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Since Xu Yi released the steel making technology and used the slaves to exchange for them, in these months, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had obtained over thirty thousand slaves.

Xu Yi had sent these slaves to the islands on the sea and he had treated them as the workers for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce on these islands.

There were big and small islands. The big islands could hold up to ten thousand people and the small ones could only hold several hundred. After the thirty thousand slaves were all sent, there was only half of the islands that were filled. There were more than ten islands that Xu Yi still didnt have enough people for.

Xu Yi wasnt in a rush, it would take a long time to construct this chain of island bases and it was a large investment, so it couldnt be completed in a short period of time.

According to the plan, they just needed to construct bases on the islands to the north near the Black Rice Wasteland and to the south along the Rudson Kingdoms coast.

After these island bases were complete, the next step of the plan was to build the island bases in the Candra Empires southern seas and…..in the seas around the Sack Kingdom.


April of year 3787, the Stantine Duchys early spring was already as hot as early summer in many other places.

When it came to this time each year, the beach near the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main base would be filled with people who were enjoying their free time.

The swimsuit had already become popular in the Stantine Duchy, so looking over the beach, there were beautiful women in sexy swimsuits all over. They might have white skin or healthy bronze skin as they walked around half naked, making people stunned when they looked at them.

However, the situation at the beach was clearly different from normal. The eyes of people werent focused on the revealed skin, but they were all looking at the sea.

Today was the day the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet came back.

This trip was different from before. This time, the transport fleet had gone over five thousand kilometers to reach the most eastern seas of the continent.

It was said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom on the eastern coast had reached a deal. Their first cooperation was through this transport fleet which would bring a bunch of goods from here to there and then when it came back, it would also bring large amounts of goods from the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom.

The Stantine Duchy was on the southwest corner of the continent and the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom was in the southeast corner. There was a full five thousand kilometers between them.

For most people, this was a distance that they would never traverse in their entire lives.

If it wasnt for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom cooperating, using the Frestech Chamber of Commerces powerful transport fleet to contact the other side, the Stantine Duchys people would never be able to contact the other country.

Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet was back from the Nozdormu Business Union, they would definitely bring many treasures from the other side that would broaden their views.

So when they learned that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet would be back today, countless people gathered on the beach. They enjoyed the sea breeze while waiting for the arrival of the fleet.

“Hey, chairman Xu, do you really think that the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom is worth investing in”

In Xu Yis private manor on the cliff not far away, there was a fat middle aged man who looked back from the sea to look at Xu Yi as he asked this.

Hearing this question from him, the merchants who were on the platform by the cliff all turned to look at Xu Yi with doubt in their eyes.

These people were the chairmen of the magic machine companies close to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Today Xu Yi had gathered them together to discuss investing in the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom with them.

Even if these chairmen had earned quite a bit of benefits from cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so they trusted Xu Yi very much, they were still very hesitant over Xu Yis proposal of investing in the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom.

In the end, the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom was just too far.

That place was over five thousand kilometers away, this was simply another world for them, so naturally they didnt feel assured.

“In terms of business, I must say that it is very worth it.” Xu Yi looked over these people and gave a nod with a slight smile, “The Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom is equal to the Lampuri Kingdom before the appearance of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it is completely empty in terms of magic machines. If there are any companies willing to explore this market, they would certainly be able to easily occupy a portion of this market.”

Everyone looked at each other and nodded.

“But chairman Xu, if you have this idea, why doesnt the Frestech Chamber of Commerce just monopolize it Why do you need us all to go” Another person asked.

Xu Yi spread his hands and casually said, “My views have always been to share money with everyone. Since this market is very promising, I want everyone to develop it together and earn the benefits together.”

Everyone was silent for a bit before they couldnt help nodding again.

If this was said by anyone else, they would all think that they were lying.

But Xu Yi always supported the development of his peers, which made them feel that Xu Yi wasnt lying.

“I know that you all have concerns about investing in the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom because of how far it is, but I must remind you all that as merchants, we need to have a sense of adventure at times. Benefits exist with risk and risks come with benefits. Taking risks to earn benefits, isnt that something that we as merchants should do”

Everyone was silent for a bit before a merchant gave a soft cough, “Chairman Xu, youre right, but I think……before the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom representative arrives, theres no meaning in talking about this.”

Xu Yi nodded with a smile, “Un, when the representative comes, I think that you will all feel more assured.”

Seeing that the topic was easily changed to the business they were currently engaged in, Xu Yi gave a sigh in his heart.

Among these merchants, quite a few of their companies had come from nothing with the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

When they began building, these chairmen were filled with adventurous spirit, otherwise they wouldnt be willing to invest in the magic machine industry that had no precedent.

But now that they had developed for several years, these companies had reached a certain scale and these chairmen had become satisfied. They werent as willing to take risks as before.

This made Xu Yi a bit disappointed in them.

If it was in terms of development speed and scale, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would crush these companies in the same magic machine industry, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi still had the same sense of adventure.

Not to mention investing in the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom that was five thousand kilometers away, if there was a way, there wouldnt be a problem in him investing in another continent.

Of course, that was because the world views of the two sides were different.

Xu Yi came from earth, he was already used to viewing things from a global scale.

Five thousand kilometers wasnt a barrier for Xu Yi, but for the people who thought that they would never travel more than a few hundred kilometers from their homes, this was like a natural barrier.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi didnt keep urging them or even forcing them.

He believed that there wasnt a lack of people who were willing to take risks in this world.

The representative from the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom would arrive soon, he believed that some of these people would see the business opportunity hidden in this and would be willing to take the risk.

An hour passed and Xu Yi didnt receive any news of the fleet returning. He couldnt help looking at the southern seas in doubt, but he didnt see a trace of the large transport Magic Ships.

This made him feel strange.

Narvil had sent news from Nissi Harbour seven days ago, saying he was certain they would arrive today.

According to his habit, he would choose to return in the morning to make it easier to unload the cargo on the day off.

But now that the morning had passed and there wasnt a trace of the transport fleet, this was a bit strange.

Looking at the people chatting with each other, Xu Yi maintained his composure and patiently waited.

But after another hour, noon had already come and there was still no news.

The people present felt that something was off and they gradually stopped chatting as they turned to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi knit his brows and had everyone wait. He quickly walked into a small room in the manor and took out a small Magic Communicator from his chest, pressing the button on it.

“Hey, Im Xu Yi. Evita, immediately send out a Magic Airship to go south along the coast and look for trails of the transport fleet.”

There was silence for a bit before Evitas surprised voice sounded, “Yes, chairman, Ill set out immediately.”

After a while, Xu Yi walked out of the manor and looked to the south. He saw a Magic Airship slowly rising before quickly sailing off in a southern direction.

“Chairman Xu…..did something happen” A voice came from behind him.

Xu Yi turned to look and found that many of the chairmen on the platform had come to the front yard, looking at Xu Yi in surprise.

“Its nothing, its just a small accident.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Everyone looked at each other, clearly not believing this.

When Xu Yi was prepared to have everyone return to the platform, the Magic Communicator in his hand sounded again.

Xu Yi knit his brows and walked to the side as he took the call.

Evitas voice sounded with a bit of shock in it.

“Chairman, Ive found the transport fleet, but they…..seem to be surrounded!”-

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