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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 77 - Not important

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Her majesty Seveni had announced that she was pregnant, this news had shocked the Lampuri Kingdom and the surrounding kingdoms.

Although the Sines Continent was more open about this than most countries on earth, getting pregnant before being married was still something that wasnt accepted. Not to mention that this was happening to her majesty of the Lampuri Kingdom!

What shocked people more was that when her majesty Seveni announced this, she even announced that she had been pregnant for eight months now!

With a gestation period of ten months, now that she had already been pregnant for eight months, wouldnt it take only two more months before the child was born

According to the current internal situation of the Lampuri Kingdom, even if this was considered a large scandal, no one dared to suggest to Seveni that she should get rid of this child.

One, since her majesty was already pregnant and had announced this, this scandal had become an established fact and it didnt matter if the child was gotten rid of or not.

Two, with the current situation of the Lampuri Kingdom, it was clear that only her majesty Sevenis child had the right to take the throne. The others from the royal family couldnt compare.

Before this, there were many people who had advised her majesty that they wished she would solve the matter of her marriage as soon as possible so she could give birth to a child and decide the next successor.

Although her majesty announcing that she was pregnant was a scandal, if they looked at it from another angle, this was what many people wanted. Her majesty was finally going to have a child!

The difference between a king and queen was that a queen was a female in the end, the child she gave birth to came from her. It was completely different from a king where he had to worry about if the child was his. As long as she gave birth to it, it would of course be her child.

So not long after her majesty announced that she was pregnant, all the newspapers in the Lampuri Kingdom began reporting on this matter. They all began spreading this matter, stating that it was something to celebrate.

The successor of the Lampuri Kingdom was finally set, was this something not worth being happy about

As for who the childs father was That wasnt important at all, alright!

“Hei, it seems like Sevenis public relations management is quite good.” Xu Yi put down the «Lampuri Weekly» in his hand and looked at Still who was rubbing her stomach in front of him with a smile, “Reading these newspapers, even I feel that it isnt important who the father of the child in Sevenis stomach is.”

Still looked at Xu Yi with a look of deep meaning and softly asked, “You really dont care about this”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Its fake if I said I dont care at all since Seveni is my friend, but this is her choice. From my identity as a friend, I should fully support her at this time and not care about anything else. Moreover…..”

Xu Yi came to Stills side and put his hand on Stills stomach as he said with a smile, “Compare to caring about who the father of the child in Sevenis stomach is, I came more about the child in this stomach because his father is no one else but me.”

Still looked at Xu Yis hand on her stomach and gave a sigh. After hesitating a bit, she swallowed the words that were in her mouth. After pausing, she changed her words, “Speaking of this, Xu Yi, do you want it to be a boy or a girl”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “It doesnt matter, whether it is a boy or a girl, Ill like them. But since we already have Freya, I feel that its better to give her a little brother. A boy and a girl, that way we have a complete set.”

“This isnt a problem, Liz and Linda have already given her two little brothers, she isnt lacking them.”

Xu Yi laughed. Thinking about how Freya was just born two years ago, because there was nothing that appeared with Still, Liz, or Linda, he had doubted his own virility.

But not only were Liz and Linda pregnant, giving birth to two boys just two months ago.

Now Still was also pregnant. It meant that there was nothing wrong with his virility, the past two years were just an exception.

“Un, thats right. Alright, Still, you should give Freya a little sister, I think that shell definitely like it.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Still was silent for a bit before shaking her head, “No, I want to give birth to a boy. Although Freya already has two little brothers, they didnt come from me in the end, right”

Xu Yi looked up at Still. He thought that although he had said it many times to Still and he had confirmed that Freya would be his only successor, Still didnt completely believe it in her heart.

After Liz and Linda gave birth to two boys, Still became even more rigid in this matter.

Xu Yi felt it was very strange. Normally the Sines Continent didnt care that much about gender, even Seveni could take the Lampuri Kingdoms throne without any hindrances, so why does Still think she needs to give birth to a son for him

But Xu Yi never argued with Still about this. He knew that although Still was generous, she was still a woman and it wasnt strange that she was strict about certain small things.

Xu Yi just said with a smile, “Alright, I think that no matter what, Freya will be happy. Of course, its the same with me.”

Still gave a nod before revealing a bit of a tired look on her face.

Xu Yi gave a clap and Betty came out from behind the door.

“Sir, do you have orders”

After Betty and Carol were brought back to the Stantine Duchy by Xu Yi, Xu Yi had never made them be maids, but these two had taken responsibility in this matter by their own initiative.

There were many things that were similar to Liz and Linda in the past.

“Still is tired, bring her to get some rest.” Xu Yi said.

Betty replied before going over to help Still, but she waved her hand and rejected it.

“No, Ill just rest here for a bit. I still have a guest coming later, I have to entertain them.”

“Guest The people from the Doran Troupe Theyre here already” Xu Yi asked.

“Un, they are very interested in the plan I proposed. They replied to me a week ago that they would come today, so I think they should be here soon.”

“Its like this…..” Xu Yi looked at Stills stomach, but he didnt force her to go rest. He turned to Betty and said, “Alright, Betty, help me take care of Still. Still, dont let yourself be too tired. You just became pregnant, you need to pay attention to your rest.”

Still revealed a faint smile, “Relax, this isnt my first time, I know what to do.”

“Un.” Xu Yi looked at the Magic Clock on the wall before saying, “I should also see how far Akalis group is getting. When I come back in the afternoon, you can tell me about your discussion with the Doran Troupe. I might be able to think of some ideas for you.”

“Got it, you can go.” Still nodded.”

Xu Yi gave Betty some more orders before getting up to leave.

When he came out of the manor, he saw a medium Passenger Magic Car quickly coming down the road outside the manor before stopping at the manor.

Xu Yi stopped moving out and watched as several people came out of the medium passenger Magic Car.

Three of them were middle aged men who were dressed in the clothes of merchants and the rest were all young and beautiful human girls.

After these people got out, they immediately headed towards Xu Yi. The three middle aged merchants reached their hands out to Xu Yi with wide smiles on their faces.

“You must be chairman Xu, right Its our honour in meeting you.” The fattest middle aged man had a flattering smile on his face, grabbing Xu Yis hand and forcefully shaking it, “Let me introduce myself, I am the Doran Chamber of Commerces chairman Veron Randolph and these two are my assistants.”

The other two middle aged men also reached their hands out to Xu Yi with the same smiles before introducing themselves.

Xu Yi nodded at the two with smiles before his eyes fell onto the beautiful human girls behind them.

Chairman Randolph pointed at them with a smile as he said, “They are the most beautiful girls in our Doran Troupe. Whether it is dancing, singing, or playing instruments, they are the most outstanding. What does chairman Xu think about them”

The eyes of the girls were all focused on Xu Yi. Seeing that he was looking over, they all tried to look perfect as the=y winked at him, revealing looks of lust. They didnt hide their interest in Xu Yi at all.

Xu Yi didnt have any special reactions as he just gave a nod, “They are all outstanding, but chairman Randolph, the requirements of the films does not depend on their appearances or their skills, it depends on their acting. This is something that Still will tell you later, I dont say anything else.”

“Yes, yes, yes, we will definitely listen to the arrangements of madame Still. Well do whatever she tells us to do. Chairman Xu can be assured, since youre willing to give this chance to our Doran Chamber of Commerce, we will definitely do our best.”

Xu Yi shook his head with a faint smile, “No, it isnt me who is giving you this chance, it is Still. For this matter, it is completely being handled by Still and her New Moon Chamber of Commerce, Im not meddling in this at all.”

Chairman Randolph gave a laugh, “Chairman Xu, you must be joking. Madame Still is your wife, isnt her matter also your matter in the end”

Xu Yi shook his head and was too lazy to explain, he just pointed at the mansion, “Alright, Still is waiting for you, go. I still have other things to take care of, so I wont be with you.”

Chairman Randolph quickly waved his hand and had them open the path.

“Chairman Xu, you must be busy with your own things, dont mind us.”

Xu Yi left with a nod. After walking for a bit, he couldnt help knitting his brows as he watched Randolphs group entering the manor.

This Doran Troupe was the Lampuri Kingdoms most famous troupe, so it was normal for Still to look for them first.

But with the short period of contact that he had, Xu Yi didnt have a good impression of them. Even those beautiful girls gave him a vulgar feeling, not leaving a good first impression.

But thinking about it, Xu Yi found that he was being too picky.

If he was talking about vulgar, the entertainment industry on earth was more vulgar than them, but that didnt stop them from making programs that entertained people.

No matter what kind of vulgar impression they made on Xu Yi, it was good as long as they could match Stills requirements.

In the end, this wasnt that related to him.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi shook his head with a smile before turning to head towards another building on a high peak.-

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