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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 89 - Leslies report

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Leslie put down the letter in his hand and raised his head to look at the endless sea outside Nissi Harbour, as he let out a long sigh.

This letter was given to him from the Frestech Chamber of Commerces branch in the Rudson Kingdom. It was from Xu Yi and it was a personal letter, not concerning any official business.

In this letter, other than a few daily things, Xu Yi told Leslie one important thing. It was that Baron Belil would be starting a series of car races in the Candra Empire.

After receiving this news, the stone in Leslies heart came down and he became much more relaxed.

Since the Stagg Family was defeated in the Lampuri Kingdoms civil war, the entire family was close to being exterminated. The remaining main family members, other than Leslie, were just Baron Belil and two normal descendants.

In this brutal fight, normally speaking it was impossible the winning side would leave the Stagg Family and descendants, but her majesty Seveni was kind enough and the second main reason was because of Xu Yis request.

Because of Xu Yi, her majesty Seveni went against all opposition and left a few seeds for the Stagg Family, guaranteeing that their bloodline wouldnt be completely cut off.

It was also because of this that Leslie had felt a sense of gratitude towards her majesty Seveni and Xu Yi.

He even agreed to become the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleets commander and used a bit of the Stagg Familys surplus resources to quickly develop this fleet, this also came from his gratitude.

As for Baron Belil, because of the Stagg Family, he could keep living a good life in the Lampuri Kingdom because of her majesty Sevenis mercy. Then with the help of Xu Yi and cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he could live a life that was better than most which surprised people.

But Leslie had always been very worried.

Even if her majesty Seveni had shown mercy, promising not to punish the rest of the Stagg Familys heirs, there had always been people who were worried about leaving behind these people from the Stagg Family in the Lampuri Kingdom. They urged Seveni to take care of them.

So Baron Belil seemed to be living a good life on the surface, but he was actually being restricted in many places.

He wasnt as restricted in Banta City because of Xu Yi, but if he left Banta City, he would be heavily restricted in any place in the Lampuri Kingdom.

Xu Yi had now found something for him to do and as long as Baron Belil was attentive, with his ties to Prince Frank of the Candra Empire, he might really be able to create a business in the Candra Empire.

The Lampuri Kingdom restricted Baron Belils actions, but if he left the Lampuri Kingdom, there would be many people in the Lampuri Kingdom who would happily send them off.

After all, from the perspective of the Lampuri Kingdom, there were scruples if he stayed. If this fellow that they wanted to deal with, but couldnt deal with were to leave the Lampuri Kingdom, they would be very happy.

Leslie knew that Xu Yi doing this had a bit of selfishness. He was telling Leslie that he wanted to use the relationship between Baron Belil and Prince Frank to spread the Magic Sedan across the Candra Empire.

But Leslie also knew that Xu Yi doing this was helping Baron belil. Not only did it give him a good reason to leave the Lampuri Kingdom, it also gave him a goal to work hard for.

Leslie always had a good view of the Magic Sedans prospects on the Sines Continent. As long as Baron Belil could do this well, he would definitely become an influential person in the future.

So Xu Yi had helped the Stagg Family with a large matter, letting the seeds left behind in the Stagg Family become even stronger.

“But like this, I dont have a way to easily leave this fleet.” Leslie suddenly gave a bitter laugh as he shook his head.

As he received more and more help from Xu Yi, the responsibility in Leslies heart became greater.

He wanted to help Xu Yis fleet gain some experience on the sea and then establish his own fleet, but now he found that it was very hard for him to leave.

Even if it wasnt just to repay Xu Yi, Leslie had already formed a strong sense of attachment to this fleet.

This fleet had only been established for a year, but whether it was from the initial training stage to developing on the sea later, Leslie had been with this fleet the entire time and had never left.

During this time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet had moved unhindered in the southern seas. They had fought countless times and defeated countless pirates.

Even if these fights were very easy, through these fights, the members of the fleet had become much closer and Leslie wasnt an exception.

The current Leslie was already very used to his life and if he suddenly left this fleet, leaving this life, he would be very unwilling.

“Alright……Ill just stay a bit longer. When the fleet becomes a bit bigger and can control this southern sea, that fellow Xu Yi should have finished developing the open sea Magic Ships. There should be no problem leaving at that time.”

Leslie looked at the endless seas in front of him and secretly made his decision.

“Sir, should we head back to Thunderbolt Island first or directly go to the meeting place” The captain of the flag ship who was also the vice leader of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet, who was Leslies assistant, Garn Sauron came over to ask this.

“Theres no need. We just resupplied in Nissi Harbour, theres no need to waste time. Lets head to the destination.” Leslie replied without even turning back.


Garn Sauran replied before leaving.

After a while, the entire fleet adjusted and headed to the south.

In just three hours, the fleet had already left the seas of the Rudson Kingdom and entered the seas of the Candra Empire.

Actually, for any country of the Sines Continent, the seas of that country wasnt an established concept.

Because of the low level of technology, they couldnt sail far into the seas. Even if they controlled the seas around them, they could only do it with some old wooden boats. They couldnt fully control it, so they couldnt properly define the concept of seas.

On the endless seas, there was a state of disorder.

As long as someone had a ship, they could navigate the seas at will and wouldnt worry about who cared.

That was the reason why there were so many pirates on the seas.

But after the appearance of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet, this frail balance had been broken.

With the superior battle strength that surpassed normal wooden boats and strong sailing abilities, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet used less than half a year to defeat all the pirates in the Rudson Kingdoms seas and the Candra Empires seas.

Even if some fish managed to slip through the net, with the strong deterrence of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet, this huge sea area had obtained an unprecedented peace.

With the frequent transport ships of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces transport fleet between the Stantine Duchy and the Rudson Kingdom, it created a transport channel.

Now other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerces large transport Magic Ships, there were also many large and small wooden ships that sailed this path, creating a channel for the transfer of cargo between the two countries.

Of course, the cargo that flowed from the Stantine Duchy to the Rudson Kingdom were mainly Frestech Chamber of Commerces household magic machines, as well as their steel products, fertilizer, cement, and other products. At the same time, there was also the canned fruit and lumber that came from the Stantine Duchy.

As for the cargo from the Rudson Kingdom to the Stantine Duchy, most of it were various mineral resources and Magic Crystals.

These things were naturally demanded by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Because of the boom of this transport channel, Nissi City, which had been a small coastal city, had developed at a shocking speed.

The current Nissi City was not as prosperous as the capital Caraca City, but the prosperity from the people and cargo passing through wasnt weak.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet used to only get supplies from the transport fleet that Narvil led, but after the Frestech Chamber of Commerce signed a contract with the Rudson Kingdom, they could now replenish their supplies from Nissi City.

When Leslie led his fleet to Nissi Harbour three days ago, it was for their monthly supplies and also to give his subordinates a vacation.

These fellows had been on the seas for a long time, so they needed to relax.

After the supplies were obtained, after leaving Nissi City, the guard fleet had to follow their orders and go to their destination for their task.

This task was very simple, it was to converge with the second transport fleet in the Candra Empires seas and escort them through the Candra Empires seas, heading to the first island of three that had been marked for a base.

It seemed very simple, but Leslie who had been active in the southern seas of the Candra Empire for the past half a year knew that it was very likely they would face a problem in their mission this time.

If they couldnt handle it well, they might waste all their efforts in the Candra Empires seas for before.

However, the more serious this problem was, the happier Leslie was.

If he always bullied pirates that couldnt resist, how could he show his value and return the help that Xu Yi had given him and the Stagg Family-

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