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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 108 - Not prepared

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Volume 5 Chapter 108 Not prepared

More and Sandys negotiations couldnt last that long.

After getting the clear conditions of the elves from Sandy, More immediately left.

Sandy was right, there was a deadline for using the fertilizer. If they missed the best period for fertilizing the spring planting, the Sack Kingdom will miss that spring planting.

According to the information from the Lampuri Kingdom and the Stantine Duchy, farms that used fertilizer had their output increased by several folds.

If they could use the fertilizer in this spring planting, the Sack Kingdoms grain yield this year might increase again and they might even be able to become completely self-sufficient.

Of course, he didnt leave Banta City, which was chosen as the place of negotiations with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce this time. He used another channel to send this information back to the Sack Kingdom.

While patiently waiting for the final response of his majesty and the parliament, he needed to keep inspecting Banta City and working hard to learn more things from this shocking city.

However, More never thought that as soon as he left, there was someone who he had never expected to come that entered the negotiations room.

Seeing this person walk in, Sandys expression changed from being ice cold to having a full smile.

“Chairman Xu, what do you think of my performance just now Did it meet the negotiations requirement you mentioned”

Xu Yi turned to look at More who was quickly leaving before turning back to Sandy with a faint smile as he asked, “What do you think”

Sandy was in a daze for a bit before shaking her head with a discouraged look, “It seems like it wasnt good enough. Chairman Xu, the human negotiation skills you mentioned are just too hard, I cant learn it no matter what.”

Xu Yi gave a laugh before patting her shoulder, “Actually, you dont need to learn our human negotiation skills. If were talking about results alone, what you did just now was already quite good. Look, because of your performance, this chief More will think that there isnt a chance to bargain back and forth with you, so they can only accept your condition in the end.”

“He didnt accept it, he just said that need time to consider it.” Sandy said in a surprised voice.

“Believe me, they will accept it in the end.” Xu Yi said in a confident voice.

“Is that so” Sandy thought about it before revealing a smile, “That would be great. That way the elder can achieve her wish and our tribe can have another space to survive in.”

Seeing Sandys happy appearance, Xu Yi slightly knit his brows.

“Actually…..Sandy, I still dont understand why elder Lisanya insists on getting this piece of land. The Sack Kingdom has a strong need for fertilizer, so just like More said, they could agree to any conditions that you have. Why didnt you take this chance to get better conditions from them”

Sandy shook her head, “Im not too clear, but I feel…..The elder wants our tribe to get a piece of land that truly belongs to us.”

Xu Yi fell silent.

After thinking for a bit, he suddenly understood.

Perhaps it was because the elves didnt have any land that completely belonged to them in the thousands of years after the race wars, so they had a strong longing for this kind of land.

For example, when the Azshara Tribe negotiated with the Rudson Kingdom, their first condition was to let the Rudosn Kingdom give them a piece of land.

For the Rudson Kingdom, this land was already a wasteland and was occupied by the Azshara Tribe. Even if the Azshara Tribe didnt want it, it was still controlled by the Azshara Tribe, so it only belonged to the Rudson Kingdom in name.

Compared to gaining actual benefits from the Azshara Tribe, this ownership in name wasnt important.

Even if many humans cared about this, the Rudson Kingdom had ten thousand ways to solve the problem of who owned it in name.

Now that the Moon Shadow Tribe had put forth the same request from the Sack Kingdom, the Sack Kingdom would finally agree in the end after carefully considering it.

After all, the piece of land that the Moon Shadow Tribe was also useless for the Sack Kingdom and using it to get the most important fertilizer meant they didnt suffer a loss at all.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi thought of the Night Song Tribe.

The Azshara Tribe needed territory, the Moon Shadow Tribe also needed territory, but the Night Song Tribe that Xu Yi had met first didnt make the same request.

Of course, perhaps this was because of the Night Song Tribes population of just over a thousand, so they didnt have an urgent need for territory.

“Right, chairman Xu, can I ask you for a favour” Sandy suddenly said.

“Un What is it Tell me.”

“Youre going to the Magic Sedan race in a bit, right You should meet the elder, right”

“Yes, what about it Do you want me to help you report the results of the negotiations with the Sack Kingdom” Xu Yi asked.

“Un. Something happened at the factory, so I cant go. Can you tell the elder about the results”

“No problem.” Xu Yi nodded and paused before saying, “You have indeed been busy during this time. If nothing unexpected happens, the Sack Kingdom will agree to your conditions. According to the estimates, the Sack Kingdom will need to buy at least a hundred thousand tons of fertilizer to plant all their wheat, so this will be a lot of pressure for your current production capacity.”

“Yes……” Sandy nodded and revealed a difficult smile, “Chairman Xu, I wanted to discuss something with you. Our fertilizer factory wants to order another set of processing equipment, it would be best if it could be delivered at the end of the month. Otherwise, even if the Sack Kingdom accepts this condition, we might not be able to produce enough fertilizer.”

Xu Yi gave a laugh, “Sandy, if I told you that the new fertilizer processing equipment is already on the way, would you be very surprised”

Sandys eyes opened wide in shock, “Really That is great! Chairman Xu, you are really too…..intelligent!”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “This is actually a bit risky because I dont know what conditions you would give the Sack Kingdom. If they didnt agree and you didnt need to increase your production capacity, the fertilizer processing equipment that we made would have no use.”

“No, no, no, chairman Xu, even if it wasnt for the Sack Kingdom, we were considering increasing our production capacity. There are many countries that want to buy fertilizer from us, so I already planned on increasing the production capacity.” Sandy waved her hands.

“Un, thats good. Sandy, being able to have this idea proves that youve become a decent manager.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

Receiving Xu Yis praise, Sandy revealed a happy smile like a little girl.

However, that smile froze on her face with Xu Yis next question.

“But Sandy, although you have enough equipment, what about the problem of manpower Can you solve this”

Sandy was stunned for a bit before shaking her head with a bitter smile, “That is hard since there are only so many people in the tribe. I can only let the brothers and sisters work overtime at the factory.”

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before asking, “Have you ever considered hiring workers from other races For example, our human workers”

Sandy took a deep look at Xu Yi before shaking her head, “No, were not considering it for now.”

Xu Yi nodded and didnt pursue this topic.

But half an hour later, when Xu Yi saw elder Lisanya who was sitting in her personal car preparing for the race in Banta Citys race track, he couldnt help raising this question again.

Elder Lisanya didnt reject Xu Yi like Sandy did.

“To be honest, I have considered this. But chairman Xu, you should know that this fertilizer factorys income isnt the most important thing for me, so it doesnt matter if the output is a bit low. But if the fertilizer factory recruited workers from other races, our clansmen would have to work with the other race workers and be together for long periods of time.”

“Isnt that very good” Xu Yi asked back, “When you set up this fertilizer factory, you told me that this was a good turning point for you elves to live together with us humans.”

“The problem is that the clansmen havent prepared their hearts yet.” Elder Lisanya refuted, “If they had to work with other races right now, they wouldnt be used to it.”

Xu Yi was speechless.

This fertilizer factory had already been built for five years. The elves of the Moon Shadow Tribe had much more contact with humans normally, but they still werent prepared to fully integrate themselves with other races. This really was a bit too slow.

“But I can see that youve integrated well. Look, youre even participating in this public Magic Sedan Race as a personal activity.” Xu Yi said.

“This is my own preference. Then again, I am an elder, so I have to set a model for my clansmen.” Elder Lisanya replied with a natural look.

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes.

Elder Lisanya had always had a strong interest in racing cars, so it was right to say that this was her personal preference, but to say that she was setting an example for her clansmen……wasnt this trying to disguise her own interests as working for her people

But from the attitude that Sandy and elder Lisanya had, Xu Yi knew that at least the Moon Shadow Tribe wasnt prepared to integrate themselves into human society yet.

The Moon Shadow Tribe was the elf tribe that interacted with humans the most out of the three tribes that he knew.

If it was the Night Song Tribe or the Azshara Tribe, there would be no need to ask this question.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi went to the stands and watched as each of the racers made their preparations.

This was already the third year Magic Sedan races were being held in Banta City.

Because Prince Frank had suddenly sent a representative to participate last year, the event had become restricted and there had been no audience. But after the advertisement of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce this year, as well as the private advertisement among the young nobles of Banta City, many people had come to watch.

Moreover, putting the Magic Sedan race aside, just the racers were worthy of entering the history books.

For example, there were many other race drivers that were here. Other than a beastman driver, there was even an elder from the elves!

Among the human participants, there was an Arch Magus like Arch Magus Camilla who was participating.

Just these drivers alone were enough to attract countless peoples attention.

So with todays race, the stands were already filled with people.

If Xu Yi didnt have his own private viewing stand, he might not have been able to find a spot in the crowd.

Not long after he had sat down, there was a stir that came from behind him.

Xu Yi turned to find Banta Citys City Lord Count Will coming over with his subordinates.

Xu Yi waved his hand in greeting and was surprised to find that Count Wills expression was very serious.

“Chairman Xu, you really are here.” Count Will nodded to Xu Yi before pointing behind him.

Xu Yi understood and stood up to enter a private room that was set up in the arena.

When the door closed, Xu Yi looked at Count Wills deep look and asked in a confused voice, “What is it Lord Count, didnt something happen”

Count Will had his subordinates leave the room and even had them close the door before taking out a document to place on the table in front of Xu Yi, saying in a low voice, “Chairman Xu, please give me a reasonable explanation for this.”-

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