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Three days later, Ragsar was on the deck of the guards medium Magic Ship and looking at the smoking island behind them. He felt that everything that was in front of him didnt seem real.

This small island was the nest of the strongest band of pirates in the area, the Death God Pirates!

Even if the Death God Pirates boss pirate king South Craig had already been caught and beheaded by the Rudson Kingdom, this didnt really affect the strength of the Death God Pirates.

In the surrounding area, the Death God Pirates had relied on the large fleet of seventy six boats under them, as well as the two thousand pirates to move unhindered with no one daring to stop them.

When Leslie told Ragsar that he wanted to take care of the Death God Pirates, Ragsar had thought that Leslie was crazy.

He only had ten medium Magic Ships, he wanted to fight the Death God Pirates

But facts made Ragsar unable to believe his eyes.

When facing these powerful medium Magic Ships, the Death God Pirates with their seventeen boats that had been arrogant didnt have a chance to fight back at all.

From beginning to end, these ships couldnt even approach the medium Magic Ship.

They had been several hundred meters away, even reaching a thousand meters, but the medium Magic Ships directly attacked. The terrifying Magic Cannons on board shot out Magic Rockets and accurately hit the targets several hundred meters away.

The Death God Pirates were steamrolled.

With just a single round of shots, there was a large hole that appeared in the giant ship of the Death God Pirates.

Then with two more rounds, the Death God Pirates completely collapsed and sunk to the bottom of the sea.

In the end, the Death God Pirates had sent out all their ships and pirates, but they couldnt even touch the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet before they were completely annihilated.

Ragsar had been a pirate for over twenty years and had been on the sea for a long time, experiencing countless bloody battles, but this was his first time seeing a battle like this.

They didnt even get to start the most basic parts of combat before the fight had already ended.

Moreover, their victory was even more shocking.

The Death God Pirates with seventy six ships had lost all their ships without a single exception, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet didnt suffer a single loss.

This disparity was so big that it seemed like a miracle.

However, Ragsar had experienced this battle and was clear that this wasnt a miracle. It was all because the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet was too strong.

With the might of the medium Magic Ships they had, Ragsar didnt think that anyone could resist.

Or it could even be said that when compared to the pirates, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet was like a fleet from another world. The methods of combat between the two werent even the same.

The pirates were stuck under the attack of the rockets. Their final decision would be to charge forward and attack the fleet, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet didnt give them the chance to approach before easily taking care of them.

Not to mention the seventy six boats under the Death God Pirates, even if it was seven hundred and sixty boats, they definitely wouldnt be a match for the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard fleet.

What made Ragsar feel even more despair at was the quick speed of the medium Magic Boats. They were at least four to five times faster than the wooden boats.

Moreover, for these medium Magic Ships, it didnt matter if they were with the wind or against the wind. No matter what the situation was, they could maintain this kind of high speed.

With this difference in speed, no matter how many pirates there were, they couldnt catch them at all.

And because of this overwhelming speed advantage, even if the pirates wanted to run, they still wouldnt be able to escape.

Leslie had told Ragsar that he wanted to completely eliminate the Death God Pirates before the battle and Ragsar had only treated it as a joke.

But after witnessing the entire battle, Ragsar could only be stunned. There was nothing he could say in response to this.

“Alright, Ragsar, now that the largest Death God Pirates are taken care of, what other dangerous pirate groups are there Tell me about them.” Leslie put down the telescope in his hand as he spoke to Ragsar.

Ragsar turned to look at Leslie in a daze. He wanted to laugh, but he couldnt laugh.

What other dangerous pirate groups were there

What a joke! The Death God Pirates collapsed with a single hit, how could the other pirate groups be dangerous

Leslie could see what Ragsar was thinking, so he said with a smile, “Im saying dangerous, but I dont mean danger to us, but rather I dont want to see these fellows hurt the development of Thunderbolt Island. So my task this time is to take care of these threats, do you understand what I mean”

Ragsar gave a bitter laugh before shaking his head, “I dont think theres this need. Now that youve easily taken care of the Death God Pirates, in this area, everyone recognizes you as the boss. Theres no pirate crew who would be blind enough to offend you. As long as you said that Thunderbolt Island is your domain, I dare to say that it would be without a doubt safe.”

“Oh Is that so” Leslie gave a shrug, looking a bit disappointed, “It really is a pity, I thought that I could find some pirates to get some practice. Those Death God Pirates couldnt resist at all, it really isnt satisfying at all.”

Ragsars face twitched a few times.

The Death God Pirates couldnt resist They wanted to resist, but you easily crush them, alright!

“That…..Sir Leslie, can I ask you a question” Ragsar suddenly said.


“Sir Leslie, since your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has such a powerful fleet, why did you come looking for us pirates If youre this strong, cant you do anything Why would you waste time here”

Leslie patted Ragsars shoulder with a smile.

“That problem you should ask that fellow Xu Yi, dont ask me. Im just in charge of leading this fleet to open the path of exploration for him, I dont care about anything else. But if youre really curious, I can tell you that that fellow Xu Yi doesnt care about you pirates, he cares about the resources on the sea. For example, there is an iron ore mine on your Thunderbolt Island, that is what Xu Yi cares about the most.”

“Resources Iron mine” Ragsar was in thought for a bit before suddenly looking down at the deck under him and understanding, “I understand. Not mentioning anything else, just this large ship alone was made with quite a bit of iron……”

Leslie revealed a faint smile. This ship wasnt just made with a large amount of iron, there were many other resources.

The most important thing was that this medium Magic Ship represented the peak research of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in building ships, it was not an issue that could just be solved with resources.

Of course, he didnt need to tell Ragsar about these things.

Leslie used the telescope to look at the small island in the distance. He found that the Death God Pirates were trying to steal small boats to escape the island.

Seeing how ugly these pirates acted during danger, Leslie couldnt help shaking his head.

If it was his idea, he would have completely destroyed these pirates and not left a single one.

These fellows had done countless merciless things as pirates, so Leslie didnt have any sympathy towards them.

Actually, even Ragsar who was standing on the deck, Leslie didnt want to cooperate with him at all.

If he didnt need someone familiar with the surrounding oceans guiding him, Leslie might have immediately few Ragsar and his Thunderbolt Pirates to the fishes.

His thoughts changed and Leslies expression didnt change as he asked Ragsar, “Ragsar, are there any sea charts of the surrounding area”

Ragsar shook his head, “Im afraid not. We pirates rely on our memories to remember the positions of the islands.

“Un, alright, then take me around the area. Take me to all the islands within two hundred kilometers of Thunderbolt Island.”

“Two hundred kilometers” Ragsar looked at Leslie in surprise, thinking that this fellow was crazy.

Two hundred kilometers wasnt much on land, but in these turbulent seas, it was vast and boundless.

To go around all the islands in this area, this was a project that was incomparably big and unable to complete.

“Oh, my words do have a problem. I dont need to go to all the islands, I just need to see the bigger islands, especially the ones with resources. Do you understand what I mean” Leslie said.

“Its like this……” Ragsar gave a sigh of relief. He quickly thought about the nearby seas and filtered out all the islands that fit these conditions, “As far as I know, there are twenty islands bigger than Thunderbolt Island in the surrounding areas. As for whether they have the resources you want on them…..Im not too certain.”

“Good, take me to those twenty islands first. After we finish exploring them, well start exploring out to the east.”

“To the east” Ragsar was surprised, “Sir Leslie, youll be leaving the area of the Rudson Kingdom if you keep going east and entering the seas of the Candra Empire. You…..”

“What Is there a problem” Leslie asked back.

Ragsar quickly shook his head, “No problem, no problem. Its just that the Candra Empire sea area is more than ten times bigger than our Rudson Kingdom sea area. The pirates there are more than ten times stronger than the Death God Pirates, Im worried……”

“Theres nothing to worry about.” Leslie waved his hand, “I am the man who will become the king of the pirates. No matter which pirate group blocks my way, they will only have a path to death!”

Ragsar looked at the confident Leslie. This fellow looked to be around thirty years old, but why did he speak like a hot blooded young man in his teens-

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