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Female elf

The three were all stunned, especially Xu Yi whose eyes popped out.


It was actually elves!

Xu Yi had come to the Sines Continent for three years now, this was not considered a short period. But in these three years, even though he had seen dwarves in cities and beastmen in construction sites, he had never once seen an elf.

Its said that three thousand years ago, the elves were the rulers of the Sines Continent. However, humans quickly caught up and finally dethroned the elves through the race wars, becoming the new rulers of the Sines Continent.

Since then, the elves had almost completely disappeared from the continent. Even if humans went to the forests where elves lived, they wouldnt be able to see a single elf.

Many times, elves became things of legends and many people even wondered if the elves had already gone extinct!

But in this dwarven tribe now, Xu Yi would actually get to meet an elf!

Since chief Monto gave the order for that dwarf to bring the elven guests over, Xu Yi couldnt help stretching his neck out towards the entrance of the Angola Tribe, not even blinking at all.

After a while, a slender elf who was twice as tall as dwarves and almost the same height as Xu Yi was slowly led over by the dwarf from before.

Xu Yis eyes instantly swept over that elf and he couldnt help secretly praising her.

A pair of sharp ears demonstrated her identity as an elf and the tall peaks on her chest showed she was a female. She had a pair of blue eyes like deep springs, as well as a resolute look on her gentle face that gave her gentle appearance a kind of heroic feel. Adding in the snow white calves with perfect proportions that she revealed, she instantly made peoples eyes light up.

Xu Yi had already heard that the elven race was filled handsome guys and beautiful girls, but he didnt believe it at first. Now that he was seeing this elven beauty, he had no choice but to believe it.

The female elf had already noticed Xu Yi who was like a crane among chickens among the elves from far away. After walking over, she couldnt help looking over Xu Yi and revealed a look of curiosity.

But elves paid great attention to courtesy, so even if she was very curious about Xu Yi, the female elf still gave a bow to chief Monto first before saying, “Hello respected chief Monto, may the light of Elune forever shine onto you.”

Chief Monto only gave a slight nod in return as he said in a deep voice, “Hello, may your feet always be in Messiahs palms.”

This was Xu Yis first time hearing this kind of greeting and he couldnt help curiously looking over the female elf even more.

It really was like the rumours said, not only were elves beautiful, their auras were also outstanding. This female elf had white skin, a tall figure, and even more outstanding aura. Although her expression was calm, there was a cold feel to her that made it hard for people to approach her, while also making them want to be closer to her.

After the female elf and chief Monto finished their greetings, she immediately said, “Respected chief Monoto, have you considered the matter from last time Our tribes situation is already very bad right now and I hope you can agree to my request to help us. Our entire tribe will firmly remember the helping hand you will be reaching out.”

Although her words were delightful and pleasant to listen to, even Xu Yi who didnt understand what her words meant could hear the unsettled tone in her voice.

Thus it could be seen that when she said “our tribes situation is already very bad”, it wasnt a lie.

Chief Monto revealed a difficult expression, “This…..Dear miss Agnes, although we dwarves have a long set relation with the elves and we hope to help you solve this problem, you can see that our tribe is also facing many problems. Moreover, a large group of our adults will be leaving here soon, so we will not have enough people to help you. Can you go look for another dwarf tribe”

Hearing chief Montos response, the female elf Agnes revealed a disappointed look, but she didnt make it obvious.

“Alright, many thanks to chief Monto for listening to my request. May the light of Elune forever keep your health.”

Leaving this, the female elf Agnes turned to leave.

Xu Yi on the side was stunned by this.

Even though he had heard that elves were so proud that they wouldnt change their mind no matter what was said, he never thought that this female elf would run all this way for one sentence and leave right after being rejected!

This fellow, does she not know how to talk

With her attitude, it would be strange if she could accomplish anything.

If the elves were all like this, it wasnt strange at all for the elves to be dragged down from the throne of the Sines Continent by the humans.

There were various thoughts in Xu Yis head before he suddenly took two steps forward, blocking Agnes way.

Agnes stopped moving and looked at Xu Yi who had suddenly appeared in front of her with a surprised look on her face.

“Human, do you need something”

Xu Yi revealed what he considered his most gentle smile and said, “Beautiful elven miss, can I ask you what you and your tribe need help with Perhaps I could help you with this”

Agnes slightly knit her beautiful brows and honestly looked at Xu Yi for a while before slowly shaking her head.

“Sorry, I dont trust humans.”

She didnt even say goodbye after saying this, as she directly walked past Xu Yi.

Xu Yi never thought that this fellow would be this straightforward and disrespectful. When he finally reacted and wanted to block Agnes again, he saw a flash of green light from her as she directly disappeared from the gate to Angola Village.

“Its elven magic, its the Shadow Stealth Spell.” Chief Siluka came to Xu Yis side and looked in the direction Agnes disappeared in as he said, “Unless your magic power is much stronger than hers, you wont be able to find her and shouldnt even think about chasing her.”

Chief Monto also came over and seriously said to Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, the elves are very hard to approach. I suggest you give up and ideas about pursuing her.”

Seeing the strange expressions on the faces of the two chiefs, Xu Yi knew that they must have misunderstood. He was too lazy to explain it as he asked chief Monto, “Chief Monto, the thing she wanted your help with and she said that her tribes situation wasnt good…...Do you know what problem theyve encountered”

“Un…..This is already her third time here. I had considered it the first two times, but because Ive already agreed to send a hundred clansmen to your factory, I could only reject her.” Chief Monto said, “As for the problem their tribe has encountered…..its actually quite fatal. The elven tribe she comes from lives in the Falling Rain Forest two hundred kilometers away from here. There used to be a river that ran through the Falling Rain Forest and it provided water for her tribe, but the river has become smaller lately and is even close to drying up. It has made their living conditions very difficult.”

“Oh Something like this happened What is the reason for the change” Xu Yi asked in a curious voice.

“Their tribe has investigated it and the river is undergoing this change is because the silt at the bottom of the river has increased. Its caused the river to flow in a different direction, so naturally the water flowing to their tribe has decreased.”

“Then the help they are asking you for is that they are hoping you dwarves can help them move the silt at the bottom of the lake”

Chief Monto shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “Although the magic of the elves are pretty good, but their strength is normal. They need help from us dwarves for this kind of large project, but how could we have that many people to help them. We can only reject them.”

Chief Siluka on the side gave a cold snort, “This group of elves arent worth helping. We are putting in all that effort to solve their problem and theyll only give us a few icy words of thanks, they wont even give us some wine to drink. Why would we help them”

Chief Monto said with a sigh, “Thats right, if we could secure our own living conditions, based on old friendships, we could help them. But now we cant even support our own clansmen, so how could we care about them”

Xu Yi ignored the two dwarf chiefs complaining about what the elves did wrong before, rather he looked in the direction Agnes disappeared in with brows knit in deep thought.

The elves had met trouble and perhaps this wasnt related to others, but it was not the same for Xu Yi.

He keenly felt that this was a chance, a good chance to let him establish connections with the elves.

Just like Xu Yi had said in front of the two chiefs before, as a pure human merchant, Xu Yi only considered the benefits people brought when he looked over them, he didnt care about their race.

Even if the elves were facing problems, Xu Yi knew that they had many advantages other races didnt have, so naturally there were enough benefits for him to explore.

If he could use this crisis of the elves to get closer to the elves, perhaps Xu Yi and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce will earn great benefits in the future.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi took out the notebook he carried with him and drew several drawings before writing several detailed annotations beside the drawing. Finally he ripped it off and gave it to chief Monto.

“Chief Monto, since that elf has come to you three times, I think you should know a bit about her and her tribe, right” Xu Yi asked.

“A bit.” Chief Monto took the paper from Xu Yi and found that he couldnt understand it at all, “What is this thing”

“This is a plan Ive made for them to change the direction of the river upstream for their tribe. If you give it to her or her tribe, they should understand it.”

“Really” Chief Monto and chief Siluka both came forward, honestly looking over the drawing on the piece of paper. They still couldnt understand it in the end and could only give up, “But Xu Yi, why are you thinking of a way to help them That Agnes just now didnt have a good attitude towards you.”

Xu Yi laughed, “I believe that after she sees this thing, it will definitely change her attitude towards me.”-

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