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Volume 5 Chapter 127 Xu Yis decision

The three of them didnt wait long.

After several minutes, the slightly thinner officer came over with a small plastic and metal box in his hand that he handed over to Princess Caroline.

“Your highness, sir chairman wants to talk to you.”

Princess Caroline looked at the plastic and metal thing in the officers hand in surprise. After taking it, she slightly knitted her brows as she said, “Hello, chairman Xu, since you can talk to me with this Magic Communicator, you shouldnt be far from here. Quickly come over and take care of this, the two guests are getting impatient.”

Marquis Southgate and Seymour looked at Princess Caroline in surprise.

What was she talking to a small box for Could it be that chairman Xu could jump out of the box

After that, there was a powerful and slightly low male voice that was very calm that came from the small box.

“Hey, Caroline, youre wrong. Im more than seventy kilometers away from you right now.”

Princess Caroline was surprised, “Seventy kilometers How is this possible Wasnt the greatest range of your Magic Communicators just five kilometers”

There was a crisp laugh from the small box.

“Ha, ha, this is our newest technology, it can extend the coverage of the Magic Communicators very far. Although it cant cover the entire Stantine Duchy right now, theres no problem for me to reach where you are.”

“Its this amazing” Princess Caroline leaned in and put the Magic Communicator to her ear to whisper something before suddenly raising her voice, “Alright, I know that your company always makes amazing things, but that is not important right now. The important thing is that you properly take care of this matter.”

There was a bit of silence from the Magic Communicator before Xu Yis slightly lowered voice came out.

“Caroline, although they are guests that you have brought, laws are laws. Since they have broken the laws and caused serious consequences, we have to follow the laws and cant bend them.”

Princess Caroline was surprised by Xu Yis answer. She looked at Marquis Southgate and Seymour who were standing not far away, she lowered her voice and anxiously said, “Xu Yi, are you crazy Do you know where these two guests come from There is an honoured Lord Marquis from the Marlow Empire! Didnt you always want to bring the Frestech Chamber of Commerces products to the Marlow Empire This Marquis Southgate is very interested in your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this is a good opportunity! How can you offend him and miss this chance!”

“Marlow Empire Marquis Southgate” Xu Yis voice had a bit of surprise that couldnt be hidden, “This really is surprising, its no wonder you said that you were bringing two special guests……”

“Now you know Then why arent you properly taking care of this situation Let me tell you, the fellow that caused the problem is the son of Marquis Southgates old friend. His old friend also has a high rank in the Marlow Empire. You are smart, do you still need me to tell you how to handle this”

There was more silence from the Magic Communicator before Xu Yis voice with a strange tone came out.

“Alright, Caroline, give this Magic Communicator to Marquis Southgate and let me talk to him.”

“Un.” Princess Caroline turned to Marquis Southgate and handed the Magic Communicator over, “Lord Marquis, chairman Xu wishes to talk to you.”

“Oh” Marquis Southgate looked at the small Magic Communicator with an interested look and asked, “What is this thing It can actually let you talk to chairman Xu”

“This is our Frestech Chamber of commerces first generation communication magic machine, called the Magic Communicator, but you can also call it a cell phone because it is a magic communication device you can hold in your hand.” Xu Yis voice came from the Magic Communicator, “Marquis Southgate, hello, I am the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu. Meeting you for the first….Oh, no, being able to talk to you for the first time, I am honoured.”

[TL Note: The cell phone naming doesnt work in English. Chinese for cell phone is hand phone, so hes saying its a phone that you can hold in your hand.]

Marquis Southgate looked at the Magic Communicator from which the voice was coming out of in surprise before carefully taking it from Princess Carolines hand. Then he calmed himself and gave a cough before saying, “Eh…..Chairman Xu Hellow, I am Marquis Dayolen Southgate. Seeing…..Oh, no, talking to you for the first time, I am also very honoured.”

“Ha, ha, Lord Marquis, talking for the first time with this method, you mustnt be used to it, right” Xu Yi asked.

“I am indeed a bit unused to this.” Marquis Southgate said with a smile, “But I feel that this method is very novel and very interesting. Moreover, I heard your talk with her highness Caroline. You are over seventy kilometers away from here, but we can still talk like this, this really is too unbelievable.”

“Lord Marquis, if you know more about our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, you will find that it isnt only the Magic Communicators that would surprise you.”

“I deeply believe this.” Marquis Southgate said with a faint smile, “The reason I came all the way here with Princess Caroline is because Ive accidentally seen many strange things from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. So I came here just to have some talks with you.”

“Oh Then it really is mine and our Frestech Chamber of Commerces honour. As the chairman, I represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to extend a warm welcome.”

Marquis Southgate revealed a smile. He looked at Princess Caroline and paused before asking, “Alright, chairman Xu, although this method of talking is very novel, I do hope that we can have a proper exchange. Compared to this, I was hoping that we could meet face to face. What do you think”

“Of course I also want this.” Xu Yi directly replied, “Lord Marquis, Ive already prepared to welcome you, you can come as a guest at any time.”

“I also want to be a guest, but chairman Xu…..there is a problem here. I think that you already know that my nephew who doesnt have much world experienced caused a bit of trouble and if it isnt processed properly, I might not be able to go and meet you.”

Hearing the deep meaning in the Marquis Southgates tone, Princess Carolines heart couldnt help tensing.

This was clearly Marquis Southgate giving Xu Yi a chance to show sincerity, to see if Xu Yi was willing to show it or not.

If this matter was placed on any other merchant, Princess Caroline wouldnt be worried because the other side would definitely give Marquis Southgate a satisfying ending and guarantee that both sides would be happy.

But without knowing why, Princess Caroline felt that this matter which shouldnt be considered troublesome, when placed on Xu Yi, there would be something unexpected that would happen…..

The Magic Communicator was silent for a few seconds before Xu Yis hesitant voice came out.

“Lord Marquis…..This…..Actually……Im very sorry……”

Hearing this, Princess Caroline revealed a bitter smile.

This fellow, he really was different from other people.

“Even if you and your nephew are guests of Princess Caroline, the laws are the laws. Since your nephew has broken the law and caused serious damages, he must receive the consequences of his action as per the laws. Even I cant help him escape his crimes.”

Seymour on the side knitted his brows when he heard this.

If it wasnt for Marquis Southgate holding the Magic Communicator, he would have taken it and angrily cursed out.

This damn Xu Yi, he was just a small companys chairman in a small duchy, he actually dared to refuse to give his uncle Dayolen any face!

Marquis Southgate had a strange look on his face before he said, “Chairman Xu, this means…..you arent willing to give my nephew any chance and will have him be taken away by the peace officers”

“Im sorry, Lord Marquis. The laws were the ones that I made, so I must strictly observe them. Anyone who breaks them has to suffer the consequences, even I am not an exception.”

“But if you insist on doing this, I can only express my disappointment. I thought that I could have a happy conversation with chairman Xu, but now it seems like it might not be possible.”

Marquis Southgates words to Princess Caroline seemed to be a direct threat.

No matter how she looked at it, the Marlow Empire was considered a giant when compared to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce which was a small company on the continent without any fame.

If they could attract the interest of this giant, for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this would be a rare opportunity.

Now that Marquis Southgate expressed that if Xu Yi kept causing trouble for Seymour, he was very likely to leave, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce might lose this chance.

The Magic Communicator was silent for a bit longer before Xu Yi gave a sigh.

“Lord Marquis, if youve decided on this, I can only say that it is a regret. However, I must remind you that whether you are willing to be my guest or not, your nephew has broken the law, so he will be investigated.”

“Ah What a joke!” Seymour couldnt help saying this as his face filled with anger and disbelief.

Was there a mistake!

His uncle Dayolen was willing to ask for a favour from him, it was fine if this Xu Yi didnt immediately agree, but he was actually telling his uncle Dayolen that he would be causing trouble for him

Was he tired of living

Marquis Southgate was also a bit surprised by Xu Yis answer.

“Chairman Xu, you mean……you are insisting on causing trouble for my nephew”

“Sorry, this is my principle.”

“Chairman Xu, I must remind you that before my nephew came out with me, my old friend asked me to take care of him. If something happens to him, I wont have the face to see my old friend. If you are insisting on causing trouble for him, I will not be able to stand by.”

“Lord Marquis, I did not mean to offend you or your old friend. I just purely wish for your nephew to cooperate with the peace officers for their investigation. If he cooperates with them, I believe that a good ending will happen for him and he wont be seriously punished.”

Marquis Southgates expression fell, “Chairman Xu, you are insisting on doing this”

A soft breath came from the Magic Communicator before Xu Yis voice turned firm.

“Yes, Lord Marquis, I am insisting on doing this.”-

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