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While Xu Yi was considering the future of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the race had entered the final moment.

In the beginning, other than the Magic Sedan of the dwarf Merlock who charged out a bit, everyone else was the same.

But after driving two laps, there was a gap that began to show.

The cars driven by Arch Magus Camilla and elder Lisanya began to get ahead.

Other than their excellent driving skills, the most important reason for this was that…..they were wild enough.

When others knew that they were about to crash, they would unconsciously dodge, but these two only continued to charge forward without care.

This naturally came from the strong confidence they had in their own powers, knowing that a crash wouldnt hurt them at all.

The others didnt have this confidence, so they would make way most of the time and naturally let them charge ahead of them.

But other than these two, the other nine cars were pretty much even.

The representative sent by Prince Frank, Harvey Candy was right in the middle. He was neither good or bad, he could only be considered mediocre.

This performance naturally made manager Mancinis group dissatisfied, but in Xu Yis eyes, this was already considered quite good.

It had to be known that Prince Frank had only come in contact with the Magic Sedans a few months ago, so this Harvey Candy had clearly known about it for an even shorter period of time.

He could improve his driving skills this much in a short period of time, he could even match Baron Belil who had driven cars every day. It could already be considered quite incredible.

But Harvey Candy was clearly not satisfied with his performance, wanting to take the inner lane to overtake his opponents several times.

He succeeded sometimes and he was overtaken sometimes.

After so many laps, he could only stay right in the middle of the pack.

With this trend, when the race ended, it was unlikely his position would change.

Xu Yi looked over the arena and looked at manager Mancini with a serious expression sitting on another platform.

If this Harvey Candy lost in the end, manager Mancinis expression would be very ugly.

Very soon, the race came to its final lap.

Seeing that it was finished, Xu Yi stood up and walked over to manager Mancini.

“Manager Mancini, Ive havent received you well in these past few days, I truly apologize. When this race is over, I ask sir manager to come to my private manor as a guest and have lunch with me, is that alright”

Seeing the smile on Xu Yis face, manager Mancini slightly knit his brows, “Chairman Xu, are you planning a farewell banquet and sending me off”

Five days had passed since his first meeting with Xu Yi, but Xu Yi had never given him a clear answer to the contract.

No matter how dumb manager Mancini was, he would know that Xu Yi was refusing him.

The reason why it wasnt said clearly was to avoid embarrassing manager Mancini by saying it out loud.

Xu Yi gave a laugh, “Sir manger is mistaken, how could I be chasing you off. If you like, you can stay in Banta City for some time afterwards. I think that Count Will will be very happy to welcome you.”

Manager Mancini glared at Xu Yi and gave a cold laugh, “What about you”

“Me……There are still many things with the company I need to take care of, so it isnt convenient for me to stay…..Ke, sir manager, please forgive me. If there is a chance for you to come to Banta City next time or you can come to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce directly, I will definitely welcome you wholeheartedly.”

Manager Mancini gave a strong snort, “Chairman Xu, it seems like youve already made your decision”

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, but he didnt say anything.

Manager Mancini revealed a cold smile, “Chairman Xu, Baron Belil had always said that you were a smart person, but now it seems like you arent worthy of that evaluation. There are many people who slam their heads thinking of ways to approach his majesty and fail, but now youre giving up this chance! You really are stupid without cure!”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, smiling without saying a thing.

Seeing that Xu Yi gave no response, manager Mancini couldnt keep saying anything. After pausing, he gave another cold snort and said, “Good, chairman Xu, this is your choice. If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce encounters any problems in the Candra Empire, dont blame me for reminding you ahead of time.”

Xu Yi slightly narrowed his eyes, this should be a clear threat.

If Prince Frank really caused trouble for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for this matter, along with this matter, it showed that his royal highness wasnt a good partner for cooperation.

Since it was like this, the failure this time was actually a good thing.

“Manager Mancini, I……”

Xu Yi paused for a second and when he wanted to speak, he suddenly heard a giant “peng” sound.

He and manager Mancini were surprised as they looked at the track. They saw that two Magic Sedans were tumbling at high speeds until they hit the Wind Magic Array barrier that had been arranged on the side of the track.

Looking over the two Magic Sedans, Xu Yi was surprised.

Because one belonged to Baron Belil and the other belonged to Harvey Candy.

Turning to look at manager Mancini, he found that his face was very dark. It was easy to see his anger.

Xu Yi rolled his eyes. He thought that this crash in the end perfectly represented the results of his cooperation with Prince Frank.

It was a big mess.


Three days later, Xu Yi came to Baron Belils private manor again.

When he saw Baron Belil, he saw him lying on the bed as a beautiful maid was placing fruits in his mouth while his hands wandered.

When he saw Xu Yi come in, Baron Belil gave a cough before reacting and quickly taking back his hands.

“Ke……Chairman Xu, why are you here Wheres the housekeeper Why didnt he announce this” Baron Belil awkwardly asked this before waving his hand to have the maid retreat.

“The housekeeper said that you gave the order that theres no need to report for my arrival.” Xu Yi looked at the red faced maid as she left before shaking his head at Baron Belil, “I wanted to ask about your injuries, but it seems like youre recovering quite well.”

Baron Belil gave a dry laugh, “Ha…..Its alright…..Its alright.”

When the race ended three days ago, Harvey Candy wanted to forcefully pass him, but he accidentally crashed into Baron Belils car.

It was a good thing that both of them had been equipped with Wind Magic Protection Arrays. Neither of the two were in life threatening danger, suffering minor injuries from this crash.

Harvey Candy had been taken away by manager Mancinis group yesterday while Baron Belil had been in his private manor resting.

“Right, chairman Xu, your….discussion with manager Mancini broke down” Baron Belil suddenly looked at Xu Yi and carefully asked this.

“Un, we couldnt agree on conditions, so the cooperation failed.” Xu Yi replied with a nod.

“This…..Ke…..Chairman Xu, Im not blaming you, but I think…..wasnt your attitude towards manager Mancini…..a bit too arrogant”

“Arrogant” Xu Yi knit his brows, “You dont think that manager Mancini was arrogant, but me”

“No, no, manager Mancini was indeed arrogant and he was very much so, but he did represent Prince Frank after all, so it was normal for him to be a bit arrogant. But if you want to cooperate with Prince Frank…..shouldnt you lower yourself a bit”

Seeing Baron Belils disapproving look, Xu Yi shook his head. He was too lazy to discuss this matter with him.

He knew that this worlds current situation was like this. Prince Frank was the high and noble prince of the Candra Empire, to others, the chairman of a small company like him should only bow down to him. How could he care about the arrogance of the other side

“Lets not talk about this. Belil, I came looking for you today, other than seeing how you were doing was because I wanted to discuss a bit of business with you.”

“Business” Baron Belil was shocked. He tried to sit up in bed, but because of his wounds, he took a cold breath from the pain.;

However, that didnt affect the excitement in his eyes as he stared at Xu Yi and asked, “What business”

The people on Prince Franks side didnt believe Xu Yi, but Baron Belil firmly believed in Xu Yis ability to make money.

The business he talked about would definitely make money!

“Including the race from three days ago, how many races have you attended that were organized by our Frestech Chamber of Commerce and yourself” Xu Yi asked.

“It isnt a lot, its very much.” Baron Belil counted on his hand a few times, “Its at least a hundred and fifty races.”

“Oh This much Then you must have experience in organizing races, right” Xu Yi asked.

“Its alright, its better than most people.” Baron Belil said with a laugh.

“Alright, if I wanted you to go to the Candra Empire to host regular races, are you confident in doing so” Xu Yi asked with a serious look.

“Ha” Baron Belil looked at Xu Yi in surprise, “Chairman Xu, you…..are you joking Didnt your discussions with Prince Frank just fall through Now you want me to go to the Candra Empire to host races How is that possible!”

“My discussions with Prince Frank fell through, but that didnt mean my relationship with the Candra Empire has broken. Moreover, the only holding the race is you, not me or our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, do you understand what I mean”

Baron Belil calmed himself and lowered his head to seriously consider this as the shock on his face slowly faded.

“This means……you just want to host car races in the Candra Empire Nothing more”

“Its pretty much this. I can give you the starting funds, Magic Sedans, and even personnel and technology support. How you organize it and what the details will be will depend on you.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “How about it Are you confident”

Baron Belil pouted his lips, “Why arent you asking me if Im willing to do this or not”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Do I need to ask this”

Baron Belil was surprised before breaking out in laughter.

“Right, theres no need to ask this at all because Im willing to do this! But chairman Xu, you need to give me some time to consider how to do this.”

“Of course this isnt a problem.”-

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