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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 15

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Five days later, Xu Yi appeared in the streets of Anvilmar City.

With the rapid development of the Lampuri Kingdom, Anvilmar City as the capital of the Lampuri Kingdom had quickly changed.

The most direct change was that by the streets of Anvilmar City, there were many stores that were selling household magic machines.

Walking in the large streets and the alleys, one could find all different kinds of household magic machines being used.

Now that it was summer, the people of Anvilmar City werent forced out of their hot rooms to find a cool place to escape the burning heat. Because even if they couldnt afford to buy a Magic Air Conditioner that cost twenty to thirty gold coins, they could at least afford a Magic Fan.

Xu Yi looked around and found that many doors were open around him. He could see various styles and colours of Magic Fans that were currently spinning inside those homes.

These Magic Fans didnt all come from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Because Xu Yi had sold the Magic Fan technology to the public, there were many new brands of Magic Fans that appeared in the Lampuri Kingdom.

Even if the Frestech Brand Magic Fan was the highest quality in the minds of the Lampuri Kingdom citizens, as the quality and performance of the other brands approached that of the Frestech Brand, it allowed them to become able to compete with the powerful Frestech Brand Magic Fan.

According to the stats from last month, although the Frestech Chamber of Commerces sales volume of Magic Fans increased in the Lampuri Kingdom, increasing by 17% compared to last year, their share of the market in the Lampuri Kingdom had dropped from 76% to 53%.

Comparing the data here, it meant that the economy of the Lampuri Kingdom was getting better and there were more and more families that could buy Magic Fans, but it also meant that the Magic Fans of other brands were becoming more of a competition. They stole quite a bit of the market from the hands of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Kennard expressed some worries about this on behalf of the Frestech Chamber of Commerces higher level members. He felt that with the decrease in market shares, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce should deal with this, finding a proper way to steal back those market shares.

But Xu Yi didnt care at all about this, he was rather feeling a bit happy about this.

These two numbers not only showed that there was economic development in the Lampuri Kingdom, it meant that the other companies advanced their technology when it came to Magic Fans.

Putting aside the companies that didnt care about costs and even did business at a loss, Xu Yi had done a survey of seventeen companies in the Lampuri Kingdom that produced Magic Fans. He confirmed that the Magic Fans of these brands had the same abilities as the Frestech Brand Magic Fan, with most of them only differing in a few manufacturing details.

There were even six companies that used their own research when making Magic Fans, making these six brands slightly different from the Frestech Brand.

Although that didnt necessarily mean it made their Magic Fans better, there was no doubt that these six companies had made innovations with the Magic Fan.

This was something that Xu Yi put utmost importance to.

After coming to Anvilmar City this time, Xu Yi didnt immediately see Seveni. He used the network that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had set up in Anvilmar City to contact those six companies, gathering them together to meet with him.

Both sides decided to meet in the most luxurious restaurant in Anvilmar City. After Xu Yi drove his Magic Sedan into Anvilmar City, he headed to this restaurant that was built last year and encountered a problem that he didnt expect.

There was no parking space!

Xu Yi stopped the Magic Car a bit from the front doors of the restaurant and looked at the various Magic Cars that were stopped outside the restaurant, as well as the three medium passenger Magic Cars. He couldnt help revealing a strange look on his face.

In a big city on earth, if one wanted to eat at a restaurant, it was natural for them to worry about parking spots.

But Xu Yi never would have thought that in this world, it would actually become a problem too!

It had to be said, the development speed of the magic machine industry on the Sines Continent far surpassed Xu Yis expectations

At least the people of this world accepted the Magic Sedans very quickly.

According to the stats of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, in the year and a half the Seveni had taken the throne, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had sold over ten thousand Magic Sedans. It had generated over three million gold coins in profit for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Xu Yi was happy to hear this number before, but now he felt a bit worried about this number.

While hesitating about whether he should find an alley to park his Magic Sedan in or not, three people turned over to look at Xu Yis Magic Sedan from in front of the restaurant. They immediately revealed smiles and came over to greet him.

The one in front was the Frestech Chamber of Commerces Anvilmar City manager Flaime.

As for the other two, based on the uniform one was wearing, he could tell that this person worked in the restaurant. As for the other person, Xu Yi didnt know him.

Flaime quickly came to the side of the Magic Sedan. Xu Yi rolled down his window to look at him before looking at the others and hinting with his eyes towards Flaime.

Flaime gave Xu Yi a slight bow before pointing at the young looking server and said, “Sir chairman, the parking space in front of the restaurant is full, please let him help you find another place to park.”

Xu Yi looked at the server in surprise. He never thought that this restaurant would have someone park the car for him, they really were keeping up with the times.

After getting out, he handed the keys to the valet while also tossing a gold coin to him.

The valet looked at the shining gold coin in his hands in disbelief before looking at Xu Yi with a bit of hesitation.

“Take it, this is a tip for you.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile.

The valet took the gold coin and gave Xu Yi a deep bow. Then he entered the Magic Sedan and with a skillful turn, he headed to an alley beside the restaurant.

“When you leave, you just have to call him and hell bring your car back.” Flaime turned away from the Magic Sedan and explained to Xu Yi.

Xu Yi nodded before turning to the middle aged man he didnt recognize.

“Sir chairman, please let me introduce you. This is the Rigg Chamber of Commerces chairman Passaro Rigg.” Flaime said.

The middle aged man revealed a humble smile and gave a slight bow to Xu Yi.

“Chairman Xu, it is an honour to meet you.”

“Rigg Chamber of Commerce” Xu Yi seriously looked over this middle aged man before giving a nod, “Chairman Rigg, the automatic start and stop that your companys Magic Fan has is something very new that I admire very much.”

Chairman Rigg gave a laugh, “Being able to receive chairman Xus approval is a great honour for me. But compared to your Frestech Brand Magic Fan, our Rigg Brand Magic Fan has many things that we cant compare in. We still need to learn from your Frestech Chamber of Commerce.”

“Having progress is a good sign, if you keep developing like this, I believe that there will be a day when your Rigg Brand Magic Fan will catch up to and even surpass our Frestech Brand.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Chairman Rigg saw the smile on Xu Yis face and there was a bit of doubt and inquisition in his eyes.

With his many years of life experience, he could tell that Xu Yis smile and praise were heartfelt.

But that was too strange.

The Rigg Brand Magic Fan making this breakthrough would steal a part of the Magic Fan market from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Based on the views of a merchant, they would definitely regard the Rigg Brand as a competitor and wouldnt feel good about it.

But now Xu Yi looked this happy. Could it be that he really was like the rumours, he fully supported the other companies investing in the magic machine industry and he felt true happiness when they made breakthroughs

If he really was this magnanimous, he might as well give all the magic machine technology the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had to the other companies for free.

Although this was his first time meeting Xu Yi, chairman Rigg found that he couldnt see through the thoughts of this young looking chairman who didnt even seem like he was even thirty years old.

The three of them entered the restaurant together. When they came in, chairman Rigg hesitated a bit before asking Xu Yi, “Chairman Xu, may I ask, what did you gather our six companies together this time for”

Xu Yi looked at him. He didnt know if this chairman Rigg was here for the other five companies or if he was here to gather some information for himself ahead of time.

“We all make Magic Fans, gathering you all together is naturally related to the Magic Fan.” Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Chairman Rigg, including your company, the six companies today all have original technology. I admire the technologies youve developed yourselves very much and Im very interested in them. Im meeting you today to discuss that technology.”

Hearing this response, chairman Riggs heart skipped a beat and his expression became tense.

Could it be……The Frestech Chamber of Commerce had set their eyes on the unique technology his company had developed

With the strength of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that far surpassed the other six companies and adding in the support of the Lampuri Kingdom, if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce really wanted to take their unique technology, they wouldnt be able to resist at all.

As if he could guess what chairman Rigg was thinking from his expression, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile and said, “Theres no need to worry, chairman Rigg. I am just interested, I dont want to harm you at all at. Rather, I came looking for you this time to bring you benefits.”

Seeing the gentle smile on Xu Yis face, chairman Rigg didnt know why, but his heart settled a bit.

However, before knowing what Xu YIs exact goal was, he was still worried.

He hoped that Xu Yi was really like those rumours……-

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