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The weather in the middle of November was generally still warm in the Stantine Duchy, there were still people who could still swim in bathing suits, but in the Muerto Mountains that was between the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom, it was already deep winter.

Three days ago, there was a heavy snowfall that came down and continued on and off for three days. Until this morning, the sun finally came out from behind the thick clouds and it cleared.

When the sun hit the ground, in the town of Tucklin that was less than thirty kilometers from the border to the north of the Muerto Mountains in the Sack Kingdom had regained its lively appearance.

Motorcades came from the Sack Kingdom in the north and at the same time, there were motorcades that came from the southern Muerto Mountains, coming from the distant Lampuri Kingdom.

Countless people with the accents of the Sack Kingdom and the Lampuri Kingdom gathered in this town, instantly turning this town lively.

Since four months ago when the Lampuri Kingdom and the Sack Kingdom reached their agreement, setting up the free trade area for both countries in Tucklin Town, during these four months, Tucklin Town had become very lively. It had changed from a small town to a prosperous city.

Countless Sack Kingdom and Lampuri Kingdom merchants brought their goods here to to trade, driving the development of this town.

In just four months, this small town had twenty restaurants pop up like mushrooms after the rain. At the same time, there were many people who lived near the town that had found chances to get rich from the large amount of work available.

Even the peasants of the surrounding villages had quickly changed their lives from providing vegetables to these restaurants.

So whether it was the people of Tucklin Town or the farmers in the surrounding villages, they were very grateful to the two kingdoms reaching this deal.

If it wasnt for the free trade area being set up here, how could they live such comfortable lives

It had to be known, because Tucklin Town was near the Muerto Mountains, it always suffered from the wars before. It had been one of the poorest towns in all of the Sack Kingdom.

However, when some people saw Tucklin Town become prosperous, they would feel angry.

The Hungry Wolf Regiment commander Chalon Linear was one of them.

Every time he was pulled by his chief staff officer Ivy Joao to Tucklin Town, he would be very angry and even feel shame.

To him, the more prosperous Tucklin Town became, the more shame he felt.

Because the free trade area that this town represented was one that filled him with grief and indignation. It was the condition that the Sack Kingdom had been forced to accept by the Lampuri Kingdom to open this free trade area.

The reason they had been forced was very simple, it was because the Sack Kingdom couldnt beat the Lampuri Kingdom on the battlefield.

Or accurately speaking, it was the Hungry Wolf Regiment that he led being unable to stop the Lampuri Kingdoms northern army.

For Chalon Linear who treated the Hungry Wolf Regiment as his life, this was the greatest shame.

In the hundred of years before this, the Sack Kingdom always had the advantage when fighting the Lampuri Kingdom. But in the days that he had been given the post of commander of the Hungry Wolf Regiment, the Hungry Wolf Regiment had suffered losses during the last few years when facing the northern army.

At the end of last year and the beginning of this year, the Hungry Wolf Regiment had been completely shattered by the northern army and didnt even have the ability to fight back. They even allowed the northern army to enter the Sack Kingdoms territory, directly invading them. They had actually threatened Prime Star City that was a hundred kilometers away from the Muerto Mountains.

In the six hundred years of history, this was the first time this situation had happened.

After this matter, the Sack Kingdom had been shocked. The Hungry Wolf Regiment became something that everyone cursed and they thought that it was completely because they werent strong enough. The even said that he as the commander should commit suicide to apologize.

However, when the Sack Kingdom sent the other regiments to fight the northern army, all of them had been defeated without exception.

So the Sack Kingdom finally understood that it wasnt the Hungry Wolf Regiment that was incompetent, but rather the northern army was too strong.

The entire Sack Kingdom became worried at this.

Everyone was worried that if the Lampuri Kingdom wanted to use their powerful army to invade the Sack Kingdom, would they be able to stop them

It was a good thing that at the most crucial moment, the Lampuri Kingdom side took the initiative to start the negotiations.

Although it was very shameful being forced into peace talks, this was very good news for the Sack Kingdom.

Not to mention that Lampuri Kingdom didnt give excessive requests this time, rather they requested that a free trade area be established between the two countries. They wanted both countries to trade normally and also requested the Sack Kingdom give up some of their mineral resources.

This request wasnt directly taking them, but rather the Lampuri Kingdom side was using money to buy them. Although the price wasnt that high, it could still be considered a normal trade.

So the Sack Kingdom didnt hesitate at all as they directly accepted the requests of the Lampuri Kingdom side.

“Those idiots in the kingdom parliament, they are just digging their graves!” Linear looked at the lively scene in Tucklin Town and angrily roared out, “Could it be that those idiots cant see that the Lampuri Kingdom wants to use those useless magic machines to take the wealth and resources of our kingdom”

Ivy Joao on the side look at Linear before saying with a faint smile, “Linear, I know that you are angry at and hate the Lampuri Kingdom, but if you want to call the magic machines useless, you would be deceiving yourself.”

“Could it be they arent” Linear slightly raised his voice, “Those damn magic machines cant be eaten or drunken, what is the use in buying them Ah”

Ivy Joao shook his head. He thought that because of Linears deep hatred for the Lampuri Kingdom, he was very biased against the magic machines.

“Alright, even if you say those household magic machines are useless, you cant say those military magic machines are useless, right Dont forget, we have been completely beaten by the northern army all those times, the reason for that are those damn military magic machines.”

Linears expression froze and after a while, he angrily spat on the snowy ground.

“Pei! If it wasnt for those damn military magic machines, how could the northern army beat us”

“Although I dont think that the quality of the northern army is worse than our Hungry Wolf Regiment, if it wasnt for those military magic machines, they wouldnt be our match.” Joao gave a sigh, “But the problem is that they do have those damn military magic machines. Moreover, they have more of them and they are even more powerful. Rather, we dont have anything at all.”

“Its all the damn magic department! They said three years ago that they would develop some powerful military magic machines, but what have they developed up to this point Other than the Magic Trebuchets that the northern army arent even using anymore, in these three years, they havent done a thing!”

“You cant blame the magic department since these things are too complicated. They cant be developed in a short period of time.” Joao said with a sigh.

“Then how can the Frestech Chamber of Commerce develop a new magic machine every so often Could it be that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce is stronger than all the magicians in our kingdom” Linear asked back.

Joao didnt know how to reply to this. After a while, he said with a bitter smile, “Perhaps its because the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman Xu is a genius.”

Lineara cursed twice before suddenly thinking of something and lowering his voice to ask, “Speaking of this, the military headquarters said a while ago that they had succeeded Why havent they sent back any accurate information yet”

Joao looked around before lowering his voice, “According to the information I received before, the person the headquarters sent has won his trust. They believe that well receive some valuable information soon.”

“Good.” Linear nodded, “If we can have the same military magic machines as the Lampuri Kingdom, I will definitely properly beat those brats from the northern army.”

“Un.” Joao gave a nod before pointing forward, “But before this, lets research what we should buy. My family wants me to buy a Frestech Brand Magic Air Conditioner back and my kid wants me to buy a Frestech Brand bicycle. What about you”

Linear looked at the half wing flag that kept swaying in the cold breeze in front of him and a deep disgust appeared on his face as he gave a cold snort, “Im going to drink, come and find me once you finish buying the things.”

Seeing Linear bring several of his subordinates to a newly opened restaurant, Joao revealed a smile. He headed to the shops of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other famous Lampuri Kingdom magic machine companies.

When he came into the shop, he found that it was filled with people.

Looking around, Joao had even noticed several acquaintances.

It was clear that they were the same as Joao, their family members had instigated them to buy some of these easy to use household magic machines.

Since the two kingdoms opened the free trade area, the various household magic machines of the Lampuri Kingdom had entered the Sack Kingdom. Right now, almost everyone in the Sack Kingdom had realized the convenience that these household magic machines brought.

In just a few months, the household magic machines had created unrest in the Sack Kingdom/

If a family didnt have a single household magic machine now, they would be laughed at by their neighbours.

Even Joao who was a soldier on the frontline was finally brought down by the requests of his family and was forced to buy these household magic machines.

Actually, Joao didnt hate these household magic machines like Linear. Rather, he thought that these things were very easy to use and were very convenient.

But he never had the time to come personally. Now that he had some free time, he decided to buy a bunch of them to send home.

After walking around the store, Joao didnt even consider anything as he chose the Frestech Brand household magic machines and chose the free that he wanted.

Whether it was the advertisements from the Lampuri Kingdom or the gossip between people, the Frestech Brand household magic machines were the best without equal.

As the chief staff officer of the Hungry Wolf Regiment, naturally Joao had the finances to buy the best.

After deciding on what he wanted to buy, Joao casually came to a small country in the store.

This desk sold products that came from the Drake Duchy and the person in charge of receiving guests also came from the Drake Duchy.

Joao looked over this counter for a bit before very casually asking, “Its a pity that summer has already passed, I missed the chance to buy a Magic Fan.”

The person in charge narrowed his eyes before revealing a smile, “This customer, summer has passed, but buying a Magic Fan ahead of time is a good choice.”

Joao looked around and met the gaze of the person in charge before both of them revealed understanding smiles.-

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