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The Magic Sedan race this year had attracted the attention of countless people, but most people were focused on the racers instead of focusing on the cars themselves.

When the competition started, all the reporters were reporting on the drivers instead of the Magic Sedans.

Xu Yi wasnt pleased by this because this went against the reason why he held this competition, attracting peoples attention to the Magic Sedans.

The drivers participating also werent pleased.

They were participating in this competition because they loved racing cars, they wanted to show off their skills with this race.

But most people were focused on special people like Arch Magus Camilla and elder Lisanya, they didnt care about their skills at all.

This was because one, they were more attractive to people and two, because the Magic Sedans hadnt become popular yet. Most people didnt know much about the Magic Sedans, so they didnt know anything about the driving skills and couldnt pay any attention to them.

So not long after this years Magic Sedan race, the «Banta Times» suddenly released a special edition «Magic Cars Weekly».

This was a publication that was released once a week with a total of thirty pages, filled with information on the Magic Cars.

The Magic Cars wasnt just Magic Sedans, but it also included the various transport and passenger Magic Cars.

But in the beginning, this «Magic Cars Weekly» only introduced some basic knowledge about Magic Cars. Its main goal was to let the general population understand what Magic Cars were.

When introducing the Magic Sedans, this «Magic Cars Weekly» gave a detailed division of Magic Sedans for the first time.

The ones used by the general public were called civilian Magic Sedans and the ones that the racers specially customized for this race, with a speed that was higher than the civilian Magic Sedans, they would be called Magic Race Cars.

In the first issue of the «Magic Cars Weekly», it stated that current civilian Magic Sedans and Magic Race Cars didnt have that much of a difference. But as the Magic Car technology improved, the civilian Magic Sedans and the Magic Race Cars will be completely different.

Magic Race Cars would keep increasing their speed just for the races.

And the civilian Magic Sedans would increase their comfort for the civilians who used them.

The «Magic Cars Weekly» also stated that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was already working in these two different directions when it came to Magic Cars.

According to insider information, at the end of this year, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be releasing a new generation of Magic Sedans that would branch out in two different models according to this trend.

One for people to use that would focus on comfort and the other would focus on speed and performance for the people who wanted more speed.

It was said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces research with the Magic Engine had made a breakthrough. The speed of the Magic Car had greatly increased, even reaching a shocking speed of one hundred and fifty kilometers an hour.

Most people didnt understand the technical terms, but they could still understand when it came to speed.

A hundred and fifty kilometers an hour

What an exaggerated concept this was!

If they could really reach this speed, wouldnt that mean that it would only take three hours to go from Banta City to Anvilmar City

That was too amazing!

The first issue of «Magic Cars Weekly» easily sold out and in just three days, it had received seventy thousand orders. It caused all the printing shops in Banta City to work overtime for two days and still be unable to fulfill this order.

With how popular it was, when the second issue of the «Magic Cars Weekly» came out, it would sell even faster than the first issue.

So the «Banta Times» had no choice but to find printing shops from the surrounding cities to help them.

The reason why the «Magic Cars Weekly» sold so quickly was because of the content.

This was the first publication related to Magic Cars and the various introductions to Magic Cars satisfied countless peoples curiosity towards them.

And for some people with ulterior motives, through this publication, they could obtain some knowledge that they always wanted.

This was what Arch Magus Camilla and elder Lisanya were worried about.

“Hey, chairman Xu, you arent worried about leaking the various technologies that you worked so hard to develop” Elder Lisanya was confused, “Now that the Magic Cars are this popular, Im certain that there are many human companies who want to produce their own Magic Cars. Now that youve had the «Banta Times» release this «Magic Cars Weekly», arent you helping them”

“Relax, elder Lisanya, I have my discretion. Although there are many things in the «Magic Cars Weekly», it is just to let people have some basic understanding of Magic Cars. If they want to develop Magic Cars from the contents in it, that is impossible.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “To make Magic Cars is very complicated work and even for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, we had to spend several years just to develop the first one. You can ask grandfather if you dont believe me.”

“I do believe that.” Arch Magus Camilla nodded, but his knitted brows didnt relax at all, “But Xu Yi, you still released this technology that you worked so hard to keep to yourself, this still isnt good. Its fine for the Magic Cars, but shouldnt you grasp the military magic machines more tightly Those things are very important and it would be just too big if they were leaked.”

Xu Yi looked at Arch Magus Camilla with a surprised look.

Arch Magus Camilla gave a shrug, “I noticed that something was off between you and Count Will during the competition, so I asked him afterwards.”

Xu Yi was speechless.

When he and Count Will were talking, it had been the most exciting part of the race.

Arch Magus Camilla could actually still notice the strange atmosphere between him and Count Will during the middle of this exciting race, it really made one have nothing to say in response.

“Un, I also found that something wasnt right, but Im ot that good with human conversation, so I just found that it wasnt right. I didnt know what the problem was.” Elder Lisanya on the side also said with a nod.

Xu Yi could only be speechless again.

It seemed like the two of them were just too strong. Even driving Magic Sedans that were going over a hundred kilometers an hour wasnt a challenge for them, they could even pay attention to the surrounding area.

Moreover, elder Lisanya was an elf with amazing eyesight, so it was fine if she noticed it. But how did Arch Magus Camilla see it

“What is so strange about it As an Arch Magus, space isnt a problem for me at all.” Arch Magus Camilla looked at him as he explained.

Even if he was talented, Xu Yi who was only a First Grade Great Magician could only be speechless.

“Un…..The problem with the military magic machines, you dont need to worry, everything is in my grasp.” Xu Yi replied with a faint smile.

Arch Magus Camilla looked at Xu Yi with doubt, but he didnt keep asking.

Elder Lisanya cared even less about this problem. Rather, what she cared about was the new Magic Cars that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was developing.

In the information that Xu Yi gave the «Banta Times», he disclosed that the newest Magic Sedans might be faster than a hundred and fifty kilometers an hour. However, in the private information that he gave Arch Magus Camilla and elder Lisanya, in theory, the max speed of the new Magic Sedans might be a hundred and seventy kilometers an hour or even higher.

But to reach this speed had a high requirement for the driver, so it was very risky.

Arch Magus Camilla had already expressed his willingness to participate and elder Lisanya had also been very interested.

The issue she was talking to Xu Yi about was to record the testing of the new Magic Cars with the Illusion Array.

Xu Yi had some doubts about this.

“Elder Lisanya, why do you want to record this Moreover, there are many secrets in the testing process, so if we record it and it is revealed, that would have large consequences for our company.”

“I saw the New Moon Chamber of Commerces documentary on the New Moon Troupe and I saw Still filming a documentary at the Azshara Tribe on the daily lives of us elves, as well as the scenes of the Azshara Tribes elves working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerces human workers. So I had a thought……”

Elder Lisanya paused as if she was hesitating over something.

“I feel that……this is a very good advertising model. If we can let more humans and elves see scenes of elves and humans getting together, it would make it easier for humans to accept being together with us elves and also make the elves accept being together with humans.”

“Oh” Xu Yi looked at elder Lisanya with great surprise.

Elder Lisanya had said before that her clansmen werent prepared yet, but now she had changed her point of view. She wanted to seek change on her own initiative, which really should be celebrated.

“This is a good idea, but theres a problem. It isnt hard to let humans see these things, but how will you let the other elves of the continent see it” Xu Yi asked.

“You take care of the humans and Ill take care of the elves.” Elder Lisanya said, “How about it Do you think theres a problem”

Xu Yi thought about it and felt that this was a pretty good method.

Moreover, since elder Lisanya was willing to come out, this could be considered a promotional film for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces new Magic Sedan and would definitely be a good gimmick.

Thinking of elder Lisanya driving the Frestech Brand Magic Sedan all over a human city, Xu Yi couldnt help feeling excited.

After Still had retired, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had never found a star to use as their representative.

Now that elder Lisanya was offering, Xu Yi felt that this was a very good idea.-

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