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Xu Yi had prepared for all kinds of reactions from the Candra Empire. He even prepared for offending one of the only two empires on the entire Sines Continent and making them completely block off the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

But the Candra Empires reaction to this matter was one he never expected.

The Candra Empires reaction was…..no reaction at all.

Yes, on Xu Yis return trip from the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom to the Stantine Duchy, because had stopped at Thunderbolt Island and stopped in the Mirando Duchy, it had taken him half a month to get back.

But when he returned to the Stantine Duchy, he didnt receive any news of the Candra Empires reaction to the conflict between the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet and the Candra Empires third royal fleet.

Even after patiently waiting for half a month, there wasnt any news on the surface of the Candra Empire. It was like this matter didnt happen at all.

Xu Yi was very confused about this.

The Candra Empire was one of the two empires on the continent, they were a colossus that people couldnt be touched in the eyes of everyone. Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet had provoked them and even assaulted them, they actually didnt react at all

Could it be that the Candra Empires royal fleet didnt think they could win

Xu Yi didnt believe that the Candra Empire would accept this. It meant that there was clearly something behind that stopped the Candra Empire from reacting.

But this wasnt a problem that troubled Xu Yi that much. He just wanted to attract the attention of the Candra Empire, he didnt plan on doing anything else.

In the end, it wasnt the best time for this.

It was necessary to open the Candra Empire market, but at the same time, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce needed to stabilize their foundations in the surrounding kingdoms.


Entering August, whether it was the Stantine Duchy that was hot all year round or the Lampuri Kingdom, the Rudson Kingdom, and the surrounding small countries, they all entered the hottest part of the summer.

When it was noon, even just walking around the street, one would be covered in sweat under the sun.

So at this time, most people would be hiding in their homes. They enjoyed the chill brought to them from their Magic Fans or the Magic Air Conditioners, having a nice afternoon nap and they wouldnt go out.

However, today at noon, Banta Citys most honourable City Lord Count Will had to stand right under the sunlight. He had to feel the heat come over him as he focused on the construction site in front of him.

Seeing the Magic Engineers under the Frestech Chamber of Commerce moving around in their uniform, installing the large Magic Water Pump that Banta City had bought for one thousand and three hundred gold coins, Count Will gave a nod. He turned to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces vice chairman Heinz beside him.

“Hey, vice chairman Heinz, with this progress, the people of our Banta City should be able to have running water this year, right”

Heinz nodded with a faint smile, “Yes, Lord City Lord. If nothing goes wrong, as long as we maintain this level of progress, I think that the people of Banta City will have clean running water before the first snowfall.”

“Very good.” Count Will gave a nod with a look of praise, “If this water system can be installed, it would greatly raise the living standard of our Banta Citys people. Not mentioning anything else, at least they wouldnt need to go out to draw water in the coldest parts of winter and they dont need to go to faraway Sandy River for water.”

“Yes, the water system can solve peoples needs for water. Moreover, the water system has the unique purification magic of the elves, so the water is very clean. Its much cleaner than the water from the Sandy River and wells.” Heinz continued with his explanation.

“After this water system became popular in our Stantine Duchy, the rate of disease among the Stantine Duchys citizens had greatly decreased. Moreover, with our Stantine Duchys medical system, the death rate from sudden diseases among the citizens of our Stantine Duchy has greatly decreased.”

Count Will gave a slow nod. He suddenly looked at Heinz and said in an emotional voice, “It would be great if your Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt leave Banta City back then. Then I think that people who would enjoy these benefits first would be the citizens of our Banta City.”

Heinz just smiled without saying anything.

The main reason the Frestech Chamber of Commerce left Banta City back then was because they were forced out by the Stagg Family, they had no choice but to leave Banta City and even the entire Lampuri Kingdom.

But if one looked at the deeper reasons, Xu Yi already had this plan and seized this chance to leave the Lampuri Kingdom.

In the depths of Xu yis heart, he didnt want the Frestech Chamber of Commerces development to be hindered by various things, especially things like the Stagg Family that werent even related to business.

Leaving the Lampuri Kingdom indeed caused a big loss for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce controlled the Stantine Duchy now, it allowed the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to follow Xu Yis will and they didnt need to worry about hindrances.

Count Wills words clearly had the meaning of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce coming back to the Lampuri Kingdom, but Heinz was clear that Xu Yi would never agree to this.

Seeing the expression on Heinzs face, Count Will gave a sigh. He didnt continue this issue and after pausing for a bit, he continued asking about the key issues of the water system.

Banta City buying the water system from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and increasing the situation of their water, whether it was for Banta City or the entire Lampuri Kingdom was a very important test that attracted the attention of everyone in the Lampuri Kingdom.

Most people in the Lampuri Kingdom had only heard about the water system the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had set up in the Stantine Duchy, they had never actually seen it for themselves.

After Count Will had personally gone to the Stantine Duchy and after submitting his report to the kingdom parliament after coming back, he quickly received the approval of the kingdom parliament.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce was already promoting this, so naturally it was very good and effective.

In just half a month, they had already finished half of the water tank in Banta City.

Now as long as the large Magic Water Pump was finished, according to the data from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it would be enough for five thousand people to use.

Of course, this was only the first phase.

According to the agreement between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and Banta City, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would set up a water system and then build a dam downstream of the Sandy River to the northwest of Banta City. It would block the water to create a reservoir that would be used for the water system of Banta City.

As for the latter parts of the water system, they would be building at least twenty water storages all over Banta City.

Not only would it supply daily water to the citizens of Banta City, it would also reach the small villages around Banta City in the future and allow everyone in Banta City enjoy the benefits of the water system.

Also under Xu Yis suggestion, Count Will was also planning on changing the entire Banta City sewage system. He wanted to achieve what Xu Yi mentioned, not showing any sewage in line of sight.

This was a project that was even bigger than the water system.

According to the estimates of the staff of the City Lord Manor, it would take Banta City at least five years to solve this problem.

As for the total investments of these two projects, it would cost at least three million gold coins.

If it was the previous Banta City, they wouldnt be able to undertake this large investment, but for the current Banta City, it wasnt like they were completely unable to accept this.

According to the last year reports from the City Lord Manor, Banta City was earning over three million gold coins a year from their various sources of taxes.

Even with the portion they pay the kingdom and subtracting their expenses, there was still a surplus of one million and two hundred thousand gold coins.

With such finances, it was no wonder Count Will had enough confidence to undertake these two large projects.

For Count Will, if these two projects could be complete, they would be considered important achievements of his. It would help him become one of the top people in the entire kingdom.

For the entire Lampuri Kingdom, Banta City was a very good testing ground.

If these two projects showed good results in Banta City, her majesty Seveni had personally told Count Will that she would bring this up to the kingdom level.

The Lampuri Kingdoms yearly income had reached a shocking seven million last year which gave her majesty Seveni plenty of confidence.

Because laying down the water system and the pipes would require a large amount of steel pipes of different sizes, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce worked with the Ireland Chamber of Commerce. With the orders of the City Lord Manor, they would be setting up a steel pipe factory outside of Banta City that would specially provide the steel pipes.

According to their agreement, Banta City would buy the various steel pipes at market value, but they would receive a bit of preferential treatment.

In this cooperation, the Ireland Chamber of Commerce was surprisingly in the core position. The Ireland Chamber of Commerce was very good at researching steel pipe and concrete production, not even being worse than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Thinking of how when they discussed this, the Ireland Chamber of Commerce that had technology that wasnt weaker than the Frestech Chamber of Commerces had a strong attitude towards them, Count Will couldnt help looking at Heinz.

The Ireland Chamber of Commerces growth couldnt stray away from the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

When Xu Yi made his decision, did he think that because there would be this day, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wouldnt be able to earn any more benefits from Banta City-

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