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Volume 5 Chapter 48 Island development

Ragsar was on the light sand beach of Thunderbolt Island, enjoying the warm sun that only the southern seas would have while starting off into the sea to the north in a daze.

The water would hit the sand in waves from time to time, spraying over his feet, but he didnt feel cold at all.

When the waves retreated, there would be white bubbles left on the sand that was like the bubbles in a bottle of beer.

Ragsar licked his lip and remembered the delicious beer that he had already finished in his house.

This beer was brought by the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet last time, mixed among the goods that they had given the Thunderbolt Pirates. He had taken it all for himself without any courtesy.

However, no matter how good the alcohol, it would be finished eventually.

If he wanted to drink that good alcohol again, it was impossible to do so on Thunderbolt Island. The only way to do it was to head to shore and buy it from Nissi City.

But according to information he received, the Rudson Kingdom had added the Thunderbolt Pirates to the wanted list a long time ago and released a portrait of him as the Thunderbolt Pirate captain. As long as he went to shore, he would be faced with the fate of being captured and beheaded.

So Ragsar could only stay on Thunderbolt Island, watching the distant sea in a daze and waiting for the arrival of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce fleet.

Last time, the commander of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce fleet named Narvil had said before leaving, if nothing unexpected happened, they would bring the Frestech Chamber of Commerce fleet around regularly. Moreover, the Frestech Chamber of commerce might even include Thunderbolt Island in their development plan.

Ragsar had seen how terrifying their fleet was and had asked about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce through his channels, so he knew the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was one of the top companies in the surrounding countries. So he was very confident in them and was filled with hope.

But Narvil had been gone for four months and there hadnt been any news so far.

Ragsar had been waiting day by day and he was filled with more and more despair.

“Damn, could it be that I was played by that fellow named Narvil” Thinking of this, Ragsar spat onto the sad and cursed in a low voice.

“Captain, who were you played by” There was the sound of feet stepping on the sand that came from behind. It was the Thunderbolt Pirates vice captain Drom who came to Ragsars side.

“Isnt it that bunch from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce” Ragsar cursed out, “They clearly said that they wanted to develop our Thunderbolt Island, but they still arent back now. Arent they playing me”

Drom looked at Ragsar in surprise.

“Captain, I thought that you were thinking about something since you didnt say anything, but you were just waiting for them to come back.” Drom shook his head, “Captain, you are an old pirate, do you not know that you shouldnt trust what those merchants say That Narvil made it sound good, but they were just deceiving us in the end. If it was me, since we are just pirates, we shouldnt think too much and just go about our original business.”

Ragsar gave a sigh, “Of course I know this, but being a pirate isnt a good thing. Being able to give everyone a chance to work for money, of course I want to grab it.”

Drom was silent for a bit before saying with a sigh, “Captain, I know that you were thinking about us, but this time you might be thinking too much.”

Ragsar looked at the distant sea for a while before shaking his head with a bitter smile, “Indeed, I was thinking too much.”

He patted his butt after saying this and stood up, turning to head back to the island.

Drom was suddenly surprised, “Captain, what are you doing”

“Nonsense, of course were preparing to go to sea and do our business……”

Before he could finish, Ragsar turned around and was stunned. He looked behind Drom in a daze with a look of disbelief.

Drom suddenly reacted and quickly turned to look into the distant sea, seeing several black dots quickly approach.

Not long after, the black dots turned into several boats on the sea.

Although they were still far away, Drom could tell from the outline of the ships that they were exactly the same as the three giant ships that had come to Thunderbolt Island last time!

There were three last time, but this time there were seven of them!

And other than these seven large ships that were sailing on the ocean like small mountains, there were over twenty smaller Magic Ships around them.

Of course, while they were small, that was only when they were compared to the seven giant Magic Ships.

Actually, these twenty ships alone were all several times bigger than the ships the Thunderbolt Pirates used!

“It cant be, they…..theyre actually back!”

Drom looked at the ships quickly approaching in the distance in a daze and after a while, he turned back to Ragsar.

“Captain, this…..I…..What do we do”

“What do we do” Ragsar was stunned for a second before angrily saying, “What are you talking about What are you in a daze for, quickly call everyone out for me and prepare to welcome the guests!”

“Oh, yes, yes……” Drom quickly replied before charging inland.

But when he went halfway, he found that there was a bunch of people who came over, who were the island residents.

Seeing them excitedly pointing into the distance and cheering, Drom understood that it wasnt just him and Ragsar who noticed the arrival of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce fleet.

After around ten minutes, the seven giant Magic Ships and the twenty smaller Magic Ships approached the Thunderbolt Island coast at the same time.

Like last time, because of the shallow waters, these Magic Ships couldnt fully approach the coast and chose to stop several hundred meters from the coast.

There were ten small Magic Speed Boats which Ragsar had ridden before that came from those Magic Ships. Several dozen people were on them as they quickly came towards the coast.

When these Magic Speed Boats came near the island, the one leading them was Narvil.

Seeing Ragsar in the distance, Narvil waved his hand with a bit smile.

“Captain Ragsar, long time no see.”

Ragsar looked at the magnificent fleet in the distance and took a deep breath before coming forward.

“Captain Narvil, you really made me wait a long time.”

Narvil revealed a faint smile. He could tell from the expression of the pirate captain that he had sincerely been waiting for his arrival.

But thinking about it, it did seem right.

Pirates might sound imposing, but their lives werent good at all.

Not mentioning being on the seas all day, they might lose their lives at any time.

If they really couldnt make a living, no one would be willing to become a pirate.

Now that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had settled on Thunderbolt Island and wanted to develop it, it gave the Thunderbolt Pirates a good chance to improve their lives. It would be strange if Ragnar wasnt happy to accept this.

Thinking of this, Narvil didnt waste words. He waved his hand and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards that came with him took out the goods that had been prepared on the small Magic Speed Boats.

“Captain Ragsar, this is a small gift, we ask the friends of the island to accept this.”

Looking over the goods that had wine in it, Ragsar couldnt help swallowing a mouthful of saliva before nodding and calling the islanders to come help.

The islanders already couldnt wait and they all charged over with a cheer.

Narvil didnt care about those goods and pulled Ragsar to the side, saying with a serious look, “Captain Ragsar, Im here to officially tell you that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has included this Thunderbolt Island in our development plan. So starting now, you just have to coordinate with our development plan, understood”

Narvils tone of giving an order made Ragsar knit his brows, but then he relaxed them and nodded with a smile.

This Frestech Chamber of Commerce was countless times stronger than this small Thunderbolt Pirates. If the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wanted, they could completely destroy the Thunderbolt Pirates and take Thunderbolt Island.

The fact that they wanted to cooperate with him was already benevolent enough.

“Un, then captain Narvil, what do we need to do” Ragsar asked.

Seeing that Ragsar was respectful and looked like he was going to obey, Narvil gave a satisfied nod.

“You dont need to do anything, we just need to rearrange the people on the island, well just have the people sent by our company handle this. Other than that, we have other arrangements for your Thunderbolt Pirates.”

“Un” Ragsar was a bit surprised.

He had thought that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce only wanted Thunderbolt Island, they wouldnt care about their Thunderbolt Pirates.

“Just wait a bit.”

Narvil had Ragsar wait as he went over to a small Magic Speed Boat. He talked with a person before the two of them came back together.

“Let me introduce this person, this is our Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet guard commander, sir Leslie.”

Seeing how respectful Narvil was to this person named Leslie, Ragsar didnt dare be negligent as he gave Leslie a respectful bow.

“Ragsar greets sir Leslie.”

Leslie looked over Ragsar with a smile. Seeing that he was strong, with an astute look in his respectful expression, he gave a satisfied nod.

“Ragsar, call your brothers of the Thunderbolt Pirates and come with me.”

“Ah Were heading out Where” Ragsar asked in a surprised voice.

“Were going to clean up the fellows around who dont follow the rules.”-

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