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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 24 - Royal envoy

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It was the same as when he entered the barriers of the Moon Shadow Tribe and the Night Song Tribe, when he entered the barrier, Xu Yi fell into an illusion.

But it was also a bit different.

When he entered the barriers of the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe, the illusion in front of him had the beauty of nature or were the lives left behind by the elves of the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe.

However, when he passed through this barrier, the illusion that appeared in front of him was the scene of being above the clouds, looking like he was quite high up.

The illusion gradually faded and Xu Yi was surprised after he saw the situation behind the barrier.

The barriers of the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe only hid the elf tribes, not letting others find the elf tribe. But when looking at the barrier from outside, this barrier blended with the environment.

For example, the Night Song Tribe in the Falling Rain Forest. If one looked at the barrier of the Night Song Tribe, they would just see the Falling Rain Forest and couldnt see anything different. The barrier would just mislead people to go to other places.

But this elven barrier was in a wasteland, but inside the barrier was a dense and broad forest.

The forest was different from the Falling Rain Forest or the Slight Dream Forest.

The Falling Rain Forest and the Slight Dream Forest were normal forests with dense trees and various plants on the ground. But this forest was a bit sparse, with each tree being at least ten meters away and there was only a layer of grass on the ground. Almost each blade grew the same height and there werent any other plants mixed between, giving people the sense that it was artificial grass.

Xu Yi looked at the trees that were at least ten meters, which he couldnt see the tops of if he looked up and he was filled with shock.

This strange forest, not to mention earth, was even unique on the Sines Continent.

Xu Yi was certain that this forest wasnt naturally formed because this would go against the laws of nature. There was only one possibility, the elves had used their strong control towards plants to forcefully transform the land to become like this.

Xu Yi had heard Agnes mention in sret that this kind of forest was the most perfect residence that elves dreamed of!

Thinking of this, Xu Yi turned to find that elder Lisanya also had a look of shock.

But it was different from Xu Yis shock. Elder Lisanyas shock had a different emotion mixed with it.

Sensing Xu Yis doubtful gaze, elder Lisanya turned over and slowly took back her shocked look. She said in a deep voice, “Xu Yi, this Azshara Tribe…..it probably isnt a normal elf tribe.”

“Nonsense.” Xu Yi rolled his eyes.

The situation inside the barrier was like this, the Azshara Tribe were clearly different from the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe.

It was a pity that when Still made contact with them before, she didnt know about this, so Xu Yi couldnt prepare his heart ahead of time.

It was a good thing that he had elder Lisanya with him, so he didnt need to worry too much.

“Elder Lisanya, what do we do now” Xu Yi asked.

Elder Lisanya looked at the forest with a complicated gaze before waving her hand at Xu Yi, “Follow me, I think that they should already know that were here.”

Xu Yi nodded and followed elder Lisanya into the forest.

Walking on the lawn that didnt have any other plants was comfortable, but after a whole, the two had traveled over a kilometer on the grass.

Elder Lisanya suddenly stopped.

Xu Yi immediately stopped and looked forward to see that there was white light that was gentle and not too dazzling in front of them. In the middle of that light, there were slender figures that slowly walked out.

Xu Yi focused and was shocked again.

Not mentioning the noble and beautiful appearances of the elves that came out, they were wearing long robes that were completely made of white gauze, making each of these elves look like immortals.

Xu Yi was immediately stunned by this.

When he entered the Night Song Tribe and the Moon Shadow Tribe before to see them wearing clothes made of animal skin, it seemed like their living conditions were quite hard.

However, the elves of the Azshara Tribe, not only was the forest they lived in close to perfect, even their clothes were of a higher quality. It could be seen that their living conditions were much better.

There was a female elf who came in the end wearing clothes made of an unknown material. However, based on the fact that she was wearing a noble purple robe and she was holding an aquamarine staff that was made of jade, she looked very noble.

Elder Lisanya looked at the staff in the female elfs hands and gave a gasp as she said in a surprised cry, “Is that…..the New Moon Scepter”

The female elf revealed a smile and her expression became much more gentle. She gave a nod as she replied, “Yes. Since you can recognize the New Moon Scepter, you should be the elder of a tribe, right”

Elder Lisayna looked at the female elf in shock and after a while, she gave a strange and noble bow to the female elf that Xu Yi had never seen before.

“The Moon Shadow Tribes elder Saratoya Sylph Sandy Moon Shadow Lisanya greets the royal envoy.”

Xu Yi had known elder Lisanya for a long time, but this was his first time hearing her full name. However, what caught Xu Yis attention wasnt this, but rather it was the last thing she said.

Royal envoy

Xu Yi looked at the female elf with wide eyes of surprise.

Could it be that this female elf was the elf royal familys envoy that elder Illusia and Agnes had told him about in secret

Wasnt it said that in the race wars three thousand years ago, after the elf race was defeated, the elven royal court was dissolved

How did a royal envoy suddenly appear

Perhaps it was because she noticed Xu Yis surprised look at the female elf turned to Xu Yi and shook her head with a faint smile. Then she said to elder Lisanya, “The royal court no longer exists, what royal envoy This is a title that has vanished with the river of time. This New Moon Scepter is only a treasure that my tribe has preserved, it has no relations to the royal court.”

Elder Lisanya took a deep look at the aquamarine scepter in the female elfs hands before slowly giving a nod. Then she said with a sigh, “Yes, this is no longer the age of us elves, even the elven imperial capital has been gone for thousands of years, naturally the royal court no longer exists.”

“Alright, elder Lisanya, now isnt the time to fondly remember the glorious past, we have an honoured guest to entertain.” The female elf turned to Xu Yi again anda gave the formal bow that an elf would give when meeting a guest, “Chairman Xu, welcome to the Azshara Tribe. I am the Azshara Tribes elder, Serelis Anvil Azshara Undine, you can just call me Undine.”

Xu Yi took back his strange thoughts and nodded with a smile, “Elder Undine, hello, it is my honour to meet you.”

“It is also my honour to meet you.” Elder Undine revealed a faint smile before waving her hands at the two, “Please come with me.”

Xu Yi and elder Lisanya followed elder Undine, as well as the two rows of elven girls in white robes into the light. There was a flash of light in front of them and when everything turned back to normal, they found that there was a broad patch of grassland in front of them.

The grassland was still filled with giant trees all over and in the center of the grassland, there were large statues carved from white jade. With the various stone railings that were there, it created a little garden in the middle of the grassland.

Seeing Xu Yi look at the statues, elder Undine explained with a faint smile, “Those statues are of the last generation elven king and the important elders. They fell during the race wars three thousand years ago.”

Hearing elder Undine mention the race wars, Xu Yi suddenly had a thought. He looked at elder Undine and finally couldnt help asking, “Elder Undine, you seem to have deep impressions of the race wars from three thousand years ago, why did you take the initiative to invite me in”

Elder Lisanya on the side slightly knit her brows. She thought, chairman Xu wasnt someone blind, why would he take the initiative to mention the race wars at a time like this

Elder Undine didnt care at all as she replied with a faint smile, “Everything in this world has the experience of reaching the peak before falling down, our elves are not an exception and neither are the humans. It has already been three thousand years since the race wars, we elves dont hate you humans specifically since this is a fate that all races must experience. If Im being honest, it is you humans who are targeting us elves more, isnt that right”

“This……” Xu Yis expression froze before he could only give a bitter smile.

According to the history books that he read about the Sines Continent, after the race wars, the elves indeed directly went into hiding and would rarely have conflict with humans.

Rather, it was the humans who wanted to eliminate the potential threat of the elves. In the several hundred years after the race wars, they kept looking for the elves to destroy them completely.

If one was to talk about hatred, the elves didnt have any hatred and it was publicized as such by the humans.

Of course, three thousand years later, whether either side had hatred, it already no longer existed.

Rather because the elves had disappeared from the continent, humans would treat it as something precious when they met elves.

Four years ago, when Agnes appeared in Banta City, it created a wave of wild praises.

“Alright, this was my mistake, I shouldnt have raised this matter.” Xu Yi shook his head. Then he revealed a smile and continued, “Then elder Undine, since you disclosed the location of the Azshara Tribe and invited me here, what is your goal If you want to cooperate with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I would happily accept this.”

“Theres no rush to cooperate. Before this, I have an old friend who has always wanted to see you and I believe that chairman Xu will definitely be happy to see him.” Elder Undine said with a faint smile.

“Old friend” Xu Yi was a bit confused.

Based on elder Undines tone, her old friend didnt seem to be an elf.

When he was about to ask, there was a series of quick footsteps.

Xu Yi turned in a daze and he heard a voice that was like the clear voice of a little girl.

“God! You really are tall!”-

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