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The next morning, the three Magic Ships sailed off from Thunderbolt Island.

Compared to when they came where the islanders were nervous seeing these three giant iron monstrosities, when they left, the islanders all came to see them off with happy smiles on their faces.

The islanders didnt know what agreement their leader reached with these unexpected visitors, but they could see that these unexpected visitors had moved quite a bit of cargo from the three giant ships.

Among them was not only the daily necessities they needed, as well as large amounts of meat and a bunch of strange looking things made of iron.

As long as Magic Crystals were inserted into these iron things, they would activate and perform many strange functions.

For example, the Magic Fans fan blade would turn quickly and blow out wind.

For example, the Magic Stove could send out flames without lighting a fire.

For example……


The fellows that had some knowledge on the island knew that these things were the household magic machines that were very popular in the Stantine Duchy.

Each one of these things werent cheap. Just the cheapest Magic Fan would cost over five gold coins for one.

With the household magic machines the visitors left, it would cost over three hundred gold coins if they were all added together.

If they added in the other items, these guests had left gifts worth over five hundred gold coins on their island.

In return, all they received was a large amount of clean water.

This clean water was considered precious on the sea, but for Thunderbolt Island that had three natural springs and a natural lake, it wasnt worth mentioning.

The islanders were happy, but they were also a bit doubtful.

Those visitors were all armed with weapons and their leader wasnt willing to steal from them. But why did these visitors not just steal the water that they needed from the island with their powerful weapons, why did they instead trade such precious goods with them instead

Could it be that they really were like that dark skinned middle aged man who always smiled had said They were only normal merchants and wanted to exchange something of equal value

The people of the island disdained this idea, but they werent against happily accepting the various gifts that these visitors had left.

Only a few people noticed that captain Ragsar who had always been forward had fallen silent when these people left. It was like he was distracted by something, always worrying about something.


“Captain, do you think that Ragsar is willing to cooperate with us” The lieutenant looked back and found that Thunderbolt Island had been thrown into the distance, they couldnt even see a trace of it. He couldnt help asking Narvil this.

“Of course hes willing.” Narvil said in a confident voice, “This cooperation is very beneficial to him and his Thunderbolt Pirates, so of course he will agree.”

“But what if he goes against his promise after we left…..”

“Relax, he wouldnt dare and he wouldnt be willing.” Narvil said with a faint smile, “Such a good chance is in front of him, if he doesnt know to grab it, we can only say that he is a fool who cant be saved. But if he really is that stupid, he wouldnt be able to be the leader of the pirate group and wouldnt have prepared an island as an escape route ahead of time. He is a pirate captain with foresight, so he will definitely understand the benefits of cooperating with us.”

The lieutenant thought about it before nodding, “Un, I think the same.”

Narvil laughed, “Actually, it doesnt matter even if he isnt willing to cooperate with us. Without the Thunderbolt Pirates, there are other pirate groups that we can choose to work with, we arent limited to them. Not to mention that we have already verified the situation of the island, as well as marking down the islands location. It doesnt matter that much if we have the Thunderbolt Pirates or not.”

Hearing Narvil talk about Thunderbolt Island, the lieutenant couldnt help revealing a pleased smile.

“Right, I never thought that this small Thunderbolt Island would have a natural mineral vein and a natural port. As long as it is developed, it can be treated as a sea base for our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If sir chairman knew about this, he definitely would be very happy.”

“Its not just this. The position of this Thunderbolt Island is very good and it is right on our route. There are no other islands within an entire hundred kilometers, so if we can get this, well be able to control this area of sea. With the current power of the Rudson Kingdoms fleet, they wont be able to manage this place. So as long as our company takes it, the place deeper into the sea will all belong to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Un. Sir chairman has always emphasized the importance of controlling the sea to us, so I think that he will place importance in this part of the sea.”

“Of course, sir chairmans foresight is not something we can compare to. The only problem now is whether the Rudson Kingdom will approve of this or not.”

Narvil looked to the northeast.

There was something faint that could be seen on the horizon.

According to the nautical charts Ragsar provided, they were already close to Nissi Citys harbour.

Reaching the Nissi City harbour would mean that their voyage had successfully reached the end.

This was a super long seafaring voyage of over three thousand kilometers.

Before this, the longest voyage that Narvil knew about was only less than a thousand kilometers by sea and it was done by staying near the coast.

This time, not only had his fleet gone more than twice as long, they had entered the deep seas where no men had gone before.

Compared to this, it was without a doubt countless times harder.

If it wasnt for the three Magic Ships, Narvil wouldnt have had the courage to complete this voyage.

But this voyage was a success and allowed Narvils subordinates to gain precious experience, which will make their next trip even smoother.

When they became even more experienced, Narvil was confident that they could do as sir chairman had said. They could enter the boundless seas and explore the furthest places in the world.


When the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet reached Nissi City, Xu Yi was driving his Magic Sedan across a road in the southwest area of the Rudson Kingdom.

If one measured it with a straight line, he was less than five hundred kilometers away from the Unfolding Wings.

But the Unfolding Wings was navigating the seas while Xu Yi was driving his Magic Sedan across a wasteland.

The only similarity was that if they looked around, they couldnt see a single person.

“Xu Yi, are you certain that the Azshara Tribe are nearby”

Elder Lisanya sitting in the passenger seat looked at the desolate land around them and asked Xu Yi this with knit brows.

According to the agreement between the two, after Xu Yi returned from Anvilmar City, he would set off with elder Lisanya to the Rudson Kingdom. They would make contact with the elf tribe discovered in the Rudson Kingdom before, the Azshara Tribe.

Elder Lisanya completely accepted the cooperation between elves and humans and she agreed with the issue that elder Illusia was worried about before.

If the elves continued to live in seclusion, they would be cast off from the continent and would fade into the annals of history.

So after learning that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had found the Azshara Tribe in the Rudson Kingdom, elder Lisanya hoped that the Azshara Tribe would be the same as her Moon Shadow Tribe or the Night Song Tribe. They would work with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to expand their tribe.

There was less and less news about elf tribes on the continent now. As elders of the elf race, elder Lisanya and elder Illusia were the same, they could think of any ways to continue the elf race.

Working with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce let her see that the elves and humans could live in peace, working together in harmony. Of course she hoped that the other tribes could be the same.

“Un, with the trail that Still found, she contacted the elves of the Azshara Tribe near here.” Xu Yi nodded, but he did have some doubts, “But this is indeed strange. Theres only wasteland around here, dont elves like to be under the cover of the forest”

“In a normal situation, we elves do like to be in a forest because we like being near nature. But when we have no choice, it isnt like we cant live in other places. Dont you humans live in bad environments when they have no other choices” There was a bit of helplessness in elder Lisanyas voice.

Xu Yi looked at the wasteland. Although this was a bit desolate, it couldnt be considered a bad environment.

The elves not being satisfied with this environment meant their requests were too high.

But thinking of how elves wanted perfection, it wasnt strange.

“Ai, it would be good if Still could come. She came here last time and met the elves before, but its a pity that the Azshara Tribe only wants to meet with two people since they know whats going on. They dont even trust a fellow elf like elder Lisanya.”

Xu Yi gave a sigh and stopped the car. He took out a map that wasnt too detailed and identified a direction. It seemed that he should be heading a bit further north, so he continued driving forward.

“Theres no choice, we elves have never trusted humans. As for fellow elves…..we arent from the same tribe, so we cant really trust each other.” Elder Lisanya was also very helpless as she couldnt help shaking her head.

She never thought that the elves had a problem before, but after cooperating with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce for a long time and experiencing many things, she felt that the “pride” that she had before wasnt worth anything.

“I hope that we can talk to the Azshara Tribe companions later.” Elder Lisanya gave a sigh in her heart.

The Magic Sedan quickly moved through the wasteland for a while. Elder Lisanyas expression suddenly changed and she had Xu Yi stop.

“Un” Xu Yi raised a brow to look at elder Lisanya.

“I can feel the unique barrier of us elves, but……it doesnt seem to be normal……” Elder Lisanya slightly knit her brows and had a bit of doubt in her eyes.

Closing her eyes for a bit, elder Lisayan opened the door and got out before suddenly raising her hand.

After a bit, there was a faint green glow that came from elder Lisaynas hand. It was like space was being twisted and gradually another scene appeared.

After a while, elder Lisanya waved her hand and there was a door that appeared in the void.

“They really are hiding behind an elven barrier, no wonder we couldnt find them.” Elder Lisanya waved her hand to Xu Yi with a smile, “Come, they shouldnt want your Magic Sedan to go in.”

Xu Yi nodded and came out of the car. He came in front of the door in the voice and looked inside. Then he gathered his magic and confidently walked in.-

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