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“Could this be the natural advantage of transmigrating”

Seeing Lumis serious look that was as naive as a little human girls, Xu Yis first thought was this strange idea.

Because of the race wars three thousand years ago, although humans had taken control of the Sines Continent from the elves, the relationships between humans and other races werent good because of this.

There was no need to mention the elves, but they were like fire and water when it came to the beastmen.

As for the halflings and the dragons of legends, they had already disappeared from the continent.

Before Xu Yi appeared, the humans rarely made contact with the elves and the other races.

But after Xu Yi appeared, he surprisingly made contact with the elves. He even started cooperating with the Night Song Tribe and Moon Shadow Tribe, becoming close partners with them.

Later Xu Yi also became close with the beastmen and turned the Black Rice Wasteland that was occupied by the beastmen into the Frestech Chamber of Commerces back garden.

Right now, there was even a halfling that was said to have disappeared that appeared in front of Xu Yi!

And this halfling wanted to cooperate with Xu Yi!

There were so many unusual things that appeared in front of it, it was no wonder that Xu Yi had this thought.

Of course, thinking about it, one would find that all these things were connected.

The cause of this matter was Xu Yi thinking about working with the dwarves, so he went to the dwarf tribe and bumped into Agnes. Then he made contact with the Night Song Tribe and finally succeeded in cooperating with them.

Then everything after that just fell into place.

Even a halfling appearing in front of him was also because of this matter.,

Xu Yi shot a glance to elder Undine and elder Lisanya who were talking in a low voice. Elder Undine must know that he had close relations with other elf tribes, which was why she took the initiative to invite him and have this halfling Lumi meet him.

The reason why Lumi was willing to meet him and work with him was because of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces magic machines, which was similar to the skills of the halflings.

“Un……Lumi, I welcome your idea very much. Being able to obtain the help of the halflings who have a long history of researching magic machines would definitely help develop our companys magic machines. But…..” Xu Yi paused before asking, “Lumi, what do you want from cooperating with our company It cant be that you only want to study magic machines, right”

“Nonsense, arent you a merchant, Im discussing business with you!” Lumi said in a righteous voice, “The reason I want to work with your company is because I want to build a Magic Boat according to my wishes so I can sail to the endless seas!”

“A boat that travel on the ocean” Xu Yi looked at Lumi in surprise. After thinking about it, he understood, “If my guess isnt wrong, you want to head to the ocean to find your clansmen”

“Un.” Lumi nodded as she revealed a sad look, “Everyone else in my family is dead, so I am alone now. There is no meaning in staying on the Sines Continent at all, so I want to see if I can head out to the endless seas, finding my clansmen on the other continent.”

Seeing the sad and lonely look on Lumis face, Xu Yi gave a sigh in his heart.

Although the elves were considered rare on the continent, in the three tribes that Xu Yi knew about, there were a total of over five thousand people.

But the only halfling he had met up to now was Lumi. Not to mention a tribe, there wasnt even a family.

Moreover, there hadnt been news of the halflings on the Sines Continent for over two thousand years, so there wouldnt be a single halfling left on the Sines Continent anymore.

This kind of loneliness could be imagined.

“You had this idea after you learned about the Magic Boats that our company makes” Xu Yi asked.

“Yes, although I havent seen your companys Magic Boats, Ive gotten quite a bit of information on your companys Magic Boats after asking Undine. I know that your Magic Boats are completely made of steel, so they are very large and strong. I think that theres no problem for a ship like this to sail out onto the ocean, so it should help me find my clansmen.” Lumi replied.”

“Thank you for your praise for our Magic Boats, but Lumi…..To be honest, with how the research of our Magic Boats are going, I dont think that they have the ability to go deep into the seas yet.”

Lumis eyes opened wide as they filled with a bit of worry, “It still isnt enough My clansmen back then only built a few iron boats with the dwarves to head out to sea.”

“Your clansmen could bear a bit of loss at that time since there were many of them, but Lumi, theres only one of you. Do you understand what I mean”

Seeing Xu Yis serious expression, Lumi was stunned.

“Human, are you…..are you worried about me”

Xu Yi was surprised, “Un……I am just thinking about safety. Look, it isnt simple to travel on the ocean, you cant predict the dangers there, so to be safe, you have to properly prepare for everything. You are alone right now, so if anything happens that causes misfortune on the seas, itll all be over. Am I right”

Lumi looked at Xu Yi in a daze for a bit before suddenly coming forward and putting her hands around Xu Yi, saying in a happy voice, “The elder really wasnt wrong, humans arent all bad people. Great, hum…..No, youre called Xu Yi, right Xu Yi, you are a good person, I like you. I just wanted to use a bit of my races magic machine knowledge to work with you, but now Im willing to share all of my races research with you!”

Seeing the happy smile on Lumis face, Xu Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

He just told Lumi about his worries as a mechanical engineer, but he never thought that Lumi would be this moved by it.

But this was also good, so Xu Yi didnt bother explaining. He said with a smile, “Is that so Being able to receive your trust is my honour. But Lumi, I have to remind you that it will take a long time to develop a seafaring Magic Ship and it will take a long time to prepare for the journey. Adding it all up, it might take at least five years or even longer to accomplish all this, are you willing to wait”

Lumi nodded, “Of course. Ive waited for a hundred years, so what if I wait another five or ten years”

“She really is at least a hundred years old……”

A strange thought appeared in Xu Yis mind, but then he discussed the details of the cooperation with Lumi.

Finally both sides reached an agreement. Lumi would join the magic research facility, but she would focus on working on the Magic Boat.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had just launched their ocean shipping enterprise, so they needed talents in this field. Lumi cared about heading out to sea, so this was a good cooperation.

While talking to Lumi about the salary of joining the magic research facility, Lumi didnt want it at first, but Xu Yi insisted on giving them.

But when they talked about the specifics of her salary and Xu Yi asked about Lumis magic power to confirm her salary, he was shocked.

This female halfling who looked like a little human girl was actually a Third Grade Great Magician!

“Is this very strange” Seeing the shocked look on Xu Yis face, Lumi gave a soft snort and revealed a proud look, “We halflings are all geniuses at magic, otherwise how could we have such deep research on magic machines You have to know, even the most powerful Magic Battleships of the elves were designed by us halflings. You can ask Undine if you dont believe me.”

Xu Yi turned to look at elder Undine and elder Undine nodded with a faint smile.

After being dazed for a bit, Xu Yi returned to normal.

When he looked at Lumi again, Xu Yis heart was filled with joy.

Didnt this mean that the magic research facility other than Great Magician Telucci had just gained another Great Magician Grade researcher

If Xu Yi was counted in, that would be three Great Magicians!

Not to mention an Arch Magus like Camilla!

With such a powerful magician lineup, wouldnt their company be unique among the companies of the Sines Continent

Xu Yi was shocked by the strength of Lumis magic and Lumi was shocked by the wage that Xu Yi offered.

“Ten thousand gold coins a year And there are extra bonuses” Lumi looked at Xu Yi with wide eyes filled with disbelief, “Joining your Frestech Chamber of Commerce earns this much money If I knew about this earlier, I would have joined earlier! If I had ten thousand gold coins now…..No, I just need five thousand gold coins, then I could build a boat myself!”

“No, no, no……” Xu Yi waved his hands, “Lumi, you cant be impulsive. You are the most important top grade researcher of our magic research facility, you cant put yourself in danger for your impulses. If something happens, that would be a great loss to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Relax, itll only take a few years, but we will definitely build a powerful Magic Boat that can let you explore the endless seas and explore the whole world for your clansmen, alright”

Lumis big eyes filled with tears as she nodded with a smile.

“Alright, since youve given such good conditions, of course I have to treasure myself.”

Xu Yi let out a sigh of relief, “Thats good.”

Elder Undine and elder Lisanya had finished their discussion at an unknown time in the distance. Seeing that Xu Yi was done with Lumi, elder Undine came over and said to Xu Yi with a smile, “Chairman Xu, can we discuss the cooperation between us now”-

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