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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 80 - Investigating

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The sense of superiority reached a peak when they followed Kennard into New Moon Town.

Seeing the buildings over ten meters tall in New Moon Town, Russells two followers were very shocked.

After entering New Moon Town and seeing the same buildings there, as well as the wide and smooth road, they were even more shocked.

After walking for a bit, when they saw the three coloured traffic lights at the intersection, they were shocked again.

When the saw the various Magic Cars that were driving down the road, they were shocked.

In short, since entering New Moon Town, the two of them had been shocked by everything they had seen. This made ambassador Hakanin despise them as hicks who had never seen a city before in his heart, feeling very superior to them.

But he forgot that he was also from the Candra Empire and when he came here the first time, he was no different from how the two followers were acting now.

Russell always had a calm look. Although when he looked around, he had a surprised look, he always acted indifferently.

But when they had been led to the tallest building in the center of New Moon Town by Kennard and then they saw a small iron beast that was like a ship slowly falling down before stopping in front of them. even Russell couldnt help revealing a shocked look.

“This…..What is this thing” Russell pointed at the strange metal thing that was glistening with a silver glow as he asked Kennard this.

“Sir Russell, this is our companys newly developed small Magic Airship. Sir chairman specially sent it to bring you up for the meal. Please come in.” Kennard walked over to the small Magic Airship and reached his hand out in an inviting gesture.

Russell hesitated a bit before nodding and walking over.

Ambassador Hakanin and the two followers were both shocked, but they quickly followed him.

This small Magic Airship on the outside only seemed to be three times bigger than their Magic Sedan, but the inside space was very big. After the five of them went in, it was still very spacious.

Before Russell and the others could look around, they felt a tremor under them before the Magic Airship that they were in slowly moved up into the sky.

Russells face had a shocked look again.

Although when he heard the name “small Magic Airship”, he could guess the use of this thing, but when he was really being carried into the sky, he couldnt help feeling shock.

Before this, only the elves and the legendary halflings had items that could bring people in the sky. After the halflings disappeared and the elves deteriorated, these items had become legends.

He never thought that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would be able to make this kind of magic machine. Moreover, from his experience, he could tell that the flight of this Magic Airship was very stable, so it could be seen that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces technology in this aspect was very mature.

Thinking of his goal, Russell began making calculations in his heart.

“Perhaps when I see Xu Yi, I should discuss a few things”

The small Magic Airship didnt give Russell much time to think. In just half a minute, Russells group felt another tremor as the small Magic Airship stopped in the air. It drifted in the direction of the tall building and sunk down a bit before stopping.

The door was slowly opened and Kennard gave an inviting gesture.

Russell calmed himself and took the lead.

“Sir Russell, welcome, welcome.”

There was a frank laugh that rang out. Russell could tell that this voice was the same voice he had heard in the Magic Communicator.

Look up, he saw a young looking man who looked at most to be thirty years old no matter how he looked at him coming forward with a gentle smile.

Russell reached out his hand to shake his hand and said with a nod, “Chairman Xu, meeting you for the first time, it really is an honour.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Sir Russells words are too much. Being able to see a lord general of the Candra Empire and having the chance to have lunch with you is my honour.”

Ambassador Hakanin and the followers came forward with Kennard.

Ambassador Hakanin had been planning on giving Xu Yi a warm hug, but he gave up that idea after looking at Russell.

After Xu Yi and these people exchanged their greetings, he invited them to take a seat and prepared to have lunch.

The place Xu Yi chose was very special. It was New Moon Towns Amrit Restaurants highest open terrace. Through the glass, one could see the skies around them and even the people on the ground turned into black dots, which one couldnt see clearly at all.

Whether it was ambassador Hakanin, the two followers, or even Russell, this was their first time dining in such a high place. They couldnt help walking around to look down and around themselves.

“Chairman Xu, this tall building, how did your Frestech Chamber of Commerce build this” Russell couldnt help asking.

“No, this building wasnt built by our company.” Xu Yi shook his head with a smile.

Russell was stunned, “It wasnt built by your Frestech Chamber of Commerce What other company has this kind of special ability”

When Russell described it as “ability”, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

“This restaurants name is the Amrit Restaurant, so of course it was built by the Amrit Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, not only this restaurant, all the other tall buildings in New Moon Town were made by the Amrit Chamber of Commerce. It can even be said that this entire New Moon Town actually came from the hands of the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce was just in charge of investing money.”

“Amrit Chamber of Commerce” Russell narrowed his eyes. He paused for a bit before saying in a thoughtful voice, “If I remember correctly, the ones who came to our empire last year to pave roads seemed to be the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, right”

“Thats right, its them.” Xu Yi nodded.

“Its like this……” Russell nodded before falling silent.

Seeing that the atmosphere became a bit awkward, ambassador Hakanin gave a cough before saying to Russell, “Sir Russel, when we came this time, since the Rudson Kingdom, there had been public roads the entire time. Do you think……these public roads are better than any of the dirt and stone roads of our empire”

Russell looked at him and calmly said, “Of course I can see that.” He was silent for a bit after speaking before turning to Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, it seems the Amrit Chamber of Commerce is quite powerful, so why havent I heard of them before”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Because a few years ago, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce was only a small company in our Lampuri Kingdom. Naturally youve never heard of them before.”

“They are the same as your Frestech Chamber of Commerce” Russell looked right at Xu Yi as he asked this.

Xu Yi nodded with a faint smile, “Yes.”

Russells right hand on the table unconsciously tapped twice before saying with a serious look, “Chairman Xu, I think that you should understand my intention in coming here.”

Xu Yi put down the knife and fork in his hands before crossing his hands together to look at Russell. He had the same calm look as he said with a slight nod, “If my guess isnt wrong, sir Russell should be here because of the misunderstanding between our companys guard fleet and your countrys third fleet.”

“It could be said that way, but that isnt completely right.” Russell looked at Xu Yi before his face suddenly fell, “Chairman Xu, your Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet actually ignored the warnings of our countrys fleet. You even launched an attack while escaping, which is a clear provocation to our countrys fleet and to our country. Do you have any way of explaining this”

Xu Yi gave a shrug and said with a relaxed look, “Sir Russell, what you just described is a misunderstanding. Our company doesnt have any idea of provoking your royal fleet or of offending the Candra Empire.”

“Then why didnt you just escape You even attacked the royal fleet while escaping” Russell asked with a calm look.

Xu Yi shook his head, “So thats why this is a misunderstanding. We chose to run because we didnt want to clash with the royal fleet. As for the attack…..it was for the royal fleet to not pursue us, it wasnt a real attack. After all…..there wasnt a single boat that was hit by the attack, right”

Russell knit his brows. Thinking of the report that came from the third fleet, he couldnt help giving a cold snort.

Xu Yi made it sound nice, but actually the empires third fleet couldnt catch the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet at all. Even if they could, they didnt dare chase them.

The report had stated that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet had a terrifying attack power. According to the report of the third fleets commander Candor, if they had chosen to chase, the entire fleet might have been annihilated.

This report had created an uproar on the royal army side.

No one believe Candors words, everyone thought that Candor was trying to cover up his own mistake by exaggerating the abilities of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet.

Because no one believed that the third fleet would be completely annihilated by just a few ships of a companys guard fleet.

Candor had been stripped of his position because of this matter and the report. This matter had also been sealed away by the military headquarters because it would affect the image of the royal fleet.

If it wasnt for Russell meeting Candor during new years and hearing about this from him, this matter would have been directly suppressed.

After this, Russell heard that ambassador Hakanin had some contact with this not well known Frestech Chamber of Commerce. He had him bring him along to investigate the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Candor was already drunk when he told Russell about this matter, so there wasnt a chance that he was lying at all.

When he said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet was very powerful to the point where they couldnt fight them at all, even if Russell didnt believe it, he still wanted to come and investigate.

Russell had many doubts about this matter, but after arriving in the Stantine Duchy and seeing all the strange things, the doubts in his mind began to slowly disappear.

When he was riding the small Magic Airship, there was even a bit of affirmation in his heart.

This Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was very likely that it was a special place that people couldnt imagine.

The fleet that Candor described as “simply from another word” might really exist.-

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