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The proposal Xu Yi raised was passed by the Stantine Duchy congress in the end.

This wasnt surprising.

With the Frestech Chamber of Commerces current powerful influence in the Stantine Duchy, once Xu Yi decided to promote something in the Stantine Duchy, there was no chance of failing.

But in this process, Xu Yis proposal had only received 56% support, only barely being able to pass. It showed just how impossible it was for everyone in the Stantine Duchy to support this.

Of the remaining 44% of the congress members chose to abstain, there were few who voted against it.

Other than proving the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was very influential, so that others didnt dare go against them, it was also a kind of silent protest.

This silent protest was demonstrated through the fact that although this proposal had passed, there were various kinds of difficulties.

According to this proposal, the slaves of the Stantine Duchy should have had their statuses changed. However, when it came to implementing this proposal, there was no lord that had slaves that cooperated with this.

According to initial estimates, the slave population of the Stantine Duchy was between one hundred and fifty to one hundred and sixty thousand, but the statuses of the slaves werent changed in the first week this bill passed.

This wasnt strange.

The slaves had never been educated and it was hard for them to obtain news. There were few who knew about this bill and there were even less that knew about how to apply for it.

Moreover, even if they did know about it, the slaves didnt dare apply.

The years of being slaves made them not dare to go against their lords, so unless their lords said anything, there was no slave that dared to come forward.

As for counting on the lords to come forward themselves

Stop dreaming!

So, Xu Yis proposal had passed, but because of how hard it was to implement, it didnt matter if it had passed or not.

In the beginning, this was a matter that many people paid attention to in the Stantine Duchy and the surrounding countries, but after half a month of no action, peoples attention gradually turned.

At this time, an important matter had happened in the Lampuri Kingdom that attracted everyones attention.

Her majesty Seveni had given birth!

Two months ago, her majesty Seveni had taken the initiative to announce that she was pregnant and had been for eight months now.

Not only did this news create a stir in the Lampuri Kingdom, it also attracted the attention of the surrounding countries.

After all, her majesty Seveni wasnt married, but she had actually become pregnant. This was just too shocking.

Moreover, for many people, this wasnt a scandal that just brought shame to the Lampuri Kingdoms royal family, it brought shame to all of the Lampuri Kingdom.

But in these two months, her majesty Seveni didnt cover up this matter at all. She openly appeared in front of everyone and with the newspapers of the Lampuri Kingdom making explanations for her, it made people gradually forget that this was a scandal and they began wholeheartedly congratulating her.

After all, her majesty Sevenis child would definitely be the successor to the throne, so there was no meaning in calling it a scandal any longer.

Two months later, her majesty Seveni had been pregnant for ten whole months.

So half a month ago, there was a surge in attention towards this unborn child in the Lampuri Kingdom.

Everyone was discussing this unborn child, guessing on whether it was male or female. There were even gambling houses that made bets on this.

Now that the child was finally born, it instantly captured everyones attention.

According to the news of the royal palace, her majesty Seveni gave birth to a prince. The entire process was very smooth, with both her majesty and his highness coming out safely.

The entire Lampuri Kingdom was filled with joy.

Since her majesty Seveni took the throne, the Lampuri Kingdom had become stable and their economy rapidly grew. The lives of the people became much better as their nation became stronger, even forcing their mortal enemy the Sack Kingdom to bow their heads to the Lampuri Kingdom.

Everyone loved her majesty who let them all live good lives, who also was beautiful and benevolent to all.

Now that she had given birth to a child, naturally everyone was happy.

People had worried that her majesty didnt care about her marriage at all, so there was a serious problem with the kingdoms successor, but they never thought that he majesty would secretly become pregnant and even give birth to a child.

Now that the child had been born, the Lampuri Kingdom welcomed its successor, so a large stone fell in everyones heart, feeling much more assured.

With this mood, even if there were people who had questions, it didnt affect the situation.

Anyway, the child had already been born and everyone was certain it was her majestys child, so who cared who the father was

Even Xu Yi had the same idea.

“Hey, Seveni, this really looks like you.” Xu Yi carefully held the baby as he looked down at its big forehead and high nose before saying with a smile, “I think that this kid will be quite handsome when he grows up. Even if he wasnt the prince, he would definitely charm many girls.”

Seveni revealed a faint smile. She looked at Xu Yi and the child in his arms as a complicated look appeared in her eyes before she softly said, “The status of a prince isnt a good thing. Perhaps when he grows up, itll give him many problems.”

Xu Yi gave a laugh, “That depends on how you teach him. Since hes the Lampuri Kingdoms prince, he cant avoid the responsibility he has to bear. You should guide him well and not treat these responsibilities as pressure, but rather motivation.”

“You make it sound simple.” Seveni rolled her eyes at Xu Yi, “What about your Freya Didnt you take her as your sole heir when she was born How did you teach her to turn this pressure into motivation Tell me about it.”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “I dont care that much at all, I just let her play however she wants to play.”

Seveni was surprised, “How could that be She is your only heir, she will inherit the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in the future. If you dont train her now, how will she be able to carry this heavy responsibility in the future”

“She wont if she cant take it.” Xu Yi replied with a relaxed look, “I just made her my successor, shes not the Frestech Chamber of Commerces successor. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce must be led by someone with enough ability and if she isnt suited to becoming its leader, she just wont do it. Otherwise, this wont be a good thing for her or the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi with a bit of disbelief.

“Youre planning on giving up on the Frestech Chamber of Commerce”

“How is that related My meaning is that Freya is Freya and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If she is interested and has the ability to manage it, I will support her. But if she isnt good enough or she isnt interested, I will support her in doing what she wants to do. Compared to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I find it more important that shes happy.”

Seveni looked at Xu Yi for a bit before slowly shaking her head with a sigh.

“This is the difference between you and me. You can give up the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but I cant give up the Lampuri Kingdom. When sitting on the throne, there are many things that arent up to me.” Seveni turned to look out the window with a bit of sadness in her eyes, “If I can choose, I wouldnt want to be the queen.”

Xu Yi was silent.

Although he spoke at ease, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce already embodied all his painstaking hard work.

Not making Freya accept the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt a problem, but to let Xu Yi give up the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, Xu Yi wouldnt be able to do so.

The Lampuri Kingdom was countless times more important to Seveni than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was to Xu Yi.

The Lampuri Family had founded the Lampuri Kingdom for several hundred years now and with the efforts of countless generations, they were about to maintain the Lampuri Kingdom.

If Seveni was to give up on it now, it would be giving up the hard work of all her ancestors.

Not to mention if she could do it, the countless people of the Lampuri Kingdom wouldnt let her do this.

And Sevenis child had to bear this heavy responsibility from the moment he was born.

When Seveni became old, he would definitely inherit the Lampuri Kingdom and continue the struggle of the throne. There was no chance of giving it up.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi looked at the baby in his arms with a bit of pity.

“Pitiful little fellow, you have to bear this heavy responsibility as soon as youre born. I wonder if youll be happy.”

Xu Yi reached out to touch the cheek of the little fellow and found that he was actually smiling.

There was a funny smile hanging on his round little cheeks which made Xu Yi couldnt help become happy.

He turned to look at Seveni looking out the window thinking of something unknown and Xu Yi felt that this atmosphere was quite heavy. He had an idea and raised the baby in his hand as he deliberately raised his voice, “Hey, Seveni, although Freya is four years older than this little fellow, I think there shouldnt be too much of a problem. How about we let them have an engagement”

Seveni suddenly turned and said in a sharp voice, “No!”

Xu Yi was stunned.

He had only been joking, but why did Seveni react this fiercely-

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