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This store that sold Frestech Brand Magic Sedans wasnt in Wimbledon City, but rather it was outside. It was five kilometers away from the closest south gate.

The reason why it chose such a remote place was because Wimbledon City was just too tight. Each inch of land was worth its weight in gold, so to open a store in Wimbledon City, other than having connections, it required a large amount of money to be invested.

Because there needed to be space to demonstrate the various Magic Sedans, there was a large amount of space required. So after Belil thought about it, he could only choose to open a store this far away from Wimbledon City, building a shop in this remote place.

Compared to opening a shop in Wimbledon City, although they needed to build all the facilities and needed to furnish them one by one, the benefit was starting from nothing, so everything could be decided by Belil.

After two months of preparation, this store called the “Belil Magic Car Store” was opened.

In the beginning, the stores business was poor. Only with Belils relationship to Prince Frank, there were a few nobles that came because of the advertisement he gave in their small circle.

But when the nobles of Wimbledon City found the benefits of the Magic Sedans, it didnt take long before Magic Sedans became very popular among the nobles.

Even the cheapest Magic Sedan cost one thousand and five hundred gold coins, but there was no lack of demand still.

In the first month of business, this store had only sold seven Magic Sedans, but in the second month, it reached a shocking total of six hundred and thirty eight Magic Sedans. This was close to a hundred times that of the first month!

Moreover, this figure was growing at a shocking rate. The people who purchased Magic Sedans werent just limited to Wimbledon City, the nobles from other places in the Candra Empire received the news and they all came to order Magic Sedans.

According to Belils estimate, in this month, they might even sell over a thousand Magic Sedans!

These Magic Sedans were shipped directly from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and ignoring the transport expenses, Belil could earn at least three hundred gold coins from each one.

So far, the Belil Magic Car Store had sold over a thousand units, so that meant that Belil in these three months had already earned three hundred thousand gold coins!

Every time he saw the financial report, Belil would be filled with joy at his wise decision back then.

If he didnt agree to Xu Yis proposal and came to set up this store, how could he earn three hundred thousand in just three months

Earning more money meant that he was happier each day and his smile was wide.

But when Russell and Martin arrived in this store, Belils smile froze when he saw them before revealing an even brighter smile. He stopped the sales lady from going over and personally came over.

He could tell with a single glance that this middle aged man with greying hair seemed calm and noble and he released an aura of high status. He definitely wasnt some normal noble of Wimbledon City.

“This customer, do you want to buy a Magic Sedan Please take a look, there are many Magic Sedans of different designs that you can choose from. But for this honoured customer, I personally recommend the Frestech Chamber of Commerces newest E320 Long Magic Sedan. Look, it has a very elegant appearance, its suited to your status. Moreover, the colour is very dark, which shows your calm makings……”

Russell was interested as he listened to Belils introduction. He was looking over the pure black Magic Sedan in the hall while also looking over Belil.

He could tell that this young man was of noble birth, he wasnt just a normal staff member of this store.

If his guess wasnt wrong, this young man was very likely the boss of this store, Baron Belil who came from the Lampuri Kingdom.

He had heard that he had some relationship with Prince Frank. After Russell looked him over, he found that he looked very similar to Prince Franks concubine.

It was said that Prince Franks concubine came from the Lampuri Kingdom, so this rumour might be true.

After patiently listening to him describe the various merits of the Magic Sedan, Russell was silent for a bit before suddenly asking, “This Magic Sedan is indeed quite good, but there is a very serious problem.”

Belil was surprised, “What problem”

“This car is close to the road, so if there are any bumps in the road, wouldnt it be easy for it to shake Theres no problem here in the city, but if I want to go to the south of the empire where there are rocks everywhere, wouldnt this car have no way of running”

“This…..” Belil was a bit helpless, “This customer, I must admit that the problem youre worried about is real. Theres no other way, this Magic Sedan can only run on smooth roads, it isnt good on any other surfaces. There arent enough roads in the Candra Empire right now, so it is indeed limited, but if you want to drive to the main cities on roads, there arent any problems at all. I can guarantee that this is at least ten times better than riding in normal horse carriages!”

“Un…..” Russell nodded, hinting for Belil to open the door. He looked around and found that the inside of the Magic Sedan was at a much higher level compared to the Magic Sedan ambassador Hakanin drove him in. Moreover, it was much bigger and looked much better.

With Belils suggestion, he sat down to test it and found that it was much more comfortable than riding in horse carriages.

“Alright, how much is this Magic Sedan” Russell asked Belil.

Belil was surprised before happily saying, “Because this Magic Sedan is the newest model, it is the most luxurious. The outside is naturally also very beautiful…..”

“Tell me, how much is it” Russell waved his hand to cut off Belil.

Belil stretched out four fingers, “Since you are the first customer to buy this E320 Long Model, Ill give you a discount. Four thousand gold coins.”

Martin on the side opened his eyes wide as he said in shock, “Four thousand is a preferential price What a joke!”

Belil just smiled without saying a thing as he looked at Russell.

Russell looked at the Magic Sedan again and without hesitation, he gave a nod.

“Alright, Ill take it. Martin, go and settle the bill, I want to talk to the shopkeeper.”

Martin opened his mouth, but he had no choice as he followed the sales lady to the side. Belil respectfully invited Russell to a resting area on the side and poured him a cup of tea before sitting down.

Russell had looked over the shop during this time and found that it looked a bit familiar. After thinking about it, he remembered that he had seen this style in the Stantine Duchy quite a few times. It could even be said that it was a fusion between the elegant styles of the elves and the style of humans.

“If my guess isnt wrong, you are this companys chairman, Baron Beli, right” Russell looked at Belil before asking this.

Belil was surprised before saying with a smile, “Im very sorry, Ive never introduced myself. Yes, I am the chairman Belil Stagg. As for the baron title, since Ive come to the Candra Empire, that is no longer important.”

Russell nodded and didnt keep asking about this topic. After thinking for a bit, he asked, “Alright, chairman Belil, you just said that the Magic Sedans arent suited for driving in the rocky mountains to the south, which I agree with. But I know that while the Magic Sedans arent suited for this, there are other Magic Cars suited for this, right”

Belil was surprised, “This customer, you mean……”

“Before I came in, I noticed that your sign saidBelil Magic Car Store and notBelil Magic Sedan Store, right Since its like this, other than Magic Sedans, you should also sell other kinds of Magic Cars, am I right”

Seeing the sharp look in Russells eyes, Belil couldnt help turning stiff before saying with a smile, “Right, you really are observant. Thats right, our company doesnt only sell Magic Sedans, we also sell other types of Magic Cars. But no one else was interested in anything other than Magic Sedans before this, so Ive neglected this. This customer, what kind of Magic Car do you need If you dont know how to choose, I can give you a detailed introduction. We have……”

“No need.” Russell waved his hand to cut Belil off again, “If I really wanted to buy, I should just contact the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and not come to you. I think that itll be cheaper that way.”

Belil couldnt help knitting his brows.

This fellow was clearly a rare person in the Candra Empire who knew about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and he even knew how to contact them directly, but since he had his own channel, why did he come to his place

But thinking of how the other side didnt care about spending four thousand gold coins on a Magic Sedan, he immediately pushed down his unhappiness and said with a smile, “This customer, our company is just representing the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in selling Magic Cars in the Candra Empire. If you want to buy any kind of Magic Cars, I suggest you buy from our company. Because not only does our company have the approval of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, we also have various certificates with the Candra Empire, so were an authorized store. If you directly contact the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Im afraid that on the Candra Empires side…..”

Belil didnt say it, but he believed the other side would understand.

Russell shook his head with a smile. In terms of the Candra Empires side, he didnt need to worry at all.

Even if the navy wasnt important, no one would dare go against him.

Actually, he just had an idea, but now he had talked to Belil for a bit, he found that it was indeed quite a good idea.

He had seen the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport Magic Car in the Stantine Duchy quite a bit, so he knew how strong they were when it came to transporting goods.

If the navy could be armed with these transport Magic Cars, then the supplies of the navy could greatly be increased.

But these things couldnt be just discussed with this chairman Belil. The best method was to contact the Frestech Chamber of Commerce again.

Thinking of this, Russell didnt stay any longer and stood up to say goodbye.

He thought that he could drive the Magic Sedan away, but he never thought that the process would be so complicated that it couldnt be finished in half a day.

The most important thing was that according to Belil, he didnt have a drivers license and hadnt learned to drive before, so he couldnt drive it directly.

This was a small matter for Russell and he left this for Martin to solve before leaving.

Belil had just sent Russell and Martin off when three Magic Sedans of different colours quickly drove over, stopping with a screech in front of the shop.

Four youths came out of the Magic Sedan and they first looked over Russell before coming to Belil.

“Hey, Belil, why are you still here The race is about to begin!”

Without waiting for Belil to speak, three of them pulled him into one of the Magic Sedans.

After a bit, the three Magic Sedans were quickly turned on and vanished into the distance.

Russell not far away looked back and slightly knit his brows.

He recognized the three who had just appeared. They were all well known descendants of large noble families from Wimbledon City, he never thought that they would be this close to Belil.

The word “race” that they said, could it be that it was a new trend in their circle-

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