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Seeing Xu Yi come in, Still immediately carried the sobering soup that she had prepared over.

“How did the discussion go with ambassador Hakanin” Still asked with a smile.

Xu Yi took the sobering soup and took a sip, feeling the dizziness in his head get much better.

Ambassador Hakanin had no other skills, but his alcohol capacity was terrifying.

Xu Yi always thought that his tolerance was good, he could even keep up with the dwarves that viewed alcohol as their life. He never thought that when he was facing ambassador Hakanin at noon, he had been completely defeated and was almost brought down by him.

Of course, because he minimized his social events and controlled the number of times he drank,

“Its alright.” Xu Yi replied with a nod, “There are many nobles and large merchants of the Candra Empire who are interested in our companys magic machines. This time ambassador Hakanin was only helping them test these rumours, but there should be representatives from many Candra Empire companies who will come to discuss with us.”

“Un……I already said it, the magic machines are so easy to use and are so novel, the people of the Candra Empire will definitely welcome them. This was proven by the surrounding countries.” Still said with a faint smile.

Xu Yi laughed as he thought that he never doubted this.

But based on the information from ambassador Hakanin, the Candra Empires royal family has already noticed the military magic machines and has shown some interest.

But based on ambassador Hakanins attitude, the Candra Empires royal familys understanding of military magic machine shouldnt be too deep, so they are only a bit interested. They arent too deeply invested, so they arent that interested.

According to Xu Yis plan, it was not the time for the military magic machines to spread across the continent.

Because if the Candra Empire or the Marlow Empire were to set their eyes on the military magic machines, it would be hard for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to guard them with their current strength.

If the two empires set their eyes on the technology, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce might bring a calamity upon themselves.

So when he was talking to ambassador Hakanin, Xu Yi had been very vague when talking about the military magic machines, trying to lower their uses as much as possible.

Xu Yi was very happy that the Candra Empire had sent this ambassador Hakanin who had only gotten this job from his relative, otherwise it would have been too hard to fool him, making the Candra Empire turn their eyes away from the military magic machines for now.

Other than the military magic machines, Xu Yis response was very satisfying.

Ambassador Hakanin wanted some magic machines to bring back to the nobles and merchants of the Candra Empire and Xu Yi immediately agreed.

And perhaps ambassador Hakanin had received some ideas from the nobles and merchants, he suggested that he buy some household magic machines from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, which Xu Yi agreed to. He said that with his status as the Frestech Chamber of Commerces chairman, he would give ambassador Hakanin a preferential price for these household magic machines.

So ambassador Hakanin was filled with and their discussion went very well.

After hesitating a bit, Xu Yi took the moist towel from Stills hands and wiped his face.

It was already summer now and with the ice cold water on his face, Xu Yi felt invigorated.

Seeing Xu Yi forcing himself to focus, Still slightly knit her brows.

“Look at you, how about you dont go this afternoon”

Xu Yi shook his head, “No, the ceremony this afternoon is very important, I have to personally attend.”

Still gave a sigh and didnt try convincing him any longer.

She was clear how important the ceremony this afternoon was and was very clear on the importance that Xu Yi had attached to it.

“Then rest up first, Ill get Agnes to come over.”

“Agnes” Xu Yi was surprised, but he saw that Still was already gone.

Xu Yi was stunned. Seeing that it was still early, he was too lazy to go back to the bedroom and went to the patio beside the cliff, lying down in a deck chair.

Although it was the first month of summer, with the patio on the cliff facing the sea, with the sea breeze coming in from time to time, it was very comfortable lying in the shade.

After a while, Xu Yi fell asleep.

He didnt know how long he had slept for, but Xu Yi suddenly woke up.

Looking at the sun above the sea, Xu Yi estimated that it was still not two in the afternoon yet, but it wasnt that long before the ceremony started. Xu Yi rubbed his face before standing up.

When he stood up, he felt a sharp pain coming from his head.

Xu Yi couldnt help giving a bitter laugh.

Having a headache after drinking was unavoidable. Even if he was a Great Magician now, he wasnt able to do anything about this.

“Xu Yi, are you awake”

Stills voice came from behind him.

Xu Yi turned over and found Still and Agens coming out of the room together.

“I was about to wake you, the ceremony is about to begin.” Still quickly pulled Agnes out and gave Agnes a look.

Agnes stretched her hands out towards his head and Xu Yi was a bit confused.

“What are you doing”

“Making you feel better.” Agnes revealed a bright smile as she had already put her hands on the sides of Xu Yis head.

After a while, Xu Yi felt the magic fluctuations coming from Agnes and there was a cool feeling from the hands on his head. It slowly permeated across his scalp and he could feel his headache being relieved.

After continuing for around two minutes, didnt feel any headache at all and he was completely filled with energy.

“What kind of magic is this” Xu Yi was shocked.

Agnes giggled, looking very proud.

“This is one of our elf races special Mental Spell, the Mind Gathering Spell which can let your mind return to normal.”

“Its this amazing” Xu Yi said with a sigh.

The elves really were the most ancient race in this world, they always had knowledge that other races didnt have and it was the same with magic.

Mental Spells were still in the beginning phase of research for humans, but based on the spell that Agnes just used, it was clear that the elves had deep knowledge in terms of Mental Magic.

“How is it Do you feel better” Agnes asked with a smile.

“Un, much better.” Seeing the proud look on Agnes face, Xu Yi couldnt help reaching out to pinch her nose, “Such useful magic, you have to find some time to teach me.”

Agnes was stunned, looking a bit awkward, “This is a secret that we elves dont pass……”

Seeing the awkward look on Agnes face, Xu Yi laughed and patted her shoulder, “Since its a secret that isnt passed, then forget it. If I want to learn this, Ill just ask elder Illusia about it and try to get her to agree.”

“Un, the elder might agree……” Agnes wasnt too certain.

“Then Ill talk about it when I come back, Im leaving first.”

Xu Yi waved his hand and bid the two of them farewell.

When he took two steps, Stills call came from behind him.

“Xu Yi, come back a bit earlier today, alright Im leaving tomorrow……”

Xu Yi reached his hand out and made an “ok” sign.

Still already learned about this hand sign a long time ago, she nodded with a faint smile.

When Xu Yi came through the manor and came to the front yard, she saw Liz and Linda bouncing with Freya into the front door.

Seeing the slightly curved bellies that Liz and Linda had, Xu Yi couldnt help smiling.

Liz and Linda had been with him for two years and nothing had happened before. The new year had just come and both of them had become pregnant.

Still sticking closer to him during this time and even hoping that he would spend the night with her was probably because of stimulation from Liz and Linda.

That was right, he and Still had been married for four years and Freya was three years old now, but there wasnt anything that happened with Still. It was no wonder she was anxious.

“Hey, Freya, do you want to go and play with dad” Xu Yi picked up Freya who charged over and asked her this.

“Alright! I want to go!” Freya said in a loud and happy voice.

Liz and Linda who came over were stunned before quickly saying, “Master, dont you have an important ceremony in the afternoon Why are you bringing Freya along Let us take care of Freya.”

Hearing their words, Freyas eyes opened wide as she looked at Xu Yi with an expectant look.

She was already three years old and could understand the world. She knew that her father had the highest authority in their house, so he would make the final decision.

Xu Yi shook his head with a smile, “Its fine, Ill bring her along. Freya is getting older, she should participate in some matters of our company. After all, she will have to participate after getting older, it is normal to let others get to know our little Freya.”

Liz and Linda looked at each other before nodding.

According to the announcement Xu Yi made when Freya was born three years ago, Freya was Xu Yis current heir. According to the tradition of the Sines Continent, Freya would take Xu Yis place after growing up, becoming the chairman of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

According to tradition, Freya might even become their new master.

Xu Yi looked over their bellies again before suddenly saying, “Right, Liz, Linda, I already handed in an application to the congress, hoping that they can remove your slave status. If nothing unexpected happens, you should be able to get rid of this status soon.”

Liz and Linda were stunned before being filled with joy.

“Really” The two covered their mouths in excitement as their faces filled with disbelief.

On the Sines Continent, once they became slaves, it was almost impossible for them to stand up again.

Because the slave owner had absolute rights over the slave, they even had the right to kill them at all. So in the eyes of most people, slaves were no different from domesticated animals.

Liz and Linda had been slaves since they were young, they never expected to ever lose this identity.

Being able to have a master like Xu Yi that could treat them fairly and even being able to give birth to Xu Yis child was already enough to make them feel very satisfied with their lives.

But they never thought that Xu Yi would actually get rid of their slave status! Moreover, he even handed an application to the congress!

On the Sines Continent, this behaviour was simply a challenge to tradition!

Seeing the certain look in Xu Yis eyes, Liz and Linda couldnt help feeling excitement and joy as tears came out at the same time.

Of course Xu Yi understood the excitement in their hearts. He revealed a smile and continued, “You two are pregnant now, it isnt good to move like before. Ive already talked to Still and shell find some more servants to take some of your work, you can just rest.”

Liz and Linda were so happy that they couldnt say anything, they could only sob as they nodded.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile before picking Freya up. He let her ride on his neck and he walked out of the manor.

Liz and Linda watched as Xu YI walked away, as their vision became blurred from their tears.-

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