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It was a sunny day today.

The sea breeze was warm in the beginning of summer. Coming from the sea, there was a moist atmosphere by the sea, which made people want to lie down and sleep.

Xu Yi shook his head and threw away the sleepiness.

Today was the first day the Frestech Chamber of Commerces fleet was heading out to sea. It was a very important departure ceremony, he couldnt miss it.

“Sir chairman, are you alright” Narvil on the side saw Xu Yis actions and asked this in a worried voice.

“Im fine.” Xu Yi took a deep breath, taking in the air that had the scent of the sea.

Although he did feel a bit disgusted, his mind felt a bit more clear.

Turning over to look at Narvil who was completely tanned, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

Narvil who had been named the commander of the first open sea exploration fleet was very excited. He had been spending every day on the Unfolding Wings, as well as the “Morning Sun” and “Goddess of Victory Iris” which had just been built this year, so he was already burnt black.

“Is everything prepared” Xu Yi asked with a smile.

“Un, everything is prepared!” Narvil gave a strong nod, “We can head out at any time!”

“Good, the ceremony can officially start then.”

Xu Yi nodded, walking to the stage that was prepared on the beach.

Because of this ceremony, there were many people already gathered on the beach. Most of them were Frestech Chamber of Commerce staff and the rest were people who had come to see what the noise was about, as well as people who had received the news and had come from other countries.

As for on the stage, there was the envoy that the Rudson Kingdom had sent, which was Newman.

Because the Frestech Chamber of Commerces first open sea voyages destination was the Rudson Kingdoms biggest southern port city, Nissi City.

On these three large Magic Boats were a large batch of magic machines that were being transported to the Rudson Kingdom.

Although according to the navigational estimates, this journey would take half a month, which would be much slower than taking the Stru Road which would only take two days, the three large Magic Boats had a shocking load of over fifteen thousand tons!

Right now, the maximum load of the large transport Magic Cars was only twenty tons. For a single trip for these three Magic Boats, it would be equal to seven hundred and fifty trips for the large transport Magic Cars, which was much more efficient.

Moreover, because the Magic Boats were travelling by sea, it had a great advantage compared to the large transport Magic Cars that travelled by road when it came to energy consumption.

For this roundway trip, according to the calculations of the magic research facility, they would only need to use a hundred tons of refined high concentration Magic Crystal, which cost no more than twenty thousand gold coins.

For the large transport Magic Cars, even taking the most convenient Stru Road, it would cost fifty gold coins of refined high concentration Magic Crystal for a round trip.

With seven hundred and fifty trips, this would cost thirty seven thousand and five hundred gold coins, which was almost two times that of the sea transport.

The most important thing was that to transport fifteen thousand tons of goods would take many trips, which would create more traffic for the Stru Road.

Of course, land travel was much shorter and wasnt limited by ports, so it wasnt completely dominated by sea transport.

Xu Yi came onto the stage and exchanged a smile with Newman before announcing the beginning of the ceremony.

This fleet launching ceremony followed the normal flow, with Xu Yi introducing the fleet and its uses, telling people what powerful significance this fleet had. Then he had Newman express how the Rudson Kingdom also placed significance on this journey on behalf of the Rudson Kingdom.

After that, Narvil came up to give a speech representing the fleet. He told everyone his excitement, while excitedly telling everyone that he would do his best to lead this fleet, working hard to create this sea path for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

After the thunderous applause, Xu Yi came up to the stage again and announced the fleet would set off.

Everyone turned to the Frestech Harbour by the sea.

The Unfolding Wings, the Morning Sun, and the Goddess of Victory Iris were already waiting at the dock and everything had been prepared.

Narvil took the scepter from Xu Yis hand which represented controlling rights and boarded a newly developed Convertible Magic Sedan, heading off towards the wharf.

When he got on the Unfolding Wings, there were many fireworks that exploded on the beach. It created many dazzling displays of magic, completely lighting up the beach.

Then the three giant Magic Ships let out giant roars and the three large Magic Cannons loaded on them let out a round of shells.

The Unfolding Wings trembled and began to slowly leave the dock.

When the Unfolding Wings had fully left, the Morning Sun and the Goddess of Victory Iris followed behind it.

The three Magic Ships moved slow at first, but they gradually sped up as they moved further from the coast. Not long after, they turned into three black dots on the sea, disappearing into the sea.

Xu Yi looked away from the sea and let out a soft breath.

“Youre very worried” Newman on the side asked with a smile.

“It would be fake if I said I wasnt worried.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “After all, this is our companys first open sea voyage and this first trip is over two thousand kilometers, it would be strange if there werent any accidents.”

“Theres no need to fear if there are accidents.” Newman on the other hand looked very confident, “These three ships are much stronger than any wooden boat. Even the small wooden boats of the Stantine Duchy could reach our Rudson Kingdoms sea, how could these three boats not reach it”

Xu Yi shook his head, “There are many unpredictable things on the sea. Although we have prepared for everything, I will always worry about things that we cant predict.”

“That is not something that we can care about, right” Newman gave a shrug, “Anyway, all the preparations were done, so the rest must be left to them.”

Xu YI was silent for a bit before nodding, “Un, this is me being swayed by losses and gains, I should be confident in them.”

“That is more like it.” Newman patted Xu Yis shoulder with a smile.

Xu Yi also smiled. He thought that he would always be more worried than Newman because although these three Magic Boats seemed like first class boats on the Sines Continent, they couldnt compare to the ones on earth.

The ones on earth had high tech equipment, as well as GPS satellites that could help locate them if anything happened at sea. These Magic Boats that were far lacking naturally would have accidents happen.

Of course, this was because Xu Yi viewed the problem from a different angle from Newman.

From Newmans angle, these three Magic Boats were much stronger than the simple wooden boats, so it was impossible for anything to happen.

“Right, speaking of accidents on the sea…..Actually, on the seas between the Stantine Duchy and our Rudson Kingdom, there are many pirates……” After saying half of this, Newman suddenly revealed a smile of self ridicule and shook his head, “Alright, I dont need to worry about this. If Im not wrong, you must have provided a large amount of military magic machines to those three boats, right”

Xu Yi laughed and didnt reply.

Newman revealed a smile of understanding and didnt keep asking.

Those three Magic Boats disappeared into the depths of the sea, so naturally the ceremony was over.

Xu Yi invited Newman to his manor as a guest.

Newman making a special trip here was of course not just as simple as attending this ceremony.

He had also brought the decree of King Teruc.

“Chairman Xu, his majesty wants to deepen the relationship between our Rudson Kingdom and your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, so he hopes that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce can invest more in our kingdom. According to the stats, right now your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has invested in thirty seven household magic machine factories which isnt a small number. But compared to the one hundred and forty three household magic machine factories that youve invested in in the Lampuri Kingdom, this is a large difference.” Newman said with a serious look.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Of course this cant compare. The Lampuri Kingdom is where our Frestech Chamber of Commerce was established, our company has the deepest foundations there, so naturally well establish the most factories there.”

Newman nodded, “Un, this is something that his majesty can understand, but his majesty feels that since our kingdom is supporting your Frestech Chamber of Commerce more than the Lampuri Kingdom, why doesnt chairman Xu consider investing more in our Rudson Kingdom You have to know…..your Frestech Chamber of Commerce has paid over a million gold coins in taxes in our kingdom, so theres no need for me to mention the profits……”

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before nodding, “I know that his majesty Teruc is greatly supporting our company and I am also very grateful. As for increasing investment in your Rudson Kingdom, I always had this plan. According to pour plans, in the second half of the year, we will be investing over two million gold coins in your Rudson Kingdom and have already reached agreements with twenty six companies in your kingdom……”

“That is far from enough.” Newman suddenly cut off Xu Yi and he stared right at him, “Chairman Xu, you should be able to guess my meaning already. The cooperation that his majesty is speaking of is other than the household magic machines, the more important thing…..is the military magic machines.”-

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