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After a while, Narvil finally reacted, quickly running to Xu Yis side.

“Sir chairman, why are you here”

Xu Yi gave him a smile, “I was in the Rudson Kingdom and it wasnt that far away. I received that news that your ship had arrived, so I came to take a look.” After saying this, he turned to look at the three Magic Ships and asked, “How is it Was the journey smooth”

Narvil laughed, “With the goddess of luck, although there were some slight problems during this trip, it overall went very smoothly. Moreover…..” Narvil gave a cough before lowering his voice, “Sir chairman, several days ago, we discovered a valuable island that is less than two hundred kilometers away from here……”

“Valuable” Seeing the wink from Narvil, Xu Yi immediately understood, “What is the situation of the island right now”

Narvil gave an ok sign with his hand.

“Theres no problem at all, Ill give you a report on the details later.”

Xu Yi nodded, “Im assured if youre doing it, but I wont have time to take care of this now. You can take care of it yourself and report to me back in the Stantine Duchy,”

“This……” Narvil thought about it. He felt that there was a rush with Thunderbolt Island, so there wasnt a need to report this urgently and gave it up.

But there was another matter that he had to tell Xu Yi.

Hearing Narvil tell him about his discussion with chairman Randolph earlier, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He patted Narvils shoulder and praised, “You did well. Tell chairman Randolph that our company can consider his request, but as for the specific details, it would be best if he came to the Stantine Duchy to discuss and didnt rush this now. As for the minerals…..He can just do his best, dont force it.”

“Un” Narvil was a bit surprised.

Sir chairman had clearly told him that this matter was very important before, but why did it seem like it didnt matter now

Seeing the doubt in Narvils heart, Xu Yi explained with a smile, “Theres some change with the cooperation in the Rudson Kingdom. If nothing unexpected happens, our company will have a high share of the Rudson Kingdoms mineral resources, so we dont need to worry about making secret mineral deals. Of course, my meaning isnt that we dont need these things and we still need to work on it. That is because our companys demand for minerals will never have a limit, do you understand what I mean”

“Understood!” Narvil gave a strong nod before asking in a curious voice, “Sir chairman, is it because the Rudson Kingdom needs help from our company, so they were willing to compromise”

“Pretty much.” Xu Yi revealed a faint smile.

The reason was because of the cooperation with the Azshara Tribe, but it wasnt convenient to tell Narvil now.

Seeing that Xu Yi wouldnt say, Narvil wasnt interested in asking.

There was no rush to report, so Narvils eyes couldnt help turning to the little girl who had run over to the Morning Sun at an unknown time and was currently looking up with an interested gaze.

“Sir chairman, this little girl is……”

“She is called Lumi, can you tell what her identity is” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

Narvil shook his head. He thought that he wasnt a god, how could he tell what this little girls identity was just by looking at her.

But based on sir chairmans tone, this little girls status wasnt normal.

But based on her clothing, her appearance, or her aura, she didnt seem like a young miss from a large noble family.

Not to mention that with sir chairmans status in the Rudson Kingdom, perhaps the only one who could be recognized to have a different status was the Rudson Kingdoms princess

However, no matter how he looked at it, this little girl who was wearing cotton clothes of different colours and had dishevelled hair didnt look like a princess.

Seeing that Narvil couldnt tell who Lumi was, Xu Yi couldnt help being surprised.

But then he understood.

The halflings had disappeared from the continent for a long time.

Even if there were records of the halflings in books, they would all become legends.

Everyone had already thought that the halflings had disappeared from the continent.

Moreover, halflings looked just like human children, with few differences.

If it wasnt for Xu Yi being interested in the halflings knowledge of magic machines, looking through plenty of books on them and met Lumi with elves by her side, it would have been hard for him to tell immediately that she was a halfling of legend.

When Xu Yi was about to take the chance to reveal Lumis identity, she suddenly came over and shouted in an excited voice, “Hey, Xu Yi, this ship is simply amazing! How did you make it”

Xu Yi revealed a smile, “This wasnt made by me alone, it took the strength of countless members of our Frestech Chamber of Commerce to make. How about it, Lumi After seeing the Magic Ship, dont you think that your idea of using five thousand gold coins to make a seafaring ship is laughable”

Lumi scrunched up her little nose and gave a soft snort before muttering, “I havent been out in a long time, I didnt know that you humans were already at such a high level.” Then she became excited again, “Hey, Xu Yi, these three ships are this strong, cant you already head out to sea You must be lying to me!”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “What would I lie to you for Although in theory these three ships can travel on the sea, the dangers of sailing on the sea far surpass your imagination. You can ask Narvil if you dont believe me.”

Seeing Xu Yi point at him, Narvil was stunned.

When he heard Xu Yi and Lumis conversation, his heart was filled with doubt.

This little girl called Lumi dared to call sir chairman by name, this meant that her identity definitely wasnt small.

But what that little girl had said after was……

“You humans are already at this level”

What is “you humans”

Was she not a human

When he was thinking about this, Lumi had jumped in front of Narvil and looked up to ask him, “Hey, youre called Narvil Tell me, is sailing on the sea really as dangerous as Xu Yi says it is”

Seeing Xu YI look over at him, Narvil immediately understood. He gave a cough before nodding and replying with a serious look, “Yes, Lumi…..Miss Lumi. Sailing out on the endless seas is much more terrifying than what you can imagine.”

Seeing the doubt on Lumis face, Narvil raised his voice, “Dont look at me with such doubt, these three ships sailed over two thousand kilometers to come here from the Stantine Duchy and I was the one leading this fleet. So I know better than anyone about the dangers we encountered!”

Lumi muttered something and lowered her head to think. When she looked up, she seemed a bit disheartened as she said to Xu Yi with a sigh, “That means I still have to wait a few more years”

Xu Yi nodded, “Yes. Didnt you say it yourself Youve already waited for over a hundred years, it isnt a problem if you wait another five or ten years”

“Un…..” Lumi fell silent before suddenly clapping her hands and loudly saying, “Alright, lets follow the agreement we made before.”

She turned to the Unfolding Wings, the Morning Sun, and the Goddess of Victory Iris with a look of intense hope and joy, “No matter what, being able to see these three powerful Magic Ships has already exceeded my expectations. I believe that as long as youre willing to help me, it wont take that many years before I can make an even more powerful Magic Ship!”

“You have to understand, it isnt me helping you, but you helping us.” Xu YI said with a smile, “Lumi, you are now a top grade researcher of our company and an employee of our company, so you need to properly work for me.”

Lumi waved her little hand, “No matter who helps who, its fine as long as we can make a powerful Magic Ship in the end. As long as I can complete my dream, I can do anything you want!”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Relax, if you can develop a more powerful Magic Ship, that is one of the goals of our company. But Lumi, weve already agreed on this. Although you will be mainly focused on developing the Magic Ship, you also have to work on the other projects.”

“I got it, you can relax. We halflings will keep our promises, we arent as sly as you humans.”

Xu Yi couldnt help smiling. When he was about to say something, Narvil on the side couldnt stop himself from shouting out.

“Halfling Gods! Youre actually a halfling! Oh, this is simply too unbelievable! Sir chairman, is this true Is there a halfling in front of me right now This must be a dream! This is too unbelievable!”

Xu Yi looked at Narvil who was a bit incoherent from shock. He thought that although it was a being that was almost close to being a legend, Narvil shouldnt be this shocked, right

Before Xu Yi could speak, Lumi had her hands at her waist and looked up to shout at Narvil, “Hey, human, what is wrong with being a halfling Why do you find it so hard to believe Could it be that Im not a living halfling”

Narvil nodded with a dazed look.

“Yes, you are a halfling, but…..But didnt the halflings already disappear from the continent long ago”

Xu Yi patted Narvils shoulder with a smile, “Alright, there are exceptions with everything. Werent the elves said to have completely gone into hiding But dont you see elves at our company all day There are even two elf researchers on the Goddess of Victory Iris. Although the halflings are more rare than elves, isnt this too exaggerated”

Narvils mouth fell open. He felt that sir chairman was underestimating this too much, but the halflings reappearing on the continent was super shocking news that one could never imagine, alright!

Seeing Narvils face that was filled with disbelief, Xu Yi felt a bit of a headache.

When he had Agnes appear in front of everyone a few years ago in Banta City, it created a stir that people couldnt believe which was considered quite terrifying. Even the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was affected by people who surrounded them to see Agnes for a long time.

If he were to bring Lumi back and publicly announced this, the response should be like how Narvil looked now. The effect of this might even be several times stronger than that of Agnes.

Seeing Lumi who was dissatisfied and had puffed up angry cheeks from Narvils exaggerated reaction, Xu Yi gave a bitter laugh in his heart.

To cooperate with other races, this was one of the consequences he had to accept.-

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