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Once the busiest time of noon was over, Mawor had finished tidying up and found that there werent many guests coming. After thinking about it, he closed the taverns front door and decided to take the afternoon off.

After leaving the tavern, he headed to the Amrit Chamber of Commerces construction site that wasnt far to the southeast of the town.

His little sister had been worried about his nephew and had asked him several times to ask about the Amrit Chamber of Commerce to see if his nephew could join their company. Old man Mawor would naturally do his best.

When he came to the construction site, he found that everyone had been let off as those three had said. Other than a few remaining workers, all the other workers had disappeared without a trace.

Looking up at the sun above him, old man Mawor guessed that these workers were taking their break to have a nap. Looking around, he found that there were still a few workers who were on duty.

Old man Mawor came over and took out the wine and food that he had prepared from his chest. He planned on getting closer to the other side and asking about the situation, but he was firmly rejected by them.

“Im sorry, according to the rules, we cant drink while working. We all live by these rules.” The dark skinned worker seemed to be the leader of these workers. Since he wasnt willing to accept it, the others didnt say a word.

“This…..I specially brought it here, it isnt good to have me bring it back……”

The black skinned worker laughed, “This old man, if you want to ask about something, you can just go look for our manager. There……” The black skinned worker pointed in another direction, “Do you see him, that is our manager. You can just ask him, youll get a more clear answer if you ask him compared to us.”

Old man Mawor looked in the direction he was pointing in and found that there was a man wearing the same uniform standing in the distance. He seemed to be looking in the distance at the road, as if he was waiting for something.

“He is your manager” Old man Mawor hesitated a bit before gritting his teeth and walking towards the manager.

When he came close, old man Mawor found that this man really was different from the other workers.

Although he was wearing the same uniform, his uniform was clearly much cleaner. His face wasnt as stained as the others, so it could be see that he didnt work at the construction site.

Hearing the sounds of old man Mawor approaching, the man turned to look at old man Mawor. He then looked at the wine in old man Mawors hand and slightly knit his brows.

“This old man, do you need something”

Although this man who was the manager had a strict tone, his voice was gentle and polite which made old man Mawor much more relieved.

After talking to him for a bit, old man Mawor explained the reason he came here.

The manager named Gnar gave the same answer as the three workers in the restaurant, but the timing was more detailed.

According to what he said, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce would need at least a month before they could consider hiring local workers, so he hoped that old man Mawor could wait patiently.

“Relax, as long as your nephew has a good physique, good strength, and theres no problem with him as a person, we will hire him. As for the problem of technique, he can be slowly taught.”

Manager Gnars response made old man Mawor more assured.

When he was leaving, old man Mawor couldnt help asking in a curious voice, “Can I ask…..who is the important person coming by today You actually stopped working and youre patiently waiting for him to pass.”

Manager Gnar revealed a faint smile and shook his head, “Im sorry, this is related to some secrets, so it isnt convenient to reveal.”

“Oh……” Old man Mawor could only helplessly shake his head before leaving.

Watching old man Mawor leave with the bottle of wine and package of beef in his hands, manager Gnar couldnt help shaking his head with a smile.

Although he didnt think that ambassador Hakanin passing wasnt something that needed to be kept a secret, to be more discrete, he couldnt give this information to a random bystander.

As for the question old man Mawor asked about recruiting workers, manager Gnar was actually more anxious than him.

After paving roads in the Norton Duchy for over three months now, they had only laid down fifty kilometers of road. Their efficiency was without a doubt low.

The reason for their low efficiency, other than this being the Norton Duchy and that they needed time to transport the materials needed, the main issue was a lack of workers.

Since the economic boom of the Lampuri Kingdom, the surrounding countries were all building roads and knew that roads were important for the development of a country. So the Amrit Chamber of Commerce received countless orders for roads from the surrounding countries, causing the Amrit Chamber of Commerce to be busy year round.

And because the Norton Duchy had just started cooperating with the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, the construction team sent her wasnt big. There were less than a hundred workers here, so naturally there would be problems.

If the Amrit Chamber of Commerce could sign an agreement with the Norton Duchy, allowing the Amrit Chamber of Commerce to recruit local workers, that would be good, but the Norton Duchy was cautious since this was their first time cooperating. They had been deliberating for several months without being able to come to a decision, causing manager Gnar to rely on his few workers to finish the job.

It was a good thing that according to the latest news, chairman Cruise had personally gone to negotiate with Duke Norton and made some very large progress.

If nothing unexpected happens, in a month, the Norton Duchy should reach an agreement with the Amrit Chamber of Commerce.

At that time, the Amrit Chamber of Commerce will be able to hire local workers.

Even if these workers didnt have the technique to complete some of the work, they could at least take the load off some of the more skilled workers, letting them focus on the technical work. Naturally that would increase the efficiency at which they laid the road.

“Its already this difficult to cooperate with a small Norton Duchy, wouldnt it be more difficult to cooperate with the Candra Empire”

While manager Gnar had his brows knit thinking about this, he looked at the road ahead that had already been paved.

After around half an hour, there was a black dot in the distance that became a large motorcade after a while.

Hearing the sounds of the wheels rumbling down the road, manager Gnar was surprised.

Although he had heard that ambassador Hakanin would be bringing back a large amount of things to the Candra Empire, he never would have thought that ambassador Hakanins motorcade would be filled with large transport Magic Cars!

Seeing the pure black Magic Sedan that was driving in front, manager Gnar was a bit speechless.

This ambassador Hakanin seemed to have developed a habit in the Rudson Kingdom. He never thought that other places wouldnt have the same smooth road as the Rudson Kingdom, allowing the Magic Sedan to drive across it.

For this Norton Duchy, even if the road that was by the road that they had laid down as the largest road in the Norton Kingdom, it was far lacking when it was compared.

Even if the Magic Sedan drove on it, it would definitely be very bumpy.

Rather the large scale transport Magic Car with their large bodies and tires wouldnt be hindered at all by this poor road.

After a while, the Magic Sedan in front came to the end of the road, stopping right in front of manager Gnar.

The door opened and the fat ambassador Hakanin came out with great effort. In the passenger seat was Riley who had already been promoted to the Amrit Chamber of Commerces vice chairman.

“Greetings sir ambassador.” Regardless of the criticism in his heart, manager Gnar respectfully gave ambassador Hakanin a bow before turning to vice chairman Riley.

“Gnar, how is the project going here” Vice chairman Riley asked.

“Its considered smooth, but we cant go faster without enough people.” Manager Gnar honestly said.

“Un, dont worry. Sir chairman said that the Norton Duchy isnt in a rush with this road, so we dont need to rush.” Vice chairman Riley turned back to ambassador Hakanin after saying this, “Sir ambassador, if the Candra Empire is willing to give our company enough support, our company can lay down the road much faster. As long as you request it, it isnt a problem to lay down a hundred kilometers of road in a month.”

Ambassador Hakanin nodded, not approving or disapproving of this.

The reason why he was returning to the Candra Empire this time was mainly to bring the large amount of household magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce back.

As long as he could sell these household magic machines, he would be able to earn a large profit of at least two hundred thousand gold coins.

Compared to this, how could he care about the small matter of how fast the Amrit Chamber of Commerce could lay down the road.

Thinking of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, ambassador Hakanin suddenly thought of a question. Looking around, he then asked, “Didnt I hear that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce would invest in the Norton Duchy Why havent I seen a single symbol from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce on this road”

Vice chairman Riley shook his head and said, “Sir ambassador, the news youve received is old. Because of the changes with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the Norton Duchy has cancelled their plans to cooperate with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Based on what I know, the Norton Duchy is planning on cooperating with other magic machine companies of the Lampuri Kingdom, inviting them to invest here.”

“Hei, what is the Norton Duchy thinking Not cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and finding other companies, arent they asking for trouble” Ambassador Hakanin revealed a look of disdain, “I think that Duke Nortons brain is broken, right”

Vice chairman Riley and manager Gnar looked at each other with a smile. After this ambassador Hakanin received benefits from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, he really did think about the Frestech Chamber of Commerce everywhere.

Perhaps if the Amrit Chamber of Commerce wanted to cooperate with the Candra Empire, they should increase their investment in this ambassador Hakanin.-

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