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But compared to being angry and dissatisfied with the western army, what Xu Yi cared more about was the Sack Kingdoms reason for doing this.

Killing five beastmen tribes, this would greatly affect the beastmen on the Black Rice Wasteland, but Xu Yi couldnt see any meaning to this for the Sack Kingdom.

It was impossible for the Sack Kingdom to do this for no reason, so why would they risk fighting the western army and breaking through the fortifications to slaughter five beastmen tribes that didnt affect the Sack Kingdom at all.

However, Xu Yi couldnt see the meaning of the Sack Kingdoms actions this time.

If it was based purely on the result, the ones that suffered the most from this other than the beastmen tribes was the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

Because of this matter, the ten thousand beastmen workers the Frestech Chamber of Commerce employed didnt feel good. It affected their efficiency and it slowed down the production of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce during these days.

But Xu Yi didnt feel that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was this important to the Sack Kingdom for them to take such a large risk to attack them.

So the only other explanation was that the Sack Kingdom was trying to estimate the strength and defenses of the western army on the Black Rice Wasteland through this.

Perhaps the Sack Kingdom will invade from the direction of the Black Rice Wasteland before entering the Lampuri Kingdom to the west.

But if the Sack Kingdom was thinking this, it seemed to Xu Yi that they were just fantasizing.

Since Seveni took the throne, the Lampuri Kingdom and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce started working closely together. In just two years, the Lampuri Kingdom had completely changed.

According to the stats, in just last year, the Lampuri Kingdoms grain yield reached six million and eight hundred thousand tonnes. It sweeped the previous record of five million and nine hundred thousand tonnes, becoming one of the countries with the highest grain yield in the surrounding area.

The Lampuri Kingdom could not only easily feed their people, they could store a large amount of grains, as well as export a large amount.

Just based on the amount they exported last year, the Lampuri Kingdom had gained six hundred thousand gold coins.

But compared to exporting magic machines, the income from exporting grains was nothing.

According to the stats, just last year, the Lampuri Kingdoms magic machine factories which they built with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had produced seven million units of household magic machines.

Other than the two million and six hundred thousand that was digested in the kingdom, the remaining close to five million household magic machines were all exported through various channels to the Rudson Kingdom, the Drake Duchy, the Mirando Duchy, and other countries. It had created a terrifying income of over six million gold coins for the Lampuri Kingdom.

From these two sources of income, the Lampuri Kingdoms finances had received a shocking two million in tax revenue.

With the various other taxes that came from inside the kingdom, the kingdoms finances had gained over three million gold coins.

So in just last year, which was the first year Seveni took the throne, the Lampuri Kingdoms finances experienced a terrifying growth, reaching over six million gold coins.

This shocking revenue, it was the first time it had happened in the hundreds of years of history for the Lampuri Kingdom.

Having money made things easier.

The Lampuri Kingdoms finances were always lacking, so they couldnt spend much money to invest on critical things like the military. That was why the Lampuri Kingdom was suppressed by the Sack Kingdom and couldnt fight back.

But now that the Lampuri Kingdoms finances had greatly increased, the Lampuri Kingdom could invest in their army with their money.

Last year, the military funding went from the pitiful less than three hundred thousand gold coins to one million and three hundred thousand! It had increased by a total of a million!

With this large investment, the main armies under the royal family were equipped with brand new equipment. Moreover, they purchased large amounts of military magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

In the northern army, this was even more clear.

The fully equipped northern army had fought with the Sack Kingdoms Hungry Wolf Regiment several times, winning by a large amount each time.

The northern army was now guarding the Muerto Mountains and the Sack Kingdom didnt dare take a single step forward. There was no need to mention them invading the Lampuri Kingdom like before.

Because the military strength of both sides were reversed, Xu Yi was confused why the Sack Kingdom had suddenly moved against the beastmen of the Black Rice Wasteland.

The Sack Kingdom being able to defend their territory was already good enough, they were also thinking of invading the Lampuri Kingdom How dumb was that

Xu Yi was lost in his thoughts on the Sack Kingdoms actions and Count Will became awkward because of Xu Yis questions, so the car fell into silence.

But not long after, the Magic Sedan suddenly shook and Xu Yi was pulled out of his thoughts.

Feeling the ache that came from falling back in his seat and the jolt from the car, Xu Yi knit his brows to look. He found that the Falling Rain Road they had just passed had large and small holes in them, so it was no wonder it was hard to go over it.

“Lord City Lord, when I came here last time, the Falling Rain Road was very good. Why did it become like this in just several months” Xu Yi couldnt help asking.

Count Will also turned back to look before becoming even more awkward.

“This……The Falcao Chamber of Commerces ore transporting Magic Cars have been traveling this road lately, so the Falling Rain Road has been crushed.”

“The Falcao Chamber of Commerces transport cars” Xu Yi thought about it before understanding, “They are transporting to the Falcao Chamber of Commerces steel mill to the north, right”

“Un. Chairman Xu, this steel mill is a cooperation between your Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Falcao Chamber of Commerce, you shouldnt be forgetting about it.” Count Will said.

“Of course I remember. Other than our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, this is one of the first steel mills. It is a bit related to my transporting of the Magic Air Conditioner production line this time.” Xu Yi looked at the road again and said with knit brows, “But the transport cars crushing the Falling Rain Road like this wont work. Lord City Lord, have you considered restoring the road”

“It is under consideration.” Count Will said with a nod, “Moreover, we arent just planning on restoring the Falling Rain Road, we are also seizing this chance to add another eight lanes of traffic to the Falling Rain Road. Because the Falling Rain Road is our Banta Citys main transport line, it was too narrow before and couldnt meet our needs.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Theres no other way, our Frestech Chamber of Commerce didnt have money when we were building this Falling Rain Road, so we couldnt make it too wide. But Lord City Lord, now that youve realized this issue, I really have to praise you.”

“This is my responsibility as the City Lord.” Count Will said with a faint smile, “Speaking of fixing roads, chairman Xu, do you know that her majesty gave a decree recently”

“Is it the proposal of strengthening the Lampuri Kingdoms roads” Xu Yi asked.

“Yes, her majesty plans on constructing thirteen new roads next year and linking the entire kingdom. Other than this, she is preparing to fix or develop thirty nine other roads and strengthening the kingdoms transport network. This plan has been passed by the kingdoms parliament and it should be implemented soon.”

“That is a good thing.” Xu Yi gave a shrug, “In the end, the Lampuri Kingdom has money now, so her majesty can do many things.”

“But an important problem for this plan hasnt been solved.” Count Will looked at Xu Yi with bright eyes.

Seeing Count Wills expression, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

“I say, Lord City Lord, it cant be that her majesty sent you to inquire about me, right With my relationship with her majesty, what cant be said directly”

Count Will revealed a strange smile. He gave a cough before saying with a serious look, “This plans problem lies in fixing and developing the roads, which means we will need a large amount of cement and steel. The steel can be easily solved because the Falcao Chamber of Commerces steel mill is making various steel products. Even if the quality isnt that high, it is enough to fix the road. But as for cement……”

“No problem. I dislike shipping cement all the way from the Stantine Duchy, so I planned on building several cement factories in the Lampuri Kingdom.” Xu Yi said.

Count Will was surprised before being filled with joy.

He had indeed been sent by her majesty to test Xu Yi, but he never thought that Xu Yi would immediately agree!

“Dont look at me like this.” Xu Yi looked at Count Will before looking in the direction of Anvilmar City. He shook his head and said, “Help me tell her majesty that my intention of helping the Lampuri Kingdom build a magic machine industry hasnt changed, so she doesnt need to worry that much.”

Count Will took a deep look at Xu Yi with a bit of a strange look in his eyes.

“Chairman Xu, theres no need for me to pass these words to her majesty, its best if you personally tell her.”

“Personally tell her” Xu Yi was a bit surprised.

“Right.” Count Wills expression suddenly became serious. He took out a pink envelope from his chest and placed it in Xu Yis hand, “Chairman Xu, this is the letter that her majesty wanted to give you. Her majesty told me to pass it to you and if you have time, she hopes you can take a trip to Anvilmar City. Her majesty wants to…..Ke…..Drink some tea and chat with you……”

Seeing the strange smile that Count Will couldnt help revealing in the end, Xu Yi was stunned. He looked down at the letter that had a bit of perfume in his hand. He thought that although Seveni wasnt considered beautiful, he always felt at ease when he saw her face. He felt his emotions suddenly become very complicated.-

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