire.

“Speaking of this middle road, theres no problem with the Rudson Kingdom and the MIrando Duchy. Although the Norton Duchy has never gotten along with your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, its just a small duchy, so theres no problem taking care of them. The Candra Empire will be much more complicated. If nothing else, you had that ambassador Hakanin work hard for the first road, but after all his work, our company has been working for over a year now and we still havent finished five hundred kilometers of that road. Do you know why”-

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