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Volume 5 Chapter 119 Confusing objections

“Princess Caroline is coming”

Still looked at the pink letter in Xu Yis hand before looking up at Xu Yi with a ghost of a smile.

“Is she specially coming for you”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes at her, “How could she have that kind of free time She has something to do and she said that she was bringing two special guests.”

“Special guests” Still slightly knitted her brows, “What guests does she need to personally bring over”

“She didnt say in the letter, I dont know why shes keeping this a secret.” Xu Yi waved the letter in his hand with a bit of doubt.

Although this Princess Caroline mailed him some letters from time to time, most of the letters were asking about the cooperation between the Drake Duchy and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. This was her first time indicating that she wanted to come to the Stantine Duchy.

If it was said that Princess Caroline wanted to seduce him before, since he had a child with Still and as the cooperation between the Drake Duchy and the Frestech Chamber became deeper, she had restrained herself a bit and only teased him verbally.

This time she suddenly wanted to come here and she said that she was bringing two special guests, this really did surprise Xu Yi a bit.

“I think that she is just using this as an excuse.” Still said with a faint smile.

“You really are thinking too much.” Xu Yi looked at her before tossing the letter to the side. He looked at Stills stomach and said with a worried voice, “I think that youre thinking too much because youre pregnant. Listen to me, Still, you should rest during this time. You dont need to work that much.”

“That wont do.” Still shook her head, “Now is an important period for our New Moon Chamber of Commerce to promote the Magic Illusion Films, I have to be there personally. Creating a new method of entertainment through these films and the Magic Illusion Projector, isnt this what you always wanted”

“But I never thought that you would be pregnant”

“Does that matter I was still working when I was pregnant with Freya, it didnt affect me.”

Seeing that Still was determined, Xu Yi thought about it and stopped trying to change her mind. He just reminded Still to take care of her body and not to get too tired.

Still naturally accepted this good advice. She said that this was already her second time, so she was more than experienced.”

“Speaking of Freya……She seemed to have had Liz and Linda take her to the signal tower to play again. Arent you going to the signal tower in a bit Bring her back tonight.” Still said.

Xu Yi agreed and talked about the films a bit more with Still before leaving the manor.

When he came out, he looked into the distance and could see seven large iron towers that reached the sky.

These were the new signal towers erected by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, used to transmit magic waves.

Because Akalis team made another breakthrough with the magic resonance technology, the signal range of the towers had increased from five kilometers to seven kilometers. So these seven magic towers had around six kilometers of space between them. Just with this arrangement, the magic waves from these seven towers could reach any place in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces base, perfectly covering it.

Xu Yi took out his Magic Communicator and pressed the button. Akalis voice immediately came out, even if it was a bit tired, it was still very excited.

“Hey, sir chairman, do you have any instructions”

Xu Yi laughed, “No instructions, I just wanted to see your work progress. Where are you right now Also I wanted to ask, have you seen Freya”

Before Akali could answer, there was a delighted childs voice that came from the Magic Communicator.

“Dad, Im with auntie Akali. Come quickly, auntie Akali wont let me go up the tower to play.”

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes, “Freya, listen to your auntie Akali. Dont hinder their work, Im coming over.”

“Un, Im waiting.”

“Freya is very good, you dont need to worry. Sir chairman, come over, were currently working at signal tower number four.”


Xu Yi raised his head and carefully looked around, confirming the location of tower four. He incited the magic in his body, but he didnt directly teleport over. Rather he flew up and slowly flew through the air towards tower four/

Looking down from the air, he could clearly see the current layout of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces base.

Compared to when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce first came here, this place had completely changed.

Right now there were buildings all over the place in this ten square kilometers piece of land.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces industrial and living districts were clearly separated. Most of the factories in the industrial district were in the north and the living district took up the south.

Looking at the houses that were reaching the Abundant River in the south, Xu Yi confirmed what he had thought before.

As the Frestech Chamber of Commerce developed, they had to further expand their base.

When he obtained this ten square kilometers of land from Count Wein in the past, Xu Yi felt that it could support the Frestech Chamber of Commerces development for ten years.

But in less than four years, this land was already completely used. It couldnt meet the Frestech Chamber of Commerces further demands.

In order to develop further, he had to expand the range of his territory.

But at the last session of the parliament, Xu Yi had proposed expanding his territory, but he had received the opposition of quite a few congress members. This proposal failed in the end.

Although the speaker Anklo told Xu Yi in secret that he could propose to the congress of renting land which would definitely pass, this session had raised a bit of vigilance in Xu YIs heart.

He thought that with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces current powerful influence on the Stantine Duchy, he could propose any issues without any problems.

But he never thought that when it came to the critical land expansion for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he would meet resistance.

The opposing side had given many reasons. They claimed that the Stantine Duchy hadnt given any private land before, so Xu Yi suddenly raising this request went against the hundreds of years of tradition for the Stantine Duchy.

Xu Yi had given a snort at this reason because before this, the lords of the Stantine Duchy didnt have any fixed views of the land under them. It all depended on strength to snatch and claim it as your own.

Now that he was requesting being granted new land, they said that it went against the tradition of the Stantine Duchy. This was simply a joke.

Later the parliament explained that the land being fought for by the lords of the Stantine Duchy werent truly approved in name.

The approval of Duke Stantine was only his personal approval, it didnt count as the approval of the Stantine Duchy.

Based on this, the reason they used to reject Xu Yi wasnt wrong at all.

But this in name issue wasnt one that Xu Yi considered a problem at all.

With the Frestech Chamber of Commerces influence in the Stantine Duchy, even if the official problem existed, they could still think of countless ways to solve it.

But many of the parliament members chose to oppose this, which made Xu Yi was a bit angry while also being vigilant.

Every congress member had a lord behind them, so if they opposed this, it meant that the lords were opposing Xu Yi.

However, this was what confused Xu Yi the most.

The lords of the Stantine Duchy, based on what did they oppose Xu Yis proposal

Also, what gave them the courage to oppose Xu Yi

It had to be known that the congress tax revenue last year was four million and seven hundred thousand gold coins, of which three million came from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Just based on this, it was enough to see the powerful influence the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had in the Stantine Duchy.

If one considered actual influence, it would be even more shocking.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had opened ninety three factories in the Stantine Duchy and employed over two hundred thousand people.

Among these employees, over seventy thousand came from the Stantine Duchy.

Other than this, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce also invested in various factories with all the lords in the Stantine Duchy. Most of them were canned fruit factories or plastic processing factories, which had over a hundred thousand workers.

So because the citizens that obtained benefits from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce surpassed a hundred and eighty thousand, adding in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce driving the magic machine industry in the Stantine Duchy, driving the development of the other industries, there were also several hundred thousand more people who benefited from them.

It wasnt exaggerated to say that in the entire Stantine Duchy, there wasnt a single person who wasnt affected by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Moreover, all these effects were direct effects.

With the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, all of the Stantine Duchy citizens were able to find work and greatly increase their income, tremendously improving their living standards compared to before.

Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce paved roads, built street lamps, invested in water systems, and all kinds of other things all over the duchy. It turned the Stantine Duchy from the poorest duchy in the surrounding area to what people considered the “most advanced country”, yielding great influence in the surrounding countries.

It could be said that the Stantine Duchy already belonged to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

If it wasnt for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Stantine Duchy would have nothing.

So Xu Yi couldnt think it through, based on what did these lords use to oppose him

These fellows, were they seeking their own deaths-

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