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Hearing this sharp pitched sound that was like a bird shrieking, Xu Yi couldnt help looking at him. Not to mention his half beard, he even looked at the few strands of fine hair on his face before he suddenly thought of a word that he had completely forgotten.


Yes, this old man was very likely the rarely seen eunuch of the Sines Continent.

Eunuchs were very rare on the Sines Continent and right now, there were only eunuchs in the imperial palace of the Candra Empire. It was similar to the eunuchs in the imperial palaces on earth.

Other than this, even the imperial palace of the Marlow Empire didnt have eunuchs.

For the imperial palaces of small countries like the Lampuri Kingdom and the Rudson Kingdom, there wouldnt be things like this.

When Lampuri Thirteenth and King Eric were still alive, there were few men in the imperial palace staff, but there were never eunuchs. Once her majesty Seveni took over, all the help was changed to maids and it was even more impossible to have eunuchs.

So Xu Yi had been in this world for eight years, but he had never seen a eunuch. He had only heard it once from a book that described the traditions of the Sines Continent.

Now that he had seen a eunuch in front of him, Xu Yis expression couldnt help becoming a bit strange.

Although it was only a trace, the old eunuch was very keen.

His expression didnt look good to begin with, but it became even uglier.

“Hey, let me ask you, are you Xu Yi” The old eunuch who had been called manager Mancini by Baron Belil asked this again.

Xu Yi took back his gaze and gave manager Mancini a salute before saying with a faint smile, “Yes, I am the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu Yi. May I ask if you are sir manager Mancini who is in charge of Prince Franks internal affairs”

Seeing Xu Yi being respectful, manager Mancinis gaze relaxed a bit. He gave a nod and gave a snort, “Thats right, I am. Chairman Xu, Im here to see you on the order of his highness, so you should know what were here for, right”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and looked over the five strong young men who were standing behind manager Mancini.

“These people, are they the ones his highness sent to participate in the race”

“No, they are my guards, hes one who will be participating in the race.” Manager Mancini shook his head and pointed behind the five strong men.

Xu Yi looked over in surprise past the five men and he saw a weak looking young man standing behind them.

This boy wasnt even twenty years old, but he wasnt that weak. He was just a bit skinnier compared to the five men.

Seeing Xu Yi look over, he looked up. His eyes were filled with curiosity and…..provocation.

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling. He thought that young people like this could be seen everywhere, he didnt know where Prince Frank had found this man.

“Since this is the one that his highness has chosen, he must be very skilled at driving. Only, I wonder…..does he have a drivers license”

Xu Yi looked at the boy and asked a question that had surprised everyone.

They looked at each other. Only Baron Belil had a strange look as manager Mancini couldnt help asking, “Drivers license What is this thing”

Xu Yi explained the use of the drivers license and manager Mancini immediately broke out in laughter.

“We come from the Candra Empire, do we need the acknowledgement of your Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Lampuri Kingdom His highness wants him to drive, so he can drive. Other than this, his highness frequently drives the Magic Sedan, does chairman Xu want his highness to test for a drivers license”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, not planning on arguing about this.

“Alright, but no matter what…..I ask that in the days that he stays here, he would at least follow the traffic laws. Otherwise if something were to happen, it would be very troublesome.”

Manager Mancini glared at him, “What Who would dare cause trouble with us”

Seeing the look of disdain on the faces of the young man and the five guards, Xu Yi completely understood the description that the people in the surrounding countries had of the Candra Empire.

This large empire, other than the Marlow Empire, they would always be aloof in other countries.

Xu Yi didnt plan on pursuing this matter. Anyway, they would only be here for a few days and would head back after the race, so he just needed to be a bit careful and there shouldnt be any problem.

After pausing, Xu Yi began discussing the matters of participating in the race with manager Mancini.

But when he was about to speak, manager Mancini cut him off by waving his hand.

“Dont bother me with this small matter, I have something else to discuss with chairman Xu.”

After saying this, manager Mancini looked at Baron Belil.

Baron Belil immediately understood. He bid manager Mancini farewell after standing up before taking a few looks at Xu Yi and leaving the hall. At the same time, he called out the two maids who had been inside.

The five guards and the young man also left the hall, only leaving Xu Yi and manager Mancini inside.

The room was filled with silence. Xu Yi looked at manager Mancini before taking a sip of tea and calmly asking, “Sir manager, please speak.”

Manager Mancini didnt immediately speak. Rather he looked over Xu Yi several times, like he would see right through him.

But Xu Yi was very calm, sitting there very casually with a faint smile on his face. He just calmly looked at manager Mancini in front of him.

After a while, manager Mancini stopped looking over him and gave a nod, but he also gave a soft snort. It was unknown what kind of evaluation he had given Xu Yi.

“Ke…..Chairman Xu, when you met Como last time, you proposed opening up a magic machine workshop together in the empire, right”

“Yes, sir manager.” Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “That was just a rough proposal from me last time and Ive considered it further after coming back. Ive had time to think over this proposal and make a detailed plan.”

While Xu Yi said this, he took out a document from the package he brought and handed it to manager Mancini.

“I ask sir manager to have a look. This plan is very detailed and I believe his highness will definitely be satisfied by this. If his highness agrees to this cooperation, I believe that his highness should receive at least a million gold coins a year.”

Manager Mancini looked at the plan in Xu Yis hand, but he didnt reach out to take it. He waved his hand and said in a very casual voice, “No need. Chairman Xu, it is impossible for his highness to agree to this plan.”

Xu Yi was stunned and he couldnt help knitting his brows, “Why I feel that this plan is very beneficial to his highness, not to mention that sir manager hasnt even seen it yet……”

“I said theres no need.” Manager Mancini gave a cold snort, “Chairman Xu, I have to remind you, you still dont understand your own status.”

Xu Yi knit his brows even more.

“Sir manager, I dont understand what you mean.”

“Dont understand Baron Belil kept boasting that you were an intelligent person, but now it seems like you arent that much.” Manager Mancini shook his head, “Chairman Xu, do you still not understand In the end, you are only a small merchant from the Stantine Duchy, but you are saying that you want to cooperate with the honoured prince of our empire. Dont you find that…..a little too funny”

Xu Yi saw the look of ridicule on manager Mancinis face, looking like he was looking down on him and he gave a sigh in his heart. He relaxed his knit brows and restored his calm.

“Then sir manager, according to your……oh, no, according to his highness meaning, how should we cooperate”

“Ill remind you again, you arent qualified to discuss cooperation with his highness. But your luck is good and his highness is a bit interested in your companys Magic Sedan, so hes allowing you to give him some things to receive some trust from him. Do you understand”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Im sorry, sir manager, I still dont understand.”

Manager Mancini gave a sigh and shook his head like he was looking at a child that couldnt be taught before saying, “Alright, Ill put it more simply for you. As long as youre willing to be good and make his highness happy, your Frestech Chamber of Commerce can look for his highness if you want to do anything in our Candra Empire, which will make it much easier. If you can satisfy his highness, you can receive even more care. Now, do you understand”

There was a strange smile on Xu Yis face as he nodded, “Yes, I understand. Then sir manager, how does his highness wish to coop…..No, what does he want us to do”

Hearing the change in Xu Yis tone, manager Mancini finally gave a satisfied nod and took out a thin document for Xu Yi.

“This is the contract that Ive arranged according to his highness will. You can take a look and then sign it.”

Xu Yi looked over it and found that it really was a contract. The final line had the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the name of a company that Xu Yi had never heard of before.

“Dont be confused, that is the company of his highness, you understand.” Manager Mancini explained.

Xu Yi nodded and started reading the content of the contract.

In less than half a minute, Xu Yis lips couldnt help curling into a cold smile.

Hei, this Prince Frank, he really did have a high stance and a good appetite!-

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