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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 21

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Volume 5 Chapter 21 Thunderbolt Pirates

Ragsar stared right at the light that was on the dark sea in front of him and his eyes were filled with endless greed.

Since that damn Rudson Kingdom said that they wanted to turn Nissi City into the biggest port in the south of the Sines Continent, these pirates in the sea area of the Rudson Kingdom havent had good lives.

In order to guarantee the peace of Nissi City, the Rudson Kingdoms first and second fleet had been wild during this time. They would patrol the sea when they were free and attacked pirates without any mercy.

In the past, the pirates could use their speed to avoid the fleets of the Rudson Kingdom, but now that the first and second fleet had cast a net around Nissi City, with a large number of boats patrolling around, the pirates didnt have any space to exist at all. They could only leave the area around Nissi City alone.

Based on the news from the other pirates, the biggest pirate king in this area South Craig had been caught and thrown in jail by the first fleet.

Even the one South Craig called brother in secret who secretly worked with him, the City Lord of Nissi City Count Milito had been exposed and was also caught. It was said that he would be executed in two months.

All the pirates in the sea around Nissi City and even all the pirates in the Rudson Kingdoms seas were afraid. They were so scared that they directly sailed out of the Rudson Kingdoms seas.

But for Ragsar who was unwilling to leave the Rudson Kingdom, he entered the deep seas and came to an island he found a long time ago to use as a base, waiting for a chance to act.

However, with the current sailing level of the Sines Continent, whether it was merchant boats or normal fishing boats, they would sail near the coast. Only a few people would go deep into the seas.

Adding in the fact that Nissi Citys coasts were quite safe now, all the merchant and fishing vessels chose to sail near the shore.

So after Ragsar came to his base in the deep seas, for an entire two months, there wasnt any “business” at all.

Pirates relied on their blades to make a living, they lived for each day, so they didnt have much saved up.

Although Ragsar as the Thunderbolt Pirates leader had some foresight, building a base on an island and stockpiling it with supplies, after two months without any “business”, their supplies were running quite low.

If it wasnt for his subordinate saying that there was a large fleet near the coastline three days ago, Ragsar might have taken the risk of being caught and charged to the area around Nissi City.

Now that he saw the three large ships that were like giant beasts, Ragsar was shocked, but he was filled with even more joy.

These three large ships, the quantity of cargo they had must surpass their imaginations.

If he could take all three ships, he would be rich!

“Bo…..Boss……” The lieutenant standing beside Ragsar suddenly spoke.

“Un What is it” Ragsar was completely focused on the three large ships that were approaching. He was filled with praise while also drooling over them, so he impatiently replied when he heard this.

“Boss, those…..those three ships are this big…..are we really moving on them”

Ragsar knit his brows and turned to look at his nervous lieutenant before cursing at him, “Nonsense! If we dont, should we let our brothers starve It isnt like you dont know the situation of the island, we can only last a few more days. Instead of charging to Nissi City to fight the first and second fleet, its better to snatch this meal ticket.”

“But…..these three ships are this big, I think…..they arent easy to take care of.”

“Bull**!” Ragsar slapped the back of the lieutenants head, “Is this your first day being a pirate A ship being big isnt useful, its still controlled by people. When we charge aboard and kill them, wouldnt we be able to take over those ships”

“But…..But the three ships are this big, there should be quite a few people on them…..” The lieutenant was still a bit unsettled.

“These are all rookies at sailing! Dont they surrender when they see us Actually, if it doesnt work, well just kill a few of them.” Ragsar waved his hand and gave a cold snort. He turned to look at the three ships and couldnt help licking his lips, “Stop talking, even if these three ships have nothing, if we can get these three ships, we would be rich…..”

Seeing Ragsars expression, the lieutenant endured and finally didnt say anything else.

As Ragsars lieutenant, he was very clear on the situation of the Thunderbolt Pirates.

If it wasnt for the fact they couldnt keep going anymore, Ragsar wouldnt choose to do something this serious.

But compared to entering Nissi Citys seas and fighting with the first or the second fleet, being destroyed by them, stealing from these three ships should be less dangerous.

In the end, no matter how big the three ships were, they were merchant ships based on the observations in the past few days because the sailors on it didnt have any weapons at all.

“Hey, coming deep into our Rudson Kingdoms seas and daring to be this careless, they are simply sending us food.”

Thinking of this, the lieutenant clenched the blade in his right hand. He looked at the three ships covered in lights in the distant dark sea.

These rookies! Daring to light themselves up like this at night, they are simply asking others to come steal from them.

Hei, hei, this master wont be polite……

When the lieutenants smile just appeared, there were several light blue glows that came from the closest giant ship to them before flying right at them.

In the blink of an eye, these lights were in front of them.

“What is this thing”

Ragsar and his lieutenant were stunned as they watched these lights fall into the dark sea in front of them.

“Hong, hong, hong, hong.”

There were several large explosions and there were giant waves that appeared in the calm night sea.

Ragsar and the lieutenant beside him, as well as the other pirates all helplessly watched the giant waves crashing down on the wooden boats beneath them.

When they were in the air, the wooden boats were already shattered by the giant waves.

Ragsar and his lieutenant tasted something sweet in their mouths as they spat out a mouthful of blood. Everything turned dark and they lost consciousness.


It was unknown how long passed, but Ragsar was woken up by dazzling light shined on his eyelids.

His dazed head made him stunned for a while before he reacted. He forced himself to open his eyes and saw the blue sky above him.

“Are you awake” There was a voice without mercy that came from beside him.

Ragsar turned his head and saw a dark skinned middle aged man with a small beard who looked like he spent most of his life on the sea.

Then looking around, he found that he was on a giant deck and there were railings made of fine steel around him.

Feeling the slight swaying of his body, Ragsar could easily tell that he was still on the sea.

This large deck, other than those three monstrous ships made of iron, it was impossible to be another ship.

“This means that I was caught by those fellows” Ragasr looked at the rope around him before turning his head with knitted brows and asking the middle aged man with a cold snort, “Why did you save me”

He could already remember what had happened last night.

He wanted to attack the three giant ships, but before he could even approach, there was an unknown thing that came from the three ships that blew up the sky.

In short, he didnt even know what had happened and he was already knocked out by the explosion.

“Because you have some use.” Narvil lowered his head to look at Ragsar before giving a satisfied nod.

This pirates mind was considered decent, it seemed like there would be no problem getting answers from him.

“Use” Ragsar looked at Narvil with a confused look.

These fellows had these three giant ships and such terrifying weapons, what use did he have

“Right.” Narvil laughed. He pulled up a stool to sit beside Ragsar, “Hey, youre called Ragsar, right I heard that youre the leader of the Thunderbolt Pirates”

Ragsar gave a cold snort. He knew that these fellows definitely didnt save him alone, they got the information on him from the other pirates of his group.

“Thats me, so what”

Narvil didnt care about Ragsars attitude as he patted his shoulder with a smile.

It was unknown if it was intentional or not, but his palm landed right on the wound on Ragsars shoulder. The pain made Ragsar unable to stop his brows from knitting.

“I heard that your Thunderbolt Pirates have a small island nearby as a base” Narvil asked.

Since the other side had an unknown amount of information from his comrades, Ragsar wasnt willing to hide anything meaningless.

“Thats right, I have a small island, are you interested”

“Of course.” Narvil gave a laugh, “Since this small island can be used as a base by you, there might be something that we want on it. How about it Ragsar, are you interested in working with us”

“Working with” Ragsar looked at Narvil in a daze.

Was this person crazy

He had caught a pirate and didnt throw him to feed the fishes like normal merchants, nor did he catch him up, but he wanted to cooperate with him

With a pirate that had nothing……what was there to cooperate on-

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