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Chairman Cruise looked at Xu Yi with a gaze of doubt, but it was like Xu Yi didnt see that strange Magic Car at all and pointed his hand as he calmly said, “Lets go.”

Seeing that Xu Yi didnt plan on explaining at all, chairman Cruises thoughts changed. The surprised look on his face turned into a smile and he acted like he didnt see anything, as he went to the Frestech Chamber of Commerces industrial area with Xu Yi with a smile on his face.

Watching as chairman Cruise got in his Magic Sedan and disappeared along the road, the smile on Xu Yis face disappeared. He turned to look back in the direction of the Magic Car factory and knit his brows.

After a while, Xu Yi headed to the Magic Car testing site that was to the northwest of the Magic Car factory.

When he arrived at the test site, he saw several Magic Cars that were the same as the one that chairman Cruise had just seen driving across the test site.

Seeing these clumsy looking Magic Cars, Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head with a bitter laugh.

If it was possible, he really wanted to call these strange looking Magic Cars Magic Tanks.

But this thing only had a steel plate that was thicker than normal Magic Cars, as well as special made tires and a Magic Cannon that normal Magic Cars didnt have. It was barely enough to call them Magic IFVs, to think that they were Magic Tanks would be the dream of a fool.

Xu Yi came to the side of the researcher who was watching the Magic IFVs driving around while recording the data and asked the leader of the team developing the Magic IFVs, a human engineer named Toledo in a deep voice, “Why did I just see the Magic IFVs driving outside”

Toledo and the other researchers had already seen Xu Yi arriving and were excited to make their report to him, but hearing this question, they couldnt help being shocked.

After a while, Toledo reacted and carefully replied, “Sir chairman, based on the data, we think that the Magic IFVs can already begin being officially used, so we drove a Magic IFV off the testing site to perform complicated road tests. Do you think there is a problem with that”

“Oh This fast” Xu Yi was a bit surprised, “This team hasnt been formed for more than two months and you can already perform actual performance tests on the IFVs”

Seeing that Xu Yi wasnt dissatisfied, Toledo and the other researchers looked at each other before letting out sighs of relief and revealing smiles.

“Yes, sir chairman. If we were to be a bit more arrogant, we feel that it wasnt difficult at all to develop this Magic IFV. Therefore before this, with the foundation of the Magic Cannon research, we just needed to fuse it together with the Magic Cars. This work was a bit complicated, but it really wasnt that difficult.”

“Is that so” Xu Yi couldnt help smiling, “Does that mean that you find it too easy Good, when the Magic IFV has finished developing, I will give you a more difficult task, so you dont need to worry.”

Toledo and the other researchers instantly had ugly looks on their faces.

But there was also a trace of excitement and anticipation in their eyes, under that ugly look.

Xu Yi was very satisfied with their reaction. He turned to look at the Magic IFVs going around the circle twice before asking Toledo, “Since you think that this project wasnt difficult, then tell me, is there any hope of reaching mass production this year”

Toledo was silent for a bit before shaking his head, “Im afraid not. Sir chairman, you have requested that this Magic IFV needs to be able to function normally under any bad condition and the most important thing is to let it demonstrate its might. Although we are confident in achieving these two goals, this is based on a large amount of experimenting. Theres only two months left in this year, so I think there isnt enough time.”

Xu YI nodded and praised, “Very good, its good to be cautious. My request for any research project is to do it as perfectly as possible, so I wont push you. But I hope that you can finish this project as soon as possible and let the Magic IFVs reach the mass production stage soon.”

“Yes!” Toledo gave a strong nod as he replied.

Xu Yi looked around and after thinking for a bit, he continued, “Im planning on building a large experiment site in the northern mountains which will serve as an experiment site specifically for military magic machines. When the time comes, your team will also move there.”

“Really” Toledo and the other researchers revealed happy looks.

This Magic Car experiment site was in the industrial area and although it was very big, they were still very limited which made it less convenient for them to perform experiments.

If they could move the experiment site to a place with less people, their progress would naturally be enhanced.

“Dont be happy too early. Itll take at least half a year to build the experiment site. When the time comes, your research on the Magic IFV should be finished.”

Xu YIs words made the happiness on their faces recede a bit, but his next words filled them with excitement once again.

“Of course, the Magic IFV is only your first research project, youll still have many other projects in this aspect in the future. That is because my goal is to create the truly invincible Magic Tank of the battlefield!”

After leaving the experiment site, Xu Yi thought for a bit before getting in his Magic Sedan, heading to the shipyard by the sea.

Before he even came close, he found that there were many people wearing different clothes on the beach outside the shipyard who were clearly not Frestech Chamber of Commerce workers.

Xu Yis Magic Sedan driving over was noticed by people with sharp eyes.

It was unknown who shouted first, but the crowd came over and surrounded Xu Yis Magic Sedan.

“Is this suffering the consequences of my own actions” Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh as he helplessly opened the door to come out.

“Chairman Xu, may I ask if Lumi is currently here”

“Yes, is Lumi in the shipyard right now”

“Chairman Xu, if Lumi really is here, can you please have her come out to meet us”

“Yes, please have Lumi come out for us to see. We dont have any other intentions, we just want to see her!”

“Thats right, we just want to see Lumi!”

“We want to see Lumi! Chairman Xu, please agree to this!”



Xu Yi raised his hands and the surrounding people fell silent, all of them staring at Xu Yi.

Looking around and seeing the expectant gazes looking at him, Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “I think that Lumi will be very happy that everyone likes Lumi this much. Alright, since everyone is strongly requesting, Ill go in and talk to Lumi to see if shes willing to come out and see you all. Is everyone alright with this”

Hearing that Xu Yi agreed to their requests, the crowd immediately broke out in a deafening cheer.

The people who were blocking Xu Yis Magic Sedan moved aside and created a path to the shipyard for Xu Yi.

Xu Yi waved his hand to the people with a smile on his face before getting in the Magic Sedan and driving right into the shipyard.

When he got out, Lumi was already in front of him pursing her small lips.

“Chairman, how could you agree to them Ive said it many times, Im here to research the Magic Boats, Im not here to be stared at by so many people.”

Seeing the unhappy Lumi, Xu Yi gave a laugh. When Agnes had created a stir back in Banta City, she felt like she was being stared at by people just like Lumi.

The enthusiasm of the humans towards seeing other races was close to being extreme.

Xu Yi took out a letter from his chest and handed it over.

“Here, after seeing this letter, Im certain that you wont be against seeing the people outside as much.”

Lumi took the letter with doubt, but after opening it to read for a while, her dissatisfied face instantly filled with pleasant surprise.

After a while, she looked up in disbelief and loudly asked Xu Yi, “Chairman, is this real Did you really find some news on my clansmen This…..Are you lying to me”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “This news was discovered by Hannas through the «Lampuri Weeklys» information channels. Before we actually see your clansmen, I dont know if its real or not.”

Lumi gave an oh sound before looking back at the letter in her hand as she muttered, “It doesnt matter if its true or not, being able to receive information on my clansmen is already enough. After all these years, this is the first information that Ive received……”

Actually, this made Xu Yi very surprised.

When he had proposed spreading the news of her existence to Lumi, he didnt have too much hope.

But he never would have thought that in less than two months since announcing this, Hannas had already received news on the appearance of halflings. He had even personally written a letter which he had chairman Cruise deliver.

The news on the appearance of the halflings came from a country that was to the northeast of the Drake Duchy, the Falk Kingdom. The «Lampuri Weekly» had set up a branch in the Falk Kingdom and had collected this information.

“Chairman, I want to go to the Falk Kingdom!” Lumi suddenly said in a determined voice, “I want to go and find my clansmen!”

Xu Yi was surprised before shaking his head with knit brows.

“No, Lumi, I understand your feelings, but I dont recommend this. We do not have a way of determining if this information is true or not, so we cant be certain if your clansmen exist. This information might have even been purposefully released by certain people just to trap you.”

Lumi was stunned, “Deliberately trap me Why”

Xu Yi pointed outside the shipyard, “Do you not know how rare the appearance of halflings are on the continent Just because you are a halfling, it is enough for people to set traps for you.”

Lumi was silent for a bit before looking back up with a determined look still, “No, even if it is a trap, I still want to go and see! I cant let the chance of meeting any clansmen go!”

Xu Yi had to put his hands on Lumis shoulder and look into her eyes as he said with a serious look, “Lumi, calm down. To determine whether this information is true doesnt require you to personally go, there are many other methods. Ive already considered this and you can take out a token of your halflings. Ill find someone to take it to the Falk Kingdom and try to make contact with the halflings there. If this is true, I think that halflings will try to contact you. If it isnt, you wouldnt be in any danger. Do you understand what I mean”

Lumi fell into thought for a bit before giving a reluctant nod.

“Alright, but sir chairman, if there is any news about my clansmen, you have to tell me immediately.”

“Thats easy.” Xu Yi patted her shoulder with a smile before pointing out the door, “Before this, you should go and deal with your fans.”

Lumis face scrunched up and after hesitating a bit, she went out with a bitter look on her face.

After a while, there was a deafening cheer that came from outside the shipyard.

Xu Yi couldnt help shaking his head with a bitter smile.

If this kept happening, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce might turn into an entertainment company.-

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