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When Xu Yi came back from the royal palace, manager Flaime who had been waiting for him the entire time had a strange look.

Xu Yi entered the royal palace to see her majesty last night and didnt come back, he felt it was very strange.

After all, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Lampuri Kingdom were close, sir chairman and her majesty Seveni were close, he was worried that sir chairman might encounter some danger in the royal palace.

But now that Xu Yi was back with two young girls following him, manager Flaime felt quite surprised.

Although Xu Yi said that these two girls named Betty and Carol were the new maids he recruited, manager Flaime was experienced and could tell with a single glance that these two girls had just lost their virginities. He could easily guess what had just happened.

If Xu Yi was a normal noble or big merchant, manager Flaime definitely wouldnt be surprised because this was a very normal thing for them.

With Xu YIs status, no one would say anything about him bringing two girls he liked home.

But Xu Yi had always been incorruptible and was restrained in this matter, so there was only his wife Still in his house so far.

As for Liz and Linda who were slaves, no one would take them seriously.

But now Xu Yi brought two girls back, manager Flaime was naturally surprised.

What surprised him even more was that what sir chairman stayed at last night was not some noble or some merchants house, it was the royal palace!

He had stayed in the royal palace for a night and brought two girls back with him, this was rather unbelievable!

Moreover, from Betty and Carols actions, they were definitely maids trained in the royal palace and were not girls that could be found anywhere.

Not to mention that both of them were beautiful, they were rare even in the royal palace.

Sir chairman could actually bring these two out of the royal palace, he must have had the agreement of her majesty. These two might even have been personally given to sir chairman by her majesty!

If this was true, it meant that her majesty and sir chairmans relationship definitely wasnt normal.

Since her majesty took the throne, she strictly controlled the royal palace.

Not mentioning normal people, even the great nobles of the Lampuri Kingdom didnt dare meddle with the royal palaces matters.

But a young man like sir chairman not only stayed in the royal palace for a night, he even had intimate relationships with two of the palaces maids and finally brought them out with him!

This really was unbelievable.

Seeing the very strange look manager Flaime had, Xu Yi acted like he saw nothing. He gave a cough and pulled him back from his thoughts.

“Flaime, about the matter of the Anvilmar City service center, how is it going”

Hearing Xu Yi talk business, manager Flaime immediately came back from his thoughts and calmed down before replying, “Sir chairman, this matter has basically been prepared. Before you came, I was thinking about when to formally announce this, but now that youre here, how about you personally preside over the official ceremony”

Seeing the hopeful look on manager Flaimes face, Xu Yi shook his head, “No, I have other business to take care of. You can manage this ceremony. Moreover, theres the matter of the Magic Sedan post sale service that you have to follow up on. That boy named Noah, you can just let him take care of this. As for the other matters, you can send some maintenance staff from the company. Un…..If Noah is willing to learn, you can also help him learn. Hey, what are you looking at me like that for”

Manager Flaime had a strange look, “Sir chairman, if it wasnt that kid Noah already being quite old, I really would have thought that he was your illegitimate child.”

Xu Yi lifted his leg and kicked out at manager Flaime. He scolded with a smile, “If I had such an old illegitimate child, Still would definitely kill me.”

Manager Flaime laughed. His eyes couldnt help looking over at Betty and Carol on the side who were sizing up the Frestech Chamber of Commerces residence.

Xu Yi naturally understood his meaning and he couldnt help giving a sigh. If Still knew that after his trip to Anvilmar City that he brought back two women, he really wouldnt know what she would think.

Shaking away these thoughts, Xu Yi continued giving orders to manager Flaime, “You have to deepen the cooperation with those six companies. If nothing unexpected happens, the orders from other countries will come in two months and I will give them a portion of it. When that time comes, you will be in charge of supervising their progress and the quality of their products. This is our companys first attempt at cooperating like this, we cant make any mistakes.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“Other than this, the Magic Flying Car that we are working with Great Magician Eisenkel on has reached a new stage. In half a month, send some technical staff from the headquarters and have them take care of this project. You can be the contact when the time comes and make sure that they work properly with Great Magician Eisenkel.”

“Un, just last week, Great Magician Eisenkel asked me about this matter.”

“Tell him not to rush. Since Ive already agreed to this, I will definitely help him.” Xu Yi said in a deep voice, “Other than this, president Eren has contacted me before. He hoped that the Magicians Guild could work with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce to develop some magic machines. Ive already agreed to this with him, you should follow up with president Eren and understand what aspects he wants to cooperate on.”

“Un……I feel that we need to bring in a researcher from the headquarters to make it easier to discuss with president Eren.”

“No problem, I will write a letter to headquarters and have them send people. Also……”


Xu Yi said every single item and manager Flaime wrote every single item down.

Manager Flaime had been in charge of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in Anvilmar City for over two years now. Even when King Eric took the throne and when Duke Stagg started the civil war, he had been working at the Frestech Chamber of Commerces office here, displaying very good abilities.

In the two years the Frestech Chamber of Commerce returned to Anvilmar City, he had been fully displaying his abilities here. He smoothly built relations with everyone who wanted to have relations with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and everyone related to producing magic machines, playing a big role in the smooth development of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce in Anvilmar City.

Xu Yi was very assured in his abilities, so he was willing to give so many important things to him.

However, manager Flaim was very confused. When he finished hearing all the things Xu Yi gave him, he couldnt help asking, “Sir chairman, its hard enough for you to make a trip to Anvilmar city, isnt it best if you personally see these people and discuss with them If you discuss with them personally, itll be countless times more effective than me. Are you…..not planning on staying in Anvilmar City for a few more days”

“Yes, Im planning to leave today.”

“Youre this rushed” Manager Flaime was stunned, “You just came yesterday.”

“Ive already taken care of the main things, the others dont matter.” Xu Yi casually said, “Moreover, I still have something else important to take care of, I cant stay here for too long.”

Manager Flaime slightly knit his brows, thinking that sir chairman was too insincere.

No matter what, since he was already in Anvilmar City, it meant that he could spare the time.

But now that he was here, he left after a single night. He wasnt willing to take care of those rather important matters and handed them all to him, this really was too strange.

If the matters he talked about just now werent important, he could have handed the meeting with those six chairmen to Flaime. He didnt need to go personally.

Why did he leave after a single night Why did sir chairmans positive manner from yesterday suddenly turn this negative

Could it be…..Something had happened in the royal palace that made him this cold

Manager Flaime looked at Betty and Carol and was confused.

Properly speaking, sir chairman spending the night in the royal palace should have been a good thing……

Xu Yi ignored manager Flaimes strange look as he tried to see if he had forgotten anything. Then he didnt stay and planned on leaving.

Betty and Carol had been sent into the royal palace since they were young, they had already broken their relationships with their parents. They didnt have any good friends in Anvilmar City either, so they could leave whenever.

Xu Yi decided to leave, so the two of them obediently followed him.

Sitting in Xu YIs Magic Sedan, the two were very excited.

Because they hadnt left the royal palace many times even though they were grown up and they were sitting in the Magic Sedan they could only see from afar before.

Thinking about the new life in front of them, the two were very happy, while also being nervous.

Looking at the face of Xu Yi who was driving the Magic Sedan, the two felt even more nervous.

Even if her majesty told the two in secret that chairman Xu was a gentle person, he would treat females equally and wouldnt discriminate against servants, being a rare good man.

Based on his appearance, they found that Xu Yis calm look had a dark tone underneath that seemed like he was very unhappy.

“Could it be that chairman Xu isnt satisfied with us” Betty and Carol couldnt help guessing in their hearts.

But no matter if Xu Yi liked them or not, since her majesty has decided to have them help with her plan, their fates had already been decided and they couldnt change it at all.

And now that they were in Xu Yis Magic Sedan, it was even more impossible to change.

The only thing the two of them could do was pray that Xu Yi really was as good as her majesty had described.

But when they thought of what happened last night, the two felt like they were still in a dream.

This chairman Xu, he might not know what had happened last night his entire life……-

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