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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 137 - True love

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Of course it was impossible for Xu Yi to stay in the territory that the Moon Shadow Tribe received from the Sack Kingdom, there were still many things for him to take care of.

But before leaving, he left the two hundred Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards that had come with him.

With the strength of these guards and the forest guards of the Moon Shadow Tribe, they would be able to deal with five thousand normal Sack Kingdom soldiers.

Of course, if the Sack Kingdom reacted intensely to this matter, Xu Yi had also warned the Moon Shadow Tribes forest guard leader Philip that if he decides that they couldnt resist, he shouldnt hesitate to retreat.

This place wasnt far from the Black Rice Wasteland. As long as they escaped to the Black Rice Wasteland, whether it was entering Black Rice City to the east or the Blakc Rice Harbour to the west, they would be safe.

After telling him this, Xu Yi was planning on returning to the Stantine Duchy, but he never thought that he would find Count Will who had rushed over here when he entered Black Rice City.

Count Will specially made a trip to Black Rice City to wait for Xu Yi, bringing him a personal letter from her majesty Seveni.

After Xu Yi read the letter, he only hesitated a bit before deciding to go back to Anvilmar City with Count Will, accepting her majesty Sevenis invitation.

Black Rice Wasteland was over six hundred kilometers from Anvilmar City, but with the speed of the Magic Sedans and the roads that connected the Lampuri Kingdom, Xu Yi and Count Will had set off in the morning and they had arrived in Anvilmar City when it was close to dusk.

“Chairman Xu, has it been a long time since youve been to Anvilmar City” Count Will suddenly asked Xu Yi.

Xu Yi looked out the window at city walls of Anvilmar City that was considered familiar and after thinking about it, he found that Count Will was correct.

The last time he came to Anvilmar City, it was when Seveni had just given birth to her child. Although he had run all over, frequently leaving the Stantine Duchy, he didnt have a single chance to come to Anvilmar City.

Then as time went even further back, he would find that since Seveni took the throne, he came to Anvilmar City less and less, meeting Seveni less and less. The way the two contacted each other the most now had turned into letters.

Although Xu Yi had deliberately done this a bit, thinking about it, he did meet Seveni too few times.

It was no wonder Seveni had a trace of sadness in her letter asking Xu Yi to come to Anvilmar City. She might have also noticed something from Xu Yis actions.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi could only feel a bit apologetic and a bit of regret.

The reason why he had contacted Seveni less before was because of their identities. He was afraid that if they contacted each other, something that they werent willing to see would corrupt their relationship, ruining the pure relationship that he had had with Seveni.

But thinking about it now, he found that he was completely mistaken at that time.

His and Sevenis identities have already been set, it couldnt be changed.

As long as they continued associating with each other, their relationship would be complicated by their identities and they couldnt avoid it.

The only way to avoid this was to completely cut off all communications with Seveni.

But that was clearly impossible.

Not to mention the close relationship between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Lampuri Kingdom, just based on Xu Yis personal relationship with Seveni, Xu Yi wasnt willing to cut off all communication with Seveni.

So after thinking of this, Xu Yi felt that he had made a mistake before and was too stupid.

Why didnt he have confidence in having a normal relationship with Seveni

Even if both sides couldnt avoid these things because of their status, Xu Yi could have put these things apart, separating business and private affairs. They could have contacted each other privately while also maintaining the cooperation between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Lampuri Kingdom.

Even if there was some contradiction between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Lampuri Kingdom, it wouldnt affect Xu Yis personal relationship with Seveni.

Xu Yi was confident in doing this and confident in Seveni.

Of course, if this couldnt be done, it would mean that his ability wasnt good enough and it couldnt be blamed on others.

Moreover, no matter what, it was better than intentional avoiding Seveni like he was doing right now.

“Un, it has been a long time. Speaking of this…..I only met his highness when he was born, he should be half a year old now, right How is it Count Will, have you seen his highness What does he look like now” Xu Yi asked Count Will.

Hearing Xu Yi ask about his highness, Count Will looked at Xu Yi with a bit of a strange look. After pausing, he replied, “Ive also only seen his highness once when I returned to Anvilmar City on business two months ago, he seemed quite healthy and lively.”

“Oh I dont know if he looks like Seveni or not. If he does, he will definitely be a very handsome prince when he grows up.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Count Wills face couldnt help twitching a bit.

This chairman Xu, was he deliberately talking about this

Recently, there was a rumour among the nobles of the Lampuri Kingdom that said the father of the prince was this chairman Xu in front of him!

Count Will had raised his nose at this rumour before, but after seeing her majesty last time, he had carefully looked over his highness. He had found that his highness had looked similar to chairman Xu.

Now that Xu Yi was asking about this, Count Will carefully looked over Xu Yis face while also thinking of his highness. He found that their faces were becoming more and more similar.

“Could it be that the rumours are true” Count Wills heart was filled with this guess that shocked him, thinking that this was just absurd.

He had guessed many times who the sweetheart her majesty hid was, but he never thought that it would be chairman Xu!

Of course, if one thought about it from serious discussion, this guess was very likely to be true.

It was well known that when her majesty was her highness, she was very close to Xu Yi. She had expressed her affection for Xu Yi more than once, so it was normal for her to be willing.

Moreover, after her majesty had taken the throne, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce under Xu Yi had gradually become bigger and had become a powerful force that could influence the surrounding countries.

If they could maintain a good relationship with Xu Yi, it meant that the Lampuri Kingdom and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would always have a good relationship.

As long as the Lampuri Kingdom had the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it wouldnt take long for the Lampuri Kingdom to become the strongest kingdom in the surrounding area.

Although this guess was a bit disrespectful to her majesty, it was because of this that could explain why her majesty was pregnant before getting married and why she wasnt willing to explain who was the father.

Because Xu Yi already had a wife and her majesty…..strictly speaking was a third party……

Count Will seriously looked over the expression on Xu Yis face and couldnt see anything strange with it.

This made him feel very surprised.

Even if Xu Yi was a deep person, there was no need for him to mention the prince and act like this because there was no meaning at all.

The only explanation was that Xu Yi didnt know about this at all.

But if that was true, that would just be too shocking.

Thinking of this possibility, Count Wills expression couldnt help changing.

If his guess about her majesty was true, now that Xu Yi didnt know about this matter, it meant that her majesty really did feel true love towards Xu Yi to do something impulsive that a lovesick young girl would do.

But true love

The expression on Count Wills face became incomparably strange.

Xu Yi was the chairman of the powerful Frestech Chamber of Commerce that could influence the surrounding countries, there were countless girls that would be willing to send themselves into his arms.

Her majesty Seveni was the queen of the Lampuri Kingdom, controlling the fate of the entire Lampuri Kingdom. She was an important person who could influence the entire kingdom with a single action.

These two people, what true love was there……

“What is it Is something wrong”

Xu Yi noticed the change on Count Wills face and couldnt help asking this in a curious voice.

He just asked about his highness, why did Count Will have a look like he had seen a ghost

“Ah Ah…..No, nothing……” Count Will suddenly came back from his shock and quickly waved his hand. He forced out a smile and said, “I just suddenly thought of something and wanted to ask chairman Xu.”

“What is it” Xu Yi was even more confused.

They had been together for eight, close to nine hours, what question couldnt he ask before and had to wait until they entered Anvilmar City to ask

“Eh…..Chairman Xu, I heard…..that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce signed a contract with the Drake Kingdom You are planning on investing in an agricultural magic machine factory in the Drake Duchy”

Xu Yi slightly knit his brows.

He was not surprised that Count Will knew about this because Princess Caroline had stayed in the Stantine Duchy for a full month before leaving, this couldnt be hidden from anymore.

Moreover, Xu Yi wasnt planning on hiding this matter, so it wasnt strange that it was revealed.

He was surprised that this question came from Count Will, rather it wasnt asked by Seveni as he had imagined.

After thinking about it, Xu Yi replied with a nod, “Yes, if nothing unexpected happens, the two factories will start construction next month and theyll be finished by the end of the year.”

“This rushed” Count Will asked.

“Pretty much because these two factories were built in preparation for the Marlow Empire, so the sooner the better and the more prepared we are.” Xu Yi replied.

Hearing Xu Yi mention the Marlow Empire, Count Will was surprised.

Although this report had said that when Princess Caroline went to the Stantine Duchy, she had brought an unknown middle aged man, no one had known who this middle aged man was.

Now that Xu Yi had taken the initiative to reveal that he was actually from the Marlow Empire!

Moreover, based on Xu Yis tone, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has already connected with the Marlow Empire and might have even formed a cooperation!

This was a very important piece of news, but Xu Yi revealed it this easily.

Count Will was surprised before his heart was filled with wild joy.

With his understanding of Xu Yi, since Xu Yi was willing to reveal this, it meant that there was some connection that Lampuri Kingdom had to this piece of news.

In these connections, there were countless opportunities that were hidden.-

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