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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 94 - Bait

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The two looked at each other before Seveni reacted. She found that her reaction was a bit too intense, so she couldnt help looking a bit awkward.

“No…..Dont misunderstand. Xu Yi, it isnt that I dont like Freya, I just…..feel that the two of them are incompatible.”

Xu Yi looked at Seveni with doubt, not really believing her explanation.

Of course he wouldnt mistake it as Seveni not liking Freya, but Sevenis reaction was just too abnormal which made him a bit curious.

Feeling Xu Yis doubtful gaze, Sevenis expression became even more awkward. She opened her mouth, but she didnt give an explanation. After pausing for a bit, she changed the topic.

“Xu Yi, how is your Stantine Duchys slavery abolition going”

This topic change was too stiff, even Xu Yi was stunned for a bit before reacting.

He took a deep look at Seveni and after taking a deep breath, he didnt keep asking.

Sevenis childs origin was very strange. Even now she wasnt willing to announce who the father of the child was, so it was clearly hard for her to bring up.

As her friend, Xu Yi wouldnt force herself to tell him the secret she wanted to keep.

“Eh…..Its not too smooth. The lords of the duchy dont want to change the slaves under them into citizens. They think that this will cause them to lose these citizens and suffer losses.”

“That is certain.” Seveni gave a nod, “Xu Yi, actually……I also feel that your methods this time are too…..strange…..”

Xu Yi looked at Sevenis hesitant look and thought that she wanted to say that he was insane, but she didnt say it.

“Slaves have already existed on the continent for a long time, but you want to abolish them, this is going against the traditions of the continent. The lords with slaves will definitely not agree to your idea. You can forcefully carry this out in the Stantine Duchy, but if it was the Lampuri Kingdom, there is no way that this proposal would pass in the kingdom parliament.”

“What if youre the one who brought it out” Xu Yi tentatively asked.

“Then our Lampuri Familys best result would be giving up the throne.” Seveni said with a serious look.

Xu Yi thought for a bit before giving a silent nod.

“Actually, Xu Yi, you should know the consequences of doing this, right Otherwise, your actions in the Stantine Duchy wouldnt be so anticlimactic, youre not someone who does things halfway.” Seveni asked.

Xu Yi gave a laugh, “Un, the pressure and opposition to this is quite large, so Ive decided to postpone it and not rush it.”

Seveni knit her brows, “So I dont understand, why did you do this You clearly know how hard this is and there arent any benefits for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so why did you ignore all the opposition and went against the pressure to do this”

“No, this matter is quite good for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Xu Yi shook his head, “Seveni, did you read the article in the «Lampuri Weekly»”

“The one from Baron Hannas, the article about how you want to free slaves to free productive forces Ive seen it and not just once.” Seveni said, “I do admit that you have reason. Hiring workers as slaves cannot give you the best efficiency and it can even affect the quality product, but since there isnt a good effect in letting slaves handle complicated work, you can just let them handle the simple work. No matter what, slaves dont need to be paid wages, right”

“Even you cant understand my ideas in the end, that means its impossible for others to understand them.” Xu Yi shook his head and said with a sigh, “All of you cant understand one logic, slaves are no different from domestic animals to you, they have no special value. But for me, they are also people. Since they are people, they have the basic ability to study as humans. So even if they are slaves, there is the chance of increasing their abilities, so you cant treat them as simple domestic animals.”

“You mean…..you are planning on freeing them from being slaves and then teaching them to turn them into skilled workers” Seveni asked in a surprised voice, “Is it worth putting in that much effort for these slaves”

“Why isnt it worth it” Xu Yi asked back, “Seveni, let me ask you a question. How many people are in the Lampuri Kingdom right now”

Seveni was surprised, never expecting Xu Yi to change the topic to this.

After thinking about it, she replied, “There was a survey when I took the throne, the population then was around six million and four hundred thousand people.”

“Does that not include the slaves”

“Yes, slaves are not considered citizens, so they arent counted. But according to the estimates from the various regions, there are around three million slaves in the kingdom.” Seveni replied.

“Then can you tell me, of the Lampuri Kingdoms six million and four hundred thousand people, how many can actually work And among the three million slaves, how many can work” Xu Yi asked.

Seveni knit her brows, “Theres no way to count that.”

“Alright, lets not discuss the specific numbers. Do you think that if all three million slaves were freed and they became useful labour, would that be a big help to the Lampuri Kingdom”

“I dont understand what youre specifically talking about”

“To put it specifically…..Lets use our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce currently has over ninety three thousand workers. I think that this number, whether in the Stantine Duchy or the Lampuri Kingdom, can be considered a very large company.”

Seveni nodded, “Un, our kingdom probably only has the Falcao Chamber of Commerce or the Armani Chamber of Commerce with more workers than you.”

“But I still feel there is a serious lack of manpower. According to my plan for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, after calculating it, our company needs to hire at least fifty thousand workers in three years to barely meet my needs.”

“You need that many people” Seveni asked in a surprised voice, “What do you want to do”

Xu Yi pointed to the southeast, “I should have mentioned it in my last letter, our company is planning on building several island bases on the southern seas. Each island needs at least a hundred people, so adding in the various logistics personnel, we need at least twenty thousand employees just for this business.”

“That much” Sevenis eyes opened wide, “Why do you want to construct so many island bases What are you planning to use them for”

“Its nothing, we just want to use the rich resources of the endless seas.” Xu Yi explained with a relaxed look, “Other than the island bases, our company will also keep expanding the market. Once we open the Candra Empire market, the demand will be terrifying. So we must prepare ahead of time and increase the production capacity of our company.”

“Un……Speaking of your companys production capacity…..Xu Yi, when are you planning on giving me the hundred Magic Airships that I ordered” Seveni suddenly asked.

Xu Yi rolled his eyes, “Wait for it, the Magic Airship dependence tests havent been finished yet. Itll be at least next year before it can go into mass production.”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi, “When I ordered the hundred Magic Airships, you said that you could give them to me at the beginning of this year.”

Xu Yi revealed an awkward smile, “This…..The Magic Airships arent normal magic machines, the requests of various parts are too high. You dont want me to give you an unreliable Magic Airship, right Then again, didnt I just say that our production capacity isnt enough”

“How is this related to freeing the slaves I dont think that these slaves can help you finish the hundred Magic Airships as soon as possible.”

“Of course they cant do it now, but as long as I have some time to train them, Im certain that there will be a role for them to play. But its a pity…..” Xu Yi spread his hands and said with a helpless look, “Those damn slavery laws, they say that slaves dont have a chance to be educated, they dont even have a chance to choose their work. Moreover, the slaves completely belong to their masters, so even if I train them, it would only benefit their masters.”

“Youre thinking of several hundred slave workers that the Stagg Family gave you” Seveni said with a smile.

“It can be considered that.” Xu Yi gave a shrug.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had just been formed, Leslie had given the Frestech Chamber of Commerce a hundred of his slaves. They had mastered some of the magic machine production methods.

Then the Stagg Family sent another three hundred slaves to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce who also gained decent skills.

Then when the Stagg Family set up their magic machine company, these slaves had become their important skilled workers and played an important role.

For Xu Yi, those four hundred slaves were free gifts that he had given to the Stagg Family.

He had no choice back then, but he wasnt willing to do a thankless job again now.

“So that means that youre not as noble as the newspapers say you are and youre doing this for the benefits of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.” Seveni teased.

“Of course, Im not a saint.” Xu Yi said with a natural look, “But to be honest, thinking about it, those slaves are being kept by the lords and cant do anything. If they were given to me, I could enhance their values by countless times. I think that normal people should know what the right choice is, right”

“Its a pity that those lords arent willing to give their slaves to you.” Seveni said.

“Of course I understand this, so this time…..Ive prepared a large bait that I hope some of those fellows will swallow……”

Seeing the proud look on Xu Yis face, Seveni thought that this fellow Xu Yi must have some wicked scheme.

With her understanding of Xu Yi, since he said that he had large bait, it must be very attractive, to the point that normal people couldnt resist.-

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