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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 83 - Representative

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“Hey, Lord City Lord, chairman Xu, what are you talking about”

Xu Yi turned to see Baron Belil. He immediately excused himself from Count Will and pulled Baron Belil to the side as he asked in a low voice, “Arent you entertaining the representative Prince Frank sent Why are you here Where are they now”

Baron Belil looked around before coming closer to Xu Yi and lowering his voice, “I came looking for you because of them. The representative that Prince Frank sent is already here and they said that they wanted to see you before the competition. I think that they wanted to discuss something with you based on their appearance.”

Xu Yi nodded, not feeling surprised.

If Prince Frank really sent a representative just to participate in the race, it would be strange.

But hearing Baron Belils words now, he felt much more assured.

Xu Yi turned to look at the Banta City bicycle race that was about to begin and said, “Alright, Ill come after I finish the opening ceremony, have them wait a bit. Just entertain them in my name for now, it should take…..around two hours for me to come and find you.”

“That wont work.” Baron Belil shook his head with an awkward look, “Chairman Xu, the representative his highness sent said that he wants you to meet him immediately. If youre late…..Im afraid……”

Xu Yi was surprised before his face sunk and he gave a cold snort, “What They cant even wait two hours”

Baron Belil looked very awkward, “Chairman Xu……you know that……they…..they are the representatives Prince Frank sent. Ke…..At least…..at least they have…..a bit of status.”

“Status” Xu Yi looked at Baron Belil with a cold smile, seeing that he looked awkward.

“Chairman Xu, you shouldnt take it to the heart. Ill say something that you wont like, but if you want to cooperate with Prince Frank, you have to give them a bit of face…..So……You shouldnt haggle with them that much, right Dont you think so”

Seeing the bitter smile on Baron Belils face, Xu Yi knit his brows. After being silent for a bit, he still wasnt moved as he shook his head, “No, I attend the opening ceremony of Banta Citys bicycle race each year, this year wont be an exception. Ill trouble you to tell Prince Franks representative that I currently have something important to do. Please ask them to be patient a bit, Ill finish this as soon as possible and then go see them.”


“Theres no buts.” Xu Yi waved his hand and cut Baron Belil off, “This is my decision, pass this on to them.”

Baron Belil opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but seeing Xu Yis serious expression, he swallowed those words back in the end. He said in a helpless voice, “Alright, Ill entertain them first. Chairman Xu, you…..should come as soon as possible.”

Watching Baron Belil leave in a dejected manner, Xu Yi slightly knit his brows.

When he went with Baron Belil to the Candra Empire to see Prince Frank, when he had only seen his housekeeper, Xu Yi had a deep impression of the pride that Prince Frank had.

Now that Prince Frank had sent his representative to take part in this race, it was clear that he returned his intention of cooperation. However, his representative had shown this kind of attitude which made him feel very unhappy.

“What is it Did Belil say something that made you unhappy” Count Will saw Xu Yi walking over with a frown and he couldnt help asking this in a curious voice.

“Its nothing.” Xu Yi shook his head. He threw away the unhappiness that Prince Frankss representative brought and after a moment of silence, he said, “Lord Count, we should discuss another matter before the competition begins. You should know that our company just released the Magic Illusion Projector two months ago, right”

“Un, I know, what about it”

“Our company is hoping to install five Magic Illusion Projectors all over Banta City. Other than showing the new films that the New Moon Chamber of Commerce makes, we also want to show a few advertisements……”


The sun rose above them and Banta Citys bicycle race started at exactly nine.

With the experience of the past years, the opening ceremony was conducted in an orderly manner.

But there were just too many people participating this year, which caused the opening ceremony to be a bit longer. When it was over, it was already close to ten.

It was a good thing that Count Will and Xu Yi decided to cancel two small programs in the end, so the competition started right at ten like it was announced.

When the batch of racers from the first day charged out, Xu Yi looked at the time and found it was already quarter past ten. He immediately bid farewell to Count Will.

Count Will was a bit curious, “Chairman Xu, youre not staying for lunch There are many people here who are looking forward to having lunch with you.”

Xu Yi revealed an apologetic smile, “I cant do it today. Baron Belil had an urgent matter for me to take care of earlier.”

Seeing that Count Will had some doubts, Xu Yi gave a cough before lowering his voice, “Its related to what we discussed before.”

Count Will gave an oh sound, “Alright, you go, Ill explain to them.”

“Un, many thanks Lord Count.” Xu Yi nodded before quickly turning to leave.

Seeing Xu Yi quickly walk off the stage and enter his personal Magic Sedan, Count Will knit his brows and revealed a look of doubt.

Just what was it that Xu Yi bypassed him as the CIty Lord and went to discuss with her majesty

When Count Will was filled with doubt, there was the quick sound of footsteps behind him as one of his trusted subordinates ran over.

“Lord Count, a confidential letter from her majesty.”

“It really came right on time.” Count Wills brows jumped up. He took the letter from his subordinate and went to a secluded corner to quickly read it before revealing a shocked look, “This chairman Xu, he really is quite skilled……”


Xu Yi drove his pure white Magic Sedan to Baron Belils private manor outside Banta City, not meeting any hindrances along the way.

When he got out, he looked at the time and found it wasnt eleven yet, so he gave a satisfied nod.

Even if the attitude Prince Franks representative showed made him a bit unhappy, he placed great importance on the cooperation with the Candra Empire. He really hoped that he could open the Candra Empire market through Prince Frank, so he placed great importance to the relationship with Prince Frank.

He could insist before and continue with the opening ceremony, but in a situation where it was permitted, he hoped to get along on good terms with Prince Franks representative.

Now that it was still an hour before lunch, he could have some time to talk to the representative that Prince Frank sent.

“Chairman Xu, youre here.” Baron Belils housekeeper Kegetz came out of the manor and after seeing Xu Yi, he immediately led him in with a smile, “The Lord Baron and his guests are in the living room waiting for you, please come with me.”

Xu Yi nodded and followed him into the manor.

After passing a small garden, the biggest reception room in the manor appeared before him.

Before he came from the door, he heard a high voice coming from inside.

“Hey, Baron Belil, is this chairman Xu still not here yet If he doesnt plan on coming, then we should just leave.”

Baron Belils voice came after.

“You mustnt! Manager Mancini, please be a bit patient. Since chairman Xu said he would come, he will definitely come. Your arrival is very important to him and he had been carefully preparing for a month, how could he not come and see you Please just wait a bit, I think hell be here soon.”

“A bit Humph! Youve said this many times now!” The high pitched voice was filled with ridicule, “That chairman Xu dares to neglect us, this is simply an insult to us! Baron Belil, we have come on behalf of his highness, so neglecting us is neglecting his highness. Humph, he really is bold!”

Xu Yi who was about to head in suddenly knit his brows. Hearing these words, he couldnt help smiling.

The words of this fellow, it was simply in the same tone as Prince Franks housekeeper Como.

Did Prince Franks subordinates like to speak using voices that looked down on others

Baron Belils bitter laugh came from inside the room, “No, no, no, manager Mancini, you mustnt misunderstand. Chairman Xu doesnt have any intention of neglecting you, he even asked me to entertain you since he was afraid you might be waiting too long. He is busy with something very important, but I believe he will come and see you soon. Please wait a bit…..please wait a bit……”

“Important matters What is more important than us” This manager Mancini was dissatisfied with Baron Belils answer and said with a cold snort, “Baron Belil, dont blame us for not giving you face. We will wait for chairman Xu for another half an hour and if he doesnt appear before lunch, then we will leave. As for how we will report to his highness, you can imagine already.”

“Alright, alright, alright, Ill send someone to inform chairman Xu to let him come as soon as possible, you……”

There was a clear voice that suddenly came from the door that cut off Baron Belil.

“No need, Belil, Im already here.”

Baron Belil turned to the door in surprise and seeing Xu Yi, he immediately let out a sigh of relief.

The other people in the room also looked at Xu Yi. The old man with an incomparably pale face full of wrinkles sitting in front of Baron Belil looked at Xu Yi with the sharpest gaze.

After coldly looking at Xu Yi for a while, he asked in a high voice, “You are Xu Yi”-

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