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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 114 - Second child

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It was a good thing that Still wasnt that interested in this problem. Seeing that Xu Yi felt a bit awkward, she revealed a smile and didnt keep pursuing this. She turned her attention to the two people filming not far away in front of them.

Since the Magic Illusion Projector was released, the New Moon Chamber of Commerce under Xu Yis support and guidance and because of Stills interest had been gradually investing heavily in Magic Illusion Films.

The first episode of the «Daily Lives of the New Moon Troupe» was very popular and many cities requested a showing. The New Moon Chamber of Commerce took this chance to film a second and third episode. They also planned on releasing some more related films and creating a whole series with these films.

According to their plan, the New Moon Chamber of Commerce would gather all these films together and put them in the same recording box, supplying them to those who bought the Magic Illusion Projector to watch at home.

When this plan was announced, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Magic Illusion Projector had gone from less than two hundred units a month to suddenly reaching three thousand units sold.

At the same time, the New Moon Chamber of Commerce received over two thousand and five hundred orders for the «Daily Lives of the New Moon Troupe» series.

At this time, the «Daily Lives of the New Moon Troupe» hadnt even finished filming the fourth episode.

Still had discovered the large business opportunity hidden in these Magic Illusion Films, so she shifted the attention of the New Moon Chamber of Commerce into filming these films.

Moreover, she also convinced elder Undine, so with the cooperation of the Azshara Tribe, she was filming a documentary of the daily lives of the Azshara Tribe.

After it was shown, it was very popular.

So Still believed Xu Yis prediction for the Magic Illusion Projector. She was sure that once this thing appeared, it would bring a new method of entertainment.

While filming the various documentaries, the New Moon Chamber of Commerce also helped the Frestech Chamber of Commerce film the various advertisements.

The clip that Russell saw when he entered the Stantine Duchy was made by the New Moon Chamber of Commerce. It was to introduce the various household magic machines to people.

And the two in front of them were filming another important advertisement.

This advertisement was very simple, it was related to the new Magic Sedan the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was making, but the people participating werent simple.

Because the main lead was elder Lisanya.

Seeing elder Lisanyas completely fire red Frestech Brand Magic Sedan speeding across the road, Still couldnt help looking at Xu Yi with a strange look.

When Xu Yi told her that elder Lisanya wanted to film an advertisement, she had been very surprised.

And now that elder Lisanya had been filming for a while, she still felt that this didnt seem real.

Elder Lisanya was the elder of an elf tribe!

It was fine if she liked racing cars, this could be considered her strange personal hobby. But now that she came here to film an advertisement for countless people, it really would subvert the image of the elves in the minds of everyone.

One that drove a Magic Sedan at high speeds down a road……this was an elven elder

Still believed that as long as this was known, this advertisement would attract countless peoples attention before it was even released.

“Speaking of this…..Xu Yi, forget about elder Lisanya wanting to film this advertisement, why did she also pull Agnes along” Still looked at the other corner where Agnes was talking to several other elves in a low voice before asking this in a curious voice.

“Because elder Lisanya feels that Agnes is already the model of humans and elves coming together. She wants many elves to see this advertisement to realize this, so not only is she participating, she pulled along Agnes.” Xu Yi explained.

“Model Is it because Agnes is married to you” Still slightly knitted her brows, “Xu Yi, do you think this is good”

“Theres nothing wrong with it” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Agnes is an elf in the end and this is considered something thats done for the entire elf race, so she has no reason to reject it. Moreover, isnt she very happy to participate in filming this advertisement”

“Of course. Once this advertisement comes out, I guarantee that she and elder Lisanya will become stars.” Still said, “For Agnes, that will definitely be a very new experience.”

Xu Yi rolled his eyes at Still, “That really is the tone of an experienced person. I say, Still, I guarantee that as long as youre willing to go out again, youll definitely be more popular than Agnes. Even in the current Banta City, you still have the title of Banta Goddess.”

Still gave a laugh, “How many years ago is that Our child is already five years old, how could the people of Banta City still treat me as the Banta Goddess.”

Speaking of this, Still seemed to have thought of something.

“Right, Xu Yi, speaking of children……Whether it is elder Illusia or elder Lisanya, theyve always cared about your and Agnes child very much, but its already been two years now, so why hasnt there been any signs from Agnes yet To be honest, I actually want to see what a half elf child looks like.”

Xu Yi helplessly spread his hands, “Agnes and I have done everything, but theres no reaction. I cant do anything.”

“Perhaps its because……ke……youre doing something wrong”

Xu Yi glared at Still, “Hey, is this something a wife says to her husband As a wife, youre caring about your husband being with another girl, how does this make sense”

Still gave a laugh before reaching out her hand to pinch Xu Yis face as she said with a soft snort, “Dont try this on me. Tell me, Im very curious.”

“Theres no use being curious because I also dont know the reason. Elder Illusia and elder Lisanya care countless times more than you and have asked me countless times, giving me many reference books on humans and elves coming together in history, but…..its all useless.”

“Then what do we do Could it be that you and Agnes really cant give birth to a half elf child”

Xu Yi gave a sigh and turned to look at Agnes with a wide smile who didnt seem to have any worries. He shook his head and said, “Theres no other way, well see what the heavens arrange.”

Still slightly knit her brows to look at Agnes for a bit before suddenly saying, “Alright, lets not worry about Agnes for now. What about Betty and Carol Youve never touched them, could it be that you just want them to stay that way”

“Is there anything wrong with this” Xu Yi was a bit surprised, “Seveni forced those two onto me, so I have to respect their wishes.”

Still looked at Xu Yi for a while before giving a sigh while shaking her head. She reached a finger out to tap Xu Yis forehead.

“Xu Yi, you are a gentle man and I like that, but do you know that if your kindness is excessive, it would actually hurt people Betty and Carol are already yours, no one can change this. If you never touch them, do you know how much pain they feel Did you forget about what happened with Liz and Linda”

Xu Yi knit his brows, “Still, are you…..encouraging me to…..ke…..go to them and…..be with them”

Still glared at Xu Yi before saying in a low voice, “Thats right! I want you to go and find a chance to be with them, the sooner the better! Otherwise, if you keep delaying, youll hurt them more!”

Xu Yi knit his brows as he looked at Still for a while. He then put his hands on her face and looked right into her eyes as he asked in a gentle voice, “Still, whats wrong Although youve always been very open minded, I know that you arent willing to let me be with other girls. Im not willing to touch Betty and Carol because of you, but why are you now……asking me to touch them Something must have happened, tell me.”

Still lowered her eyes and avoided Xu Yis gaze.

After a while, there was a blush that appeared on her face.

Xu Yi was very curious.

He and Still had known each other for over seven years and they had been married for close to six years, they were already considered an old couple. Why would she feel embarrassed in front of him

When he wanted to keep asking, Still suddenly spoke in a very soft voice.

“Because I……wont be able to satisfy you for a long time. I…..Im pregnant again…..”

“What” Xu Yi looked at Still in a daze and he only reacted after a while, “You……Youre pregnant”

Still slowly nodded, “Un, I noticed something was off last month, so I went to check and it was confirmed Im pregnant. Counting the time, it should already be the third month.”

Xu Yi silently calculated in his heart, “This means that if nothing unexpected happens, at the end of this year or by the start of next year, well have our second child”


Xu Yi was stunned before immediately feeling the wild joy filling his heart.

After Still gave birth to Freya, there had been nothing in the past five years. This made Xu Yi think that Still couldnt give birth to another child.

But now that Still had suddenly given him this pleasant surprise, he didnt know how to react.

After being stunned for a while, Xu Yi finally couldnt take the wild joy in his heart and broke out in laughter.

Xu Yis laughter spread all over, making everyone present turn over to him.

When everyone saw Xu Yi who couldnt stop laughing and Still who standing beside him with a red face, they all felt a bit confused.

Sir chairman…..did something good happen to him-

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