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All the lights in the theater suddenly went off and the entire theater fell into darkness.

The people in the crowd were surprised before they fell silent again.

Everyone was staring at the center stage without even blinking.

They all firmly believed that since Xu Yi said this, he would definitely do something that no one would expect.

Because when the Frestech Chamber of Commerce announced their new products, they had never done something this grand before.

What made people more curious was what was the product that they would announce with the New Moon Chamber of Commerce.

Even if the New Moon Chamber of Commerces chairman Still was Xu Yis wife, that shouldnt be related to the new product they would be jointly announcing with the New Moon Chamber of Commerce.

This meant that this mysterious product was definitely related to the New Moon Chamber of Commerce.

But what did the New Moon Chamber of Commerce do

Other than being responsible for representing the other race workers of the Lampuri Kingdom, the New Moon Chamber of Commerces other business was related to the New Moon Troupe.

How were these businesses related to the magic machines that were the Frestech Chamber of Commerces main products

While everyone was waiting, the hall suddenly fell into a silence.

In this darkness where only a few breaths could be heard, there were a few light blue lights that suddenly lit up the center stage. The entire stage was lit up, it also lit up the few rows that were closest to the stage.

The blue light shined down on the stage, but it was also aimed up and scattered, lighting up the space on the roof.

When everyone was curious what this was, there was a melodious song that came from the light. There were suddenly several figures that appeared in the light above the stage which began dancing with the song.

Everyone was shocked to see these figures in the air and their faces were filled with curiosity.

These figures were so real like that they were no different from real people, but if one looked carefully, they would find that these people were floating in the air!

As the figures danced, everyone was able to see it clearly. They were just illusions floating in the air, they werent real things.

But because the illusions were too clear, even having the flutter of their cloaks and revealing the tails that were behind them as they danced, it was no different from a real person.

Yes, if it was someone who normally watched the performances of the New Moon Troupe, they would be able to recognize that these were all the leading members of the New Moon Troupe.

The one leading the dance was a fox girl from the New Moon Troupe who was like Avril named Metalli

Everyone looked at the figures dancing in their air without turning as their hearts filled with doubt.

If these were illusions, just how were these illusions made

The people with a bit of experience in the crowd had heard of illusion magic before, but they were specially using an Illusion Magic Array before the joint announcement of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the New Moon Chamber of Commerce Wasnt this too wasteful

Then again, how was this array related to the new product being released

Could it be that they would be selling these arrays to people Then again, they wouldnt be able to take it back if they bought it……

While everyone was thinking this over, the dance on the stage ended and the figures gradually stopped dancing.

According to what everyone thought, since the dance was over, these figures would definitely disappear.

But what happened next had surprised everyone.

Although the song was over and the figures had stopped their dances, these figures didnt disappear and went off to chat in groups of twos and threes.

Hearing the sweet voice chatting from these figures and seeing their various beautiful smiles that were playful or sweet, it was like they were having a conversation among themselves.

After a while, there was another figure that appeared who walked over to the beastmen girls who were talking among themselves.

People familiar with the New Moon Troupe would recognize this person with one glance, this was the human danger Eileen Sophie who was in charge of choreography for the New Moon Troupe. All the performances of the New Moon Troupe were arranged by her.

Eileen Sophie came to the side of the beastmen girls and after giving a clap, they all fell silent and looked at her.

Eileen Sophie pointed out the parts that werent perfect with the dance that the girls had just performed. The beastmen girls carefully listened, as they all revealed serious expressions.

At this time, there was a flash and the figures on the stage disappeared. It changed to the scene of a backstage changing room.

There was only one person in the scene right now. She was standing by the window of the dressing room, looking at the flower pot on the windowsill with a watering can in her hand, currently watering the flowers.

While watering it, she also muttered to herself.

Based on her expression, it was like she was focused on taking care of a child.

Then the lens changed again and an outdoors scene appeared in front of everyone.

This was a small training ground where three beastmen girls were moving around, jumping from time to time, as if they were exercising.

The scene changed again……


After several scene changes, the lights turned dark and after a while, there were a row of words.

“The Daily Life of the New Moon Troupe.”

After these large words, the scene changed and there were many scenes of the New Moon Troupe.

But this was different from their normal performance. All the scenes on the screen of light were all related to the daily lives of the New Moon Troupe.

It was mainly focused on the daily lives of the beastmen girls. Other than scenes where they were diligently training, it also included when they had free time and the happiness and worries of their daily lives.

Seeing the scene change, people suddenly realized that these beastmen girls werent that different from them. Other than them being beastmen, they werent that different from humans.

They ate the same food, slept the same, had the same joyful events and worries.

The only difference was that they looked different from humans.

But all the beastmen girls of the New Moon Troupe were carefully chosen. They were all beautiful and attracted everyones attention. Now that they were demonstrating their daily lives to everyone, it made everyone feel like it was new and made them feel closer to them.

Without knowing it, people started being attracted by their every action. They started to care about their worries and felt happiness for their happiness.

They would occasionally see some mishaps with the daily lives of a few of the girls.-

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