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The elves and humans had existed on the Sines Continent for over five thousand years now.

In these five thousand years, the relationship between the two races could never be considered good.

When the elves controlled the continent, other than a few races, they thought all other races were below them and never put them in their eyes. The humans werent an exception.

After the race war started and the humans took control of the continent, the elves gradually went into hiding and the relationship between the two became more tense.

In a normal situation, there was no way for these two races to come together.

But there were always exceptions.

In the five thousand years of history, whether it was when the elves controlled the continent or when the humans controlled the continent, there had always been examples of humans and elves coming together.

But the union of these races were always rejected by both sides.

The elves opposed tarnishing their bloodline with the human blood and humans thought that these humans betrayed their own race.

The half elves born from the union of these humans and elves were discriminated against by both races, causing the position of these half elves to be very low. They rarely received public recognition.

Elder Undine saying that the child born from Xu Yi and Agnes would be the first half elf accepted by both sides in the history of the Sines Continent definitely wasnt a lie.

Of course, this was related to the status that Xu Yi and Agnes had.

Xu Yis position in human society although couldnt be considered the peak, with his status as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman and his strength as a Great Magician, he did have some qualification to speak in human society.

No matter who he had a child with, it was impossible for humans to regard it with different gazes.

As for Agnes side……

Actually, when comparing it, humans were more tolerant of half elves compared to the elves.

Because for most elves, being together with a lowly race like the humans was a shame to them.

The appearance of half elves was equal to proof of shame, so naturally they would be discriminated against among the elves.

But Agnes was the one who both the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe sent out in hopes of being with Xu Yi.

To put it more direct, the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe wanted Agnes to be with Xu Yi as soon as possible and give birth to a child, drawing the relationship between the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe and Xu Yi, or rather the Frestech Chamber of Commerce closer.

To put it more crudely, this was a completely political marriage.

Since it was like this, not mentioning how other elf tribes viewed half elves, the half elf born from Xu Yi and Agnes wouldnt be discriminated against in the Night Song Tribe or the Moon Shadow Tribe.

As for the Azshara Tribe……

Elder Undine watched as Xu Yi whispered in Agnes ear and watched as a blush came over it before she revealed a smile of approval.

She knew the plan that elder Illusia and elder Lisanya had and she approved of this plan, but through observing them these few days, she was certain that no matter what significance the offspring of Xu Yi and Agnes had, at least Xu Yi and Agnes would be happy together.

It was very clear that Agnes truly loved Xu Yi and it wasnt because she was being forced to be with him because of elder Illusias orders.

And Xu Yi also sincerely treated Agnes well, he didnt do it out of courtesy at all.

Because of this, the appraisal elder Undine had of Xu Yi in her heart deepened.

A human who could treat elves this sincerely, it was no wonder elder Illusia and elder Lisanya respected him.

Of course, elder Undines approval of Xu Yi mainly came from his sincere support of the Azshara Tribe.

The Rudson Kingdom took the risk to create the special elf zone, the main reason was because of the condition Xu Yi offered the Rudson Kingdom on behalf of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce would not only transfer more household magic machine technology to the Rudson Kingdom, helping them establish a more complete magic machine industry, while also giving them more cooperation projects.

The key thing that made the Rudson Kingdom make their decision was the other condition the Frestech Chamber of Commerce offered.

It was to transfer a part of the military magic machine technology to the Rudson Kingdom.

Before this, the technology related to the military magic machine was only given to the Lampuri Kingdom because of their previous close relationship to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The surrounding countries through the Lampuri Kingdoms civil war, the Stantine Duchys civil war, and the various fights between the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom had already realized the terrifying might of the military magic machines. Naturally they all desired the military magic machines.

Although they could buy the various military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it was clearly more reliable to grasp this technology for themselves instead of buying it.

So whether is the Lampuri Kingdom that had a part of it, the Rudson Kingdom that didnt have anything, the surrounding kingdoms, or even the Lampuri Kingdoms enemy who had also clashed with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Sack Kingdom, they all wanted the military magic machine technology.

However, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had been very strict with this technology and hadnt given out a single bit of it.

The other countries were helpless and couldnt do anything to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was willing to give a portion to the Rudson Kingdom, King Teruc would naturally be willing to agree to any condition that Xu Yi gave.

Not to mention setting up some territory for the elves, even if Xu Yi wanted some territory from the Rudson Kingdom, King Teruc might have immediately agreed.

As for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces other request to open up more of the mineral market in the Rudson Kingdom, that was even less important.

Then again, even if Xu Yi didnt use this condition, just with the things that the Azshara Tribe had, King Teruc had already agreed to the condition the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had put forth.

In short, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Azshara Tribe, and the Rudson Kingdom had reached a three way cooperation. The Rudson Kingdom acquired the most important military magic machine technology, the Azshara Tribe had gained the Rudson Kingdom support for their territory and received the chance to cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

As for the benefits of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce……

“Esteemed elder, I think that you should have already taken a look at the Magic Illusion Projector I sent last time, right” Xu Yi discussed a few things about the half elves with elder Undine before changing the topic, “After seeing the illusions it projects, what do you think”

Elder Undines lips slightly curled, “Its very interesting. Chairman Xu, I never thought that you would use the Illusion Array like this. I have to admit, you humans really are worthy of being praised for having the most creativity among all the races.”

Chairman Cruise on the side gave a laugh before shaking his head to say, “No, no, no, esteemed elder, youre wrong about this. It isnt that we humans are creative, its that chairman Xu is creative. I dont dare say anything else, but in terms of creativity when it comes to magic machines, there is no human who can compare to chairman Xu.”

“Cruise, thats too exaggerated.” Xu Yi shook his head with a faint smile, “I just consider a few more things, so there are a few more strange ideas in my head.”

Chairman Cruise rolled his eyes, “Then why dont I have these strange ideas in my head”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. If you had the same strange ideas as me, I would have suspected that you also transmigrated from earth.

“Esteemed elder, since you find it interesting, Im certain that this Magic Illusion Projector will be welcome by all…..no, not just humans, all races of the continent. Or perhaps, this method will be accepted.”

“Un, I believe that.” Elder Undine gave a slight nod.

Xu Yi paused before saying, “When we were discussing our cooperation, you said that your tribe had some special magic that you can take out to cooperate with us, developing some new magic machines. This of course isnt a problem, but after seeing this Magic Illusion Projector, Ive had another idea.”

“Oh What idea” This time the one who was impatient was chairman Cruise.

Xu Yi smiled and turned to look at the elf town being built. He raised his hands to form a circle, wanting to wrap up the entire town.

“Esteemed elder, dont you feel that its a pity to leave the town like this after it is built”

Elder Undine slightly knit her brows, “Chairman Xu, what are you trying to say”

Xu Yi turned back to look at elder Undine with a serious look.

“Esteemed elder, if you really want the elves to integrate into our human society, theres no doubt that you cant just keep hiding in behind your Illusion Array, but you also cant just live in this elf town and reject all humans from coming in. I feel that you should open it up a bit and let humans come in to let them understand you elves better, that way more humans will accept you elves.”

Elder Undine thought about it and didnt express an opinion as she asked back, “Then chairman Xu, how do you think we should do this”

“Its very simple.” Xu Yi turned back to look at the busy work site before raising his voice, “According to my ideas, how about we build a film and entertainment base here”

“Film and entertainment base”

Elder Undine and chairman Cruise both looked at each other.

This phrase…..they could understand each word, but when it was put together…..what did it mean-

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