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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 78 - Signal tower

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Volume 5 Chapter 78 Signal tower

That tower already seemed quite high up when one was far away, but when one came closer, they would find that the steel tower was over twenty meters tall. One needed to look up to see the peak of the tower.

This iron tower took over a hundred square meters of land and with how high it was, it was quite noticeable.

When Xu Yi came close to the tower, he saw a bunch of magicians wearing the uniform of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce working on it. When he wanted to greet them, he heard a childish voice coming from the crowd.

“No! I want to go up! I want to go up!”

Xu Yi was stunned as he could immediately tell that it was Freyas voice.

As expected, Akalis helpless voice came from the crowd.

“Freya, its too high and its very dangerous. If you want to go up, Im afraid that youll be scared.”

“I wont be scared! With aunt Akali with me, theres no danger at all!”

“But its too high up and its very windy up there, youll be cold.”

“No! Aunt Akali is a magician, youll protect me, right”

Akali felt even more helpless.

“But I have work to do.”

Freya was silent for a bit before suddenly shouting, “Humph! Dad has work, mom has work, aunt Akali has work! You all wont play with me! You all dont want me!”

Freyas voice had been filled with anger in the beginning, but then it turned to crying.

Xu Yi who had been planning on secretly listening to Freya and Akali on the side couldnt stay there any longer, so he gave a cough and walked out.

“Freya, what are you doing here”

Hearing Xu Yis voice, everyones eyes fell onto him.

Freya also stopped crying when she heard this and she came out from the slit in the crowd. When she saw Xu Yi, she immediately revealed a bright smile and jumped over to him.


Xu Yi picked her up and seeing the tears that had been in the corner of her eyes, he felt a bit of guilt. He said in a soft voice, “Freya, why did you come here Why arent you at home playing with your little brothers”

“The little brothers cant even speak, I dont want to play with them.” Freya replied with pouted lips, “Its not fun at home, so I had aunt Carol bring me out.”

Xu Yi turned to see Carol in the crowd before giving her a nod. He carried Freya over to Akalis side.

Akali spread her hands with a helpless look, “Sir chairman, Freya insisted on going up the signal tower for a look, but I didnt dare agree.”

Xu Yi revealed a smile before asking Freya, “Freya, why do you want to go up”

“Because its very high.” Freya said in an honest voice, “I like high places. Dad, aunt Akalie isnt willing to bring me up, how about you bring me up instead”

Seeing Freyas pleading look, Xu Yi couldnt reject her and just gave a nod.

Freya cheered before waving her hand at Akali with a proud look on her little face.

Akali could only give a helpless bitter laugh.

“Alright, Freya, you play with aunt Carol on the side for a bit. I have to discuss something with aunt Akali, we can go up after Im done.”

Freya agreed and slid down Xu Yis body to the ground. She went over to Carol and obediently stood there, looking at Xu Yi with an expectant look.

Seeing her appearance, Akali couldnt help giving a laugh.

“Sir chairman, whenever I see Freya, I also want to have a child. If I can have one that is as cute as Freya, I would be too happy each day.”

Xu Yi laughed, “That is because you havent seen Freya when she gives you a headache. Oh, no, youve experienced it just now, so how was it Do you still think shes cute”

“Of course.” Akali said with a smile, “Freya is such a cute child, I wouldnt find it troubling even if she was spoiled. Then again, Freya is this good, Ive never seen her cry for no reason before.”

“That is because Still and I taught her well.” Xu Yi gave a laugh and boasted without any hesitation, “But Akali, if you want to give birth to a child, you have to get married first.”

“Who says” Akali rolled her eyes at Xu Yi, “Didnt you see that her majesty gave birth without getting married I want to learn from her!”

Xu Yi couldnt help rolling his eyes.

Seveni getting pregnant before getting married, forgetting the other influence she had, she had been a source of enlightenment for the girls of the surrounding countries.

Yes, even her majesty could do this, why couldnt they!

Xu Yi looked at the proud Akali and after thinking about it, he gave the idea to say “you need a man to give birth to a child”. He looked up at the iron tower that reached the clouds and asked, “Alright, lets not joke around anymore. Tell me, how are the effects of the signal tower”

Hearing Xu Yi talk about work, Akali suddenly stopped thinking about joking, but she became more excited.

“Very good!” Akali gave Xu Yi a thumbs up, “Sir chairman, your ideas are just too good! Why did I never think about using signal towers as stopover stations for magic array resonance and increase the signal range Now that we have this signal tower, we can increase the range of the magic resonance signal and solve the small range limit!”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, thinking that this principle was like the electric signals from earth.

When Akali had proposed this, Xu Yi only wanted to give it a test. He never thought that Akalis team would be able to finish this research in just four months and only take three months to work with the magic machine development center to build this signal tower.

On the signal tower, there was a Magic Array for relaying magic resonance waves. Through this magic array, the same Magic Array that was five thousand meters away could transmit to another Magic Array that was another five thousand meters away, for a total of ten thousand meters, fully doubling the range.

Moreover, this research had an important significance. These signal towers could be like the electric signal towers on earth and continuously transmit, which meant that as long as there was the same signal tower every five thousand kilometers, the magic waves could be continuously transmitted.

In theory, the magic wave of this magic resonance could be transmitted infinitely.

“Its impossible to transmit it infinitely.” Akali waved her hand, “The magic waves are influenced by various factors during transmission, so they will degrade. If the distance is too long, it will weaken until it disappears and it wont be able to keep its original signal.”

“Then have you started researching how to reduce this” Xu Yi asked.

Akali shook her head with a bitter smile, “We havent made much progress with this.”

“You dont need to be so discouraged.” Xu Yi patted Akalis shoulder, “Look, you being able to increase the range from several hundred meters to five thousand meters means that there is a way to achieve this. You just need to invest more into this research and the company will fully support you.”

“Is it the company or is it sir chairman” Akali asked.

“Nonsense, of course I will also fully support you.” Xu Yi looked at Akali and reached his hand out, “Come, give it to me and let me see the results.”

Akali gave a laugh before digging out a Magic Communicator for Xu Yi.

Xu Yi looked around before activating his magic, instantly teleporting away. When he appeared, he was at a place that was around four thousand meters west.

After confirming this position, Xu Yi pressed the Magic Communicator. After clearing his throat, he said into it, “Hey, hey, I am Xu Yi, please respond if you can hear me.”

There was a loud voice that came from the Magic Communicator before a clear and excited voice came through.

“Its sir chairman! Sir chairman, I am Samrot, can you hear me This is the street outside the Yodel Restaurant, we are talking to you from here!”

Xu Yi looked towards the east.

The Yodel Restaurant was the largest restaurant in the living quarters of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces base, it was directly eight kilometers away from here.

If it was the previous Magic Communicators, this would be far out of its range.

“Alright, I can hear you, you can keep testing.”

Xu Yi replied before turning off the Magic Communicator. His figure flashed before he broke through the void and returned to the signal tower from before.

“How is it Sir chairman, did you receive a signal Was the voice clear” When she saw Xu Yi appear, Akali immediately asked this.

“Un, I heard the voice, but it wasnt that clear.” Xu Yi replied, “But its already very good. Akali, keep working with the development center. As long as you keep working on this, Ill plan on installing signal towers all over the Stantine Duchy, so we can communicate from every part of the duchy.”

“Un, that is also my goal!” Akali gave a strong nod before saying in a worried voice, “But sir chairman, just a single tower uses over ten tons of steel and adding in the other expenditures, it could cost up to ten thousand gold coins. To reach the goal of spreading the signal over the entire duchy, my estimate is that it would take at least four hundred towers and this would cost around five hundred thousand gold coins…..”

“Money isnt a problem.” Xu Yi waved his hand, looking quite generous, “This is the number one goal that our company needs to achieve in two years, so you dont need to worry about money. In short, I will fully support you.”

“Really” Akali was a bit doubtful.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce earned a lot of money this year, there were many places where they needed to spend money. They would need to invest at least four million into this project, what about the other aspects

But thinking about it, Akali stopped worrying.

Sir chairman was the one who decided how the funds were allocated, what did it matter to her

Moreover, how could sir chairman make a mistake

Thinking of this, Akali revealed a smile.

Freya on the side saw that Xu Yi and Akali were done speaking and immediately broke free of Carol to run to Xu Yis side.

“Dad, are you done talking to aunt Akali Can you bring me up to play”

Xu Yi leaned down to pick her up with a smile.

“Alright, Dad will bring you up to play now.”

Xu Yi waved his hand and a wind barrier appeared around Freya. Then he lightly tapped his feet and he slowly flew up with Freya.-

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