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After entering Anvilmar City, Count Will surprised Xu Yi by not leading him directly to the palace to see Seveni. He brought him to a place that was very familiar, the residence Banta City had in Anvilmar City, which was actually the residence of Count Sean Samo.

When he came out of the Magic Sedan, Xu Yi saw Count Sean standing at the entrance, looking over with a smile.

By his side, there was the housekeeper Lahm he was familiar with.

Xu Yi quickly went over to Count Sean and reached out both hands to take Count Seans hand.

“Lord Count, when did you come back”

Even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce became stronger, as the chairman, Xu Yi was a very important person now, he was no longer like before where he politely addressed each noble. Even when he was with Count Will who was also a count, he just directly called himyou.

But when he faced Count Sean Samo, he couldnt help feeling respect for him from the bottom of his heart.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce being able to develop smoothly in Banta City couldnt leave the support of Count Sean who had been the City Lord. If there wasnt him, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce might have already gone out of business and never reached this step.

At the same time, Count Sean was very happy whenever he saw Xu Yi.

He had been the City Lord of Banta City for ten years and had no accomplishments. When Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce appeared, they had made earth shattering changes in Banta City, which caused Banta City which was a small city to not only become the city that everyone in the kingdom paid attention to, but also the “city of magic machines” in the hearts of all the people in the surrounding countries.

The people of Banta City had greatly benefited from this and he as the CIty Lord had also benefited.

If nothing had changed before, he definitely would have remained as the Banta City City Lord until he died of old age, never improving his position. However, because the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce drove Banta Citys development, he as the City Lord had become a powerful person in the eyes of all the nobles.

When Lampuri Thirteenth was still on the throne, he had been sent to take over as the City Lord of Sowell City which was one of the most important cities in the northeast province. He had become one of the City Lords that held one of the most important cities in the Lampuri Kingdom, stepping into the highest circle of nobles.

Then when the kingdom changed, Lampuri Thirteenth gave him the third royal army. It made him the only City Lord in the Lampuri Kingdom who had control of one of the kingdoms guarding armies.

Then after the throne changed several times and when her majesty Seveni finally took the throne, she never took back his controlling rights of the third royal army.

The current Count Sean was considered a powerful leader among the nobles of the Lampuri Kingdom, as well as having the trust of her majesty, making him not inferior to any noble in the Lampuri Kingdom.

At the root of all this, it all came from Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce he built alone.

Because of their close and complex relationship, when the two held hands, their smiles were incomparably sincere.

“I only came back a few days ago to report on the conditions of Sowell City to her majesty.” Count Sean replied with a smile before asking, “Xu Yi, you came in a rush this time, how many days will you be staying”

“Un…..It depends on her majesty. If she wants me to stay a few more days, I will listen to her arrangements.” Xu Yi replied with a faint smile.

“Oh” Count Sean looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Youre not in a rush this time”

“How could that be, Im almost dying from how tired I am.” Xu Yi waved his hand, “But this time Ive decided to have a proper talk with her majesty. Eh……Well properly address our relationship. I havent seen her majesty in a while, so I dont know how shes been lately.”

Hearing how Xu Yi would address their relationship, Count Will following Xu Yi had the expression on his face change and his eyes looking at Xu Yi became incomparably strange.

But Xu Yi and Count Sean were being led in by housekeeper Lahm, so they didnt notice this change with him.

Count Sean heard Xu Yis response and broke out in laughter. He reached his hand to slap Xu Yis back as he said, “Good! You should be close with her majesty. When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was still in Banta City, you and her majesty would always be together like good friends. Now youre this separated, it isnt right.”

Seeing Count Sean act like an elder, Xu Yi didnt refute it and nodded with a faint smile.

They walked into the residence and when Xu Yi saw the familiar scenes around him, he couldnt help saying in an emotional voice, “There are many things that have changed over the years, but this place still hasnt changed.”

Count Sean revealed a faint smile, “Im already old, I dont like change that much. Xu Yi, you suddenly came this time, so you shouldnt have prepared a residence. How about you just stay here, you should be familiar with it in any case.”

Xu Yi hesitated for a bit before giving a nod.

Count Sean had already made preparations for Xu Yis arrival. They talked for a bit before they went for dinner.

After a dinner that wasnt considered too rich, Count Will took the opportunity to leave. Count Sean took Xu Yi to the study and they sat down together. Count Sean looked in the direction of the royal palace before turning to say to Xu Yi, “Xu Yi, do you know why I came to see you before you met her majesty”

“Its here.” Xu Yi revealed a curious look as he looked at Count Sean.

Count Sean was silent for a bit before saying with a sigh, “Actually, its related to what you said before we ate. Xu Yi, you should indeed discuss your relationship with her majesty. I dont mean the friendship that comes from cooperation partners, but rather the pure friendship you had before.”

“In my heart, her majesty has always been my good friend, that has never changed.” Xu Yi said with a serious look.

“I believe you, but if Im not mistaken, you should have been distancing yourself from her majesty before, right” Count Sean asked.

Xu Yi looked at Count Sean in surprise. He never thought that his thoughts would be exposed directly.

Count Sean revealed a faint smile, “Dont be surprised, I am an old man and I have experienced more than a young person like you. It isnt strange at all that I can see through this.”

Xu Yi was silent.

He couldnt admit this, but he also didnt deny it.

Count Sean seemed like he could see through his thoughts, so he waved his hand with a smile and continued, “Of course, that isnt important. The important thing is that Xu Yi, you dont need to do this at all. Do you know that Ive watched her majesty grow up She was always an intelligent person, his majesty Lampuri Thirteenth placed great importance on her, but because she was from the royal family and had a lot of pressure on her, she would rarely reveal a truly happy smile to others. But after she met you, I would find that she would normally be very happy.”

Xu Yi was a bit surprised. He remembered when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was still in Banta City, when Count Sean was still the City Lord, Seveni frequently came to Banta City to see him. When those two talked, they had indeed been quite happy.

But that time changed with the Lampuri Kingdom. Seveni had to take the throne in the end and become the queen, so it was gone forever.

“Im telling you this because I treat myself as an elder for you two, I dont want to see you make a mistake and let both of you suffer. Of course, I dont know what thoughts you have, but I know that when I see her majesty, she never has a smile on her face.” Count Sean said.

Xu Yi was silent before revealing a reluctant smile as he shook his head.

“Lord Count, I already understand this and will pay attention to solving it. This is the reason why I came to Anvilmar City and decided to ignore everything else to stay here a few days.”

“Is that so That would be great.”

Count Sean suddenly stood up and pressed somewhere on the wall in the study.

With a rumbling sound, the wall of the study suddenly turned and it revealed a hidden room.

Xu Yi was surprised as he looked in, but he found that he couldnt see a single thing since the room was too dark.

But then two figures came out of the secret room, walking over step by step.

The one standing in front had a familiar gentle smile on their face. Although the face had changed from six years ago when the two of them first met, becoming much more mature and dignified, that smile didnt change at all. It made anyone who saw it calm and assured.

This smile that was filled with kindness and gentleness naturally belonged to Seveni.

Seeing Seveni slowly come out with that familiar smile, Xu Yi couldnt help feeling mistaken. It was like he hadnt seen Seveni in a very long time and Seveni had suddenly walked out of a spatial crack to meet him.

Seveni stopped two steps away from Xu Yi and looked right at him, the breath that came from her nose almost blew right onto Xu Yis face.

The two were silent and Xu Yi revealed an awkward smile.

“Your majest…..”

“Call me Seveni.” Seveni cut Xu Yi off without any hesitation.

Xu Yi was surprised before touching his nose and saying with a bitter laugh, “Alright, Seveni, long time no see.”

“Un, it has indeed been a long time. Xu Yi, I want to meet you every day, but that clearly is impossible. Then Ill back off and say that being able to talk to you everyday is enough. So……I hope that you can build enough magic signal towers in the Lampuri Kingdom, so I can talk to you in the Stantine Duchy from the Lampuri Kingdoms royal palace at any time.”


Xu Yi never would have thought that after Seveni met him, the first thing she would talk about would be the magic signal towers!-

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