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“In the next year, our main project other than the Magic Boat will be the Magic Airship.”

When Xu Yis voice fell, everyones eyes had gathered in Evita.

Everyone knew that Evita was responsible for developing the Magic Airship.

Evita nodded, “Sir chairman, I will do my best.”

“Not just do your best, I want to put in a specific request.” Xu Yi said with a serious look, “Evita, tell me, how has the development of the Magic Airship been going”

Evita was silent for a bit before replying, “According to the data, the maximum carrying weight of the Magic Airship is currently seventeen tons and the largest carrying capacity is thirty six cubic meters. The highest speed it can reach is seventy kilometers per hour and the longest continuous journey is over nine hundred and thirty kilometers.”

Hearing Evitas report, the others all let out sighs of praise.

Even if they didnt know much about the Magic Airship, based on the data that Evita reported, the Magic Airship was already in a very good place.

The most important thing was that the Magic Airship flew through the sky. Just based on this, it was much better than the Magic Cars and the Magic Boats.

Sir chairman placing importance on the Magic Airship was clearly because of this.

“Un, that is still considered good.” Xu Yi nodded, but he didnt look that satisfied, “But it still doesnt meet my requirements. Evita, I require it to fly over one thousand and five hundred kilometers continuously and it needs to reach a hundred kilometers an hour, can you do this”

“A hundred kilometers per hour” Everyone was stunned.

Even the Magic Sedan with the newly developed Fire Magic Engine, the highest speed that it could reach was only eighty kilometers an hour.

Sir chairman wanted the Magic Airship to reach over a hundred kilometers an hour, wasnt this requirement too high

Evita thought about it before a bit before giving a determined nod.

“No problem.”

“Good.” Xu Yi was satisfied with this. He smiled as he had Evita sit down before turning to Camby, “Evita is confident, what about you, Camby”

Camby gave a grin, “As long as the magic research facility can create the blueprint, our magic machine development center doesnt have any problems.”

Xu Yi smiled before having Kennard continue.

Although everyone here was Frestech Chamber of Commerce upper management, they didnt know everything about the company. Hearing Kennards report now, they had an approximate understanding of the company.

They didnt know before, but once they did, everyone was surprised to find that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had become such a giant company without them noticing. Not only did they control the Stantine Duchy, they could greatly affect countries like the Lampuri Kingdom and the Rudson Kingdom.

This was something that even a first class Lampuri Kingdom company would find hard to do.

However, their surprise was just beginning. When Kennard finally had Sebas give the annual financial report, everyones surprise had turned into shock.

In the financial report that Sebas made, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had earned total profits of over ten million gold coins just from household magic machines alone.

In terms of the applicable magic machines, just based on the construction magic machines and the Magic Cars, their profits were over six million gold coins.

Then the production magic machines had brought the Frestech Chamber of Commerce profit of around one million and eight hundred thousand gold coins.

Other than this, there were the bicycles, the cement, the fertilizer, and other products that had generated profits of over a million gold coins.

If they added in the profit of four million gold coins from the five steel mills they had built this year, the net profit for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in this year alone was a shocking twenty three million gold coins!

This number was one that no one had ever thought of before.

When it was time for last years year end report, the Frestech Chamber of Commerces net profit had just broken ten million.

They never thought that in a single year, it would already more than double!

This kind of development speed was just unbelievable!

“Sir chairman……we……In the Lampuri Kingdom, can we be considered a super first class company” After the room fell silent, Ankhto swallowed a mouthful of saliva and spoke with difficulty.”

“Nonsense!” Heinz reprimanded before saying with a proud look, “The largest company in the Lampuri Kingdom should be the Falcao Chamber of Commerce, it would be good if they made ten million gold coins each year. I dare say that our company in the Lampuri Kingdom is definitely the company that earns the most money!”

Seeing the excited looks on their faces, Xu Yi shook his head with a smile.

“Everyone, dont be happy too early. Indeed, our company is earning a lot of money right now, but we are far lacking if we want to compare to those old companies. After all, we have been established for a short period of time and dont have enough background.”

“Sir chairman, what aspect are you referring to” Camby asked in a voice filled with doubt.

“Many aspects.” Xu Yi replied with a smile, “If we want to catch those old companies or even follow the plan and enter the Candra Empire, competing with those first class companies of the continent, we need to strengthen many places. Dont just look at how much money we earn, we also need to spend quite a bit of money.”

Speaking of this, Xu Yi gave a strong clap and had Sebas side down before continuing in a loud voice, “Were done talking about the good parts of the company, now we need to talk about the bad parts. Everyone can speak casually, lets talk about which parts of the company still need to be improved. Dont be polite, just speak casually.”

Everyone blankly looked at each other.

After being silent for a bit, Evita was the first to raise her hand.

“Un, Evita, you can speak first.”

Evita nodded before saying with a serious look, “Sir chairman, I hope that our company can continue recruiting magicians into the magic research facility. It would be best if we could recruit more high level magicians because the level of power needed for the large scale magic machines are increasing. Low grade arrays will no longer work, so we need high level magicians with high level arrays to contribute to these projects.”

“Good, this is a very good suggestion. If possible, I want to recruit some Great Magicians into the magic research facility. If possible, I even want to find some Arch Magi.”

Everyone blankly looked at each other again.

Was sir chairman dreaming

Great Magicians had high positions in many countries, why would they come and join a company

As for Arch Magi Those were top level people of the Candra and Marlow Empires, how could they come and work as researchers for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce being able to have an Arch Magus like Camilla and three Great Magicians like Telucci, Juna, and the halfling Lumi was already considered one of a kind on the continent. Xu Yi still wanted more, this was simply a fools dream.

But thinking about it, even Xu Yi was a Great Magician, which was rarely seen in the companies of the continent, so this idea wasnt that unreasonable.

Evita was very confident in Xu Yi, so she nodded with a smile in approval to Xu Yis answer.

With Evita starting, the others let out their worries and all turned to Xu Yi.

But compared to Evitas request for high level magicians, the requests of the others were much more simple.

In short, they all wanted one thing, money.

So after calculating all the requests of these people, the financial manager Sebas had reached a number.

“Sir chairman, to solve all these problems, the company needs to invest at least five million gold coins next year.”

Everyone was shocked.

They didnt know if they didnt calculate, but once they did, they found that their requests actually cost this much money.

Xu Yi wasnt surprised at all. He pointed at Evita and Camby with a smile as he said, “Increase the budget of the magic research facility and the magic machine development center by 30%. The company will have higher development requests in the next two years, so we need to increase our technological research.”

No one objected to this.

Xu Yi always had a strict requirement for research, so he had never spared in investing in it.

The magic research facility and the magic machine development center were two very special departments, their positions were higher than the other departments.

However, no one complained about the things they received and how much importance Xu Yi placed in them.

After everyone stopped, Xu Yi suddenly pointed at the far end of the table.

“Other than this, well increase the company guards budget by five times.”


Everyone including the Frestech Chamber of Commerces guard captain Hart who had never said a word in this meeting all had wide eyes as they revealed looks of disbelief.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerces guards budget was already considered big. According to the financial report Sebas had made earlier, the budget of the guards for next year was already three hundred thousand gold coins. That budget had already surpassed the budget any other company cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce gave their guards.

But Xu Yi now said that he wanted to increase it by five times, that was one and a half million gold coins!

God! The Frestech Chamber of Commerces net profit this year being over twenty million was considered good, but to invest one and a half million on the guards, this wasnt that much less compared to the military budget of the Rudson Kingdom or the Lampuri Kingdoms armies.

Sir chairman……What did he want to do-

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