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The next morning, when old man Sarkozy and the others were still asleep, Xu Yi had already left the Magic Refill Station and was heading off on the road to the Norton Duchy.

Riding in that silver Magic Sedan across the road the Amrit Chamber of Commerce built heading east, it only took him a single morning to arrive at the Norton Duchy border that was five hundred kilometers away.

There was already no more road here, so Xu Yi drove the Magic Sedan across the dirt road. There was a normal looking black horse carriage by the side of the dirt road in front of him.

Xu Yi drove his Magic Sedan to the woods on the side and got out to move over to the black horse carriage.

The horse carriages curtain opened and revealed Baron Belils relaxed face which came from an excess of wine.

Seeing Xu Yi leave his Magic Sedan in the woods, Baron Belil licked his lips before revealing a look of regret.

“Such a good car, arent you worried that someone will steal it if you leave it here”

Xu Yi looked at him like he found this funny, “It seems like you always protect your Magic Sedans”

Baron Belil patted his chest that wasnt that strong and proudly said, “Of course. My three Magic Sedans are my treasure, I normally wouldnt let others touch it.”

“If they break, dont the workers have to touch it to fix it” Xu Yi threw these words down and ignored the bitter look on Baron Belils face. He nodded at the driver who had been silent the entire time and said, “Alright, go.”

The driver looked at Baron Belil and Baron Belil gave him a listless nod, “Listen to him.”

The driver waved his hands and the reins fell down, as the two horses began heading north with the black horse carriage.

This black horse carriage didnt look that special, but the inside decorations were luxurious. There was thick fur on the floor and it was very soft. No matter how bumpy the dirt road was, it didnt feel uncomfortable at all sitting on it.

Moreover, even though it was the start of summer and it was getting hot outside, there was a slight chill from inside the horse carriage. It made the entire horse carriage fill with a comfortable temperature.

Before this, only when Xu Yi had been sitting in the Falcao Chamber of Commerces chairman Fuller Morgans personal horse carriage did he feel this kind of luxury. Most of the other times, he felt the pain from the jolting of the horse carriage.

Since the Magic Sedan had been developed, Xu Yi had never taken a horse carriage again.

Not to mention that after the appearance of the Magic Sedans and transport Magic Cars, the Lampuri Kingdom and the surrounding kingdoms had almost completely eliminated horse carriages.

Other than some stubborn people, there were very few people who chose to go out in horse carriages.

Riding in the horse carriage this time, after calculating it, it was the first time in three years for Xu Yi.

The black horse carriage went across the unpaved road for two hours before finally stopping.

Xu Yi and Baron Belil came out of the horse carriage and found themselves at a giant manor.

The manor took up a large area and the horse carriage was right outside the manors gate. Looking at it from a distance, one could see the rows of shadows from buildings in the distance.

Xu Yi slightly knit his brows.

Since the buildings of the manor were still this far away, why didnt they bring him and Baron Belil to the entrance

Could it be that this was the Candra Empires third prince Frank Deboirs hospitality

The gate of the manor was made of pure iron. When the two came over, there was only a slit left in the door, so they didnt know whether to go in or not.

The driver who had been silent the entire time looked at them before saying in an indifferent tone, “You can go in yourselves, manager Como is waiting for you.”

Xu Yi and Baron Belil looked at each other. When they wanted to ask, the driver gave a whip of the rein and left with the black horse carriage.

Looking at the black horse carriage heading into the distance, Baron Belils expression sunk slightly and he couldnt help giving a snort.

But thinking of Xu Yi beside him, he immediately revealed an awkward smile.

“This……Chairman Xu…..I also never thought it would be like this…..”

Xu Yi shook his head. He turned to look at the buildings in the distance and he thought that this distance represented the difference in identity between him and the Candra Empires third prince.

“Enough, lets go.” Xu Yi opened it and walked in with an indifferent look.

Baron Belil was surprised before quickly following him.

It was around two to three kilometers to the buildings of the manor. Xu Yis steps were stable and he wasnt walking fast, so the two of them took close to half an hour to arrive.

When they came close, they found that the building was extremely big. Looking from left to right, the building was four hundred to five hundred meters wide and they couldnt see how deep it went.

In the front garden, there was a middle aged man who looked to be around fifty with half white hair.

Seeing the two slowly approach, the middle aged man didnt look happy as he said in a cold voice, “From the gate to get here, it took you half an hour. If his highness had been waiting this long, you would have committed a great crime.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “But the third highness isnt here, right”

The middle aged man was a bit surprised before giving a heavy snort and turning to head back in.

Xu Yi patted the surprised Baron Belil on the shoulder and had him follow.

When they came into the room after the middle aged man, he pointed at two chairs on the left to have them sit down.

Xu Yi looked around and found that other than this middle aged man, there wasnt a single servant here.

It seemed like no one here had treated the two of them as guests.

Xu Yi suddenly revealed an apologetic smile to Baron Belil.

Baron Belil was a bit confused.

Xu Yi was brought by him and now that he was being treated like this, it was clearly he who had wronged Xu Yi. Why did Xu Yi feel sorry for him

He didnt know that Xu Yi wasnt thinking of himself. If just Baron Belil came here, then with his close relationship with prince Frank, it was impossible for him to receive this kind of treatment.

As for why he received this kind of treatment, Xu Yi didnt think that prince Frank did it on purpose because he was clear that his status wasnt anything in prince Franks eyes. Naturally he wouldnt need to treat him specially.

In this situation, the main reason for this should be the middle aged man named Como.

After thinking about it, Xu Yi sat down in the chair with his faint smile and looked at the middle aged man.

The middle aged man gave a cough and said in a very indifferent voice, “Let me introduce myself, I am Como, the manager for this manor of his highness. Chairman Xu, to be honest with you, you are currently not qualified to meet with his highness, so you can just tell me if you need something.”

Baron Belil looked at Xu Yi with a bit of worry.

With Xu Yis position in the Lampuri Kingdom and the surrounding countries, when had he been treated like this

If it was Baron Belil, he might have just flicked his sleeves in a fit of rage and left.

But Xu Yi didnt reveal any strange expressions at all, he just kept the same smile.

“Alright, but I have a problem. Manager Como, can you make important decisions for his third majesty”

“Important” Manager Como coldly shook his head, “I dont think that you and I can discuss anything that is important enough for his highness to personally make a decision.”

“That isnt certain.” Xu Yi revealed a strange smile, “If it was just a single Magic Sedan for his third highness, it wouldnt be important. But this time, Ive come to give his third highness an entire race track with complete racing teams, guaranteeing that the third highness will be very happy driving them.”

Baron Belils eyes opened wide and he was shocked.

This fellow Xu Yi really was generous.

A Magic Sedan was very expensive for normal people, but for the Candra Empires third highness, several thousand gold coins wasnt even considered spending money.

But Xu Yi was giving an entire race track to the third highness, this was worth several tens of thousands of gold coins.

Not to mention that it included a complete race team!

That was something that Baron Belil had always dreamed of!

But according to what Baron Belil knew, the racing team didnt just include the mechanics, it also included analysts, magic mechanical engineers, and various other professionals.

Just the value of these people almost already surpassed that of the entire race track.

To hire this team from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it would cost at least thirty thousand gold coins.

This kind of shocking cost even with Baron Belils current income was not something he could afford.

However after manager Como heard this, his expression didnt change at all like he was a dead person.

“This is just a recreational activity for his highness, it isnt considered an important decision and it wont surprise his highness. But since youre willing to give it, his highness has agreed that I can accept it on his behalf.”

Baron Belil let out a sigh of relief, it was good as long as he accepted it.

Xu Yis goal was this, as long as manager Como accepted it on behalf of prince Frank, that meant his mission was complete.

But Xu Yi didnt seem satisfied as he looked at manager Como and said, “Manager Como, I really wish for his third highness to realize the pleasure of racing cars, so I hope that I can see his third highness riding in a Magic Sedan. Only then can I tell that my gift has meaning.”

Hearing this, Baron Belils expression changed.

Manager Como was stunned before revealing a look of rage and shouting, “How bold! What kind of thing do you think you are His highness being willing to accept your thing is all because of Baron Belils face and you actually dare to raise this kind of request”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “I am a merchant. For a merchant, naturally I want to see returns on my investment. My reason for giving his third highness this gift this time is the hope that the third highness would enjoy racing. I think that this request isnt too much”

Manager Como flew into a rage, “You really are wildly arrogant! Are you trying to threaten me”

“No, Im just stating a fact.” Xu Yi looked at manager Como with a smile, as if he didnt realize the meaning behind his words at all.

“Good! Very good!” Manager Como was smiling in anger, “I never thought that a merchant from a small Stantine Duchy would dare say such words in front of me. You clearly dont put me in your eyes! Have you ever thought what kind of punishment you would receive after his majesty learned of your words”

“No, rather, manager Como, if the third highness knew that I had a way to let him make over a million or even several million gold coins a year, wouldnt he be very grateful” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

“Several million gold coins a year”

Manager Como and Baron Belil were stunned, looking at Xu Yi like he was crazy.-

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