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After around twenty minutes, the Magic Sedan carrying Kennard and ambassador Hakanin left the small town, coming to an empty space that was around ten kilometers south of that town.

There was a fence that had surrounded the large space and there were sounds that came from the distance.

Other than this circle, there was a large stretch of open land where there were all different colours of Magic Sedans, medium passenger Magic Cars, as well as various horse carriages.

Seeing these horse carriages, there was a familiar feeling that came from ambassador Hakanins heart.

After entering the Stantine Duchy and seeing all those things that he had never heard of before, it made him feel like he had entered another world.

Seeing these familiar horse carriages, he felt like he was still on the Sines Continent. It wasnt that after he came down from the cliff, he had entered a new world.

There was a large crowd gathered outside the empty area and they all entered the area that was surrounded.

They all had excited looks on their faces, as if there was something they really cared about here.

What ambassador Hakanin didnt expect was that his Magic Sedan didnt park in the same place as the other Magic Sedans. It went around a curve and drove through an open gate in the back.

After getting out, ambassador Hakanin realized that he was completely wrong outside.

This wasnt just a simple fence, it was a complete thick building.

When he came in, it was like entering a cave that was completely dark.

If it wasnt for the light in front of him, he even would have thought that Kennard had brought him to some secret place.

With Kennard leading the way, the two entered the door on the side and walked a long path to arrive at a large gate.

When Kennard pulled it open, there was a loud sound that came from inside that scared ambassador Hakanin.

When he calmed down, he found that he had somehow walked outside.

Looking around, he found that he was on a high stage and there were stairs all around him.

The stairs were filled with people. The highest place was less than ten meters off the ground and the lowest was only two meters off the ground.

“So this thing that looks like a fence from outside is actually a viewing platform.” Ambassador Hakanin looked over this building that was like the beast arenas that was all over the Candra Empire with curious eyes, but was countless times bigger. He thought that it must cost at least three million gold coins to build something like this.

But when he thought about how Kennard had said that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had only invested four hundred thousand gold coins for each of those tall buildings, he didnt feel certain.

At this time, there was a familiar voice that came from in front of him.

“Hey, dear ambassador Hakanin, welcome to the Stantine Duchy.”

Ambassador Hakanin turned back and he found that Xu Yi had appeared at an unknown time in front of him.

“Ha, ha, chairman Xu, Ive finally met you.” Ambassador Hakanin came forward with a wide smile, taking Xu Yi into a warm hug.

If one looked at their current appearance, who would have thought that they almost broke out in a fight in their first meeting

“Your excellency ambassador, coming from Caraca City that is over a thousand kilometers away, it must have been very hard, right” Xu Yi invited ambassador Hakanin to sit down on the cushioned seats while asking this with a smile.

“No, no, no, it wasnt hard at all.” Ambassador Hakanin shook his head with a smile, “This road is the smoothest road Ive taken and I was sitting in the most comfortable Magic Sedan, it only took a single day to come here. Compared to the half a month it took to come to Caraca City from our Candra Empire, it was countless times better.”

“Oh Isnt it only three thousand kilometers to go from the Candra Empires capital Wimbledon City to Caraca City It wouldnt take half a month, right” Xu Yi asked.

Ambassador Hakanin knit his brows to look at Xu Yi. Seeing his confused look, he didnt know if this fellow did it on purpose or not.

“This…..Ke, chairman Xu, there isnt a road that connects Wimbledon City to Caraca City. Moreover, I was riding a horse carriage the entire way, how could it be as fast as the Magic Sedan”

“Oh, right.” Xu Yi patted his head, looking like he suddenly understood. After thinking about it, he continued, “Alright, to make your excellency ambassadors future trip more easy and to welcome your excellency ambassador to the Stantine Duchy, I represent the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to give you the newest Magic Sedan model from our company. What do you think about that”

“Really That is great!” Ambassador Hakanin was filled with joy.

After the trip from Caraca City in this Magic Sedan, of course he realized that this Magic Sedan was countless times more comfortable than the horse carriages.

Although he had seen this in the Frestech Chamber of Commerces store in Caraca City and he had seen countless Rudson Kingdom nobles buy the Frestech Brand Magic Sedan, ambassador Hakanin had always looked down on it. He thought that compared to the noble horse carriage, the Magic Sedan was only a piece of iron, there wasnt any nobility to it at all.

But now that he had experienced riding in the Magic Sedan, he immediately found that his prejudice against it was completely stupid.

If he didnt use such a comfortable vehicle and insisted on riding this horse carriage that shattered his butt, how could he keep complaining

So he had already planned on buying a Magic Sedan when he returned to Caraca City, but he never thought that Xu Yi would take the initiative to give him one, which really was a pleasant surprise.

At the current market value, a normal Frestech Brand Magic Sedan cost over eight hundred gold coins. But for a latest model Frestech Brand Magic Sedan, one couldnt get one for less than two thousand gold coins.

After being happy for a bit, ambassador Hakanin suddenly thought of a problem and his face turned stiff.

“What is it” Seeing the change in his expression, Xu Yi asked this.

Ambassador Hakanin shook his head with a bitter smile, “Chairman Xu, even if you give me a Magic Sedan, I wont be able to drive it back to our Candra Empire. Because…..in the three thousand kilometers between Caraca City and Wimbledon City, there are only public roads in the Rudson Kingdom and the Mirando Duchy. As for the other roads…..”

Ambassador Hakanin shook his head. The Magic Sedan could only run fast on the public roads, they werent much better than the horse carriages on bumpy rock roads.

As if he could see ambassador Hakanins thoughts, Xu Yi said with a faint smile, “Your excellency ambassador, as for this, Ive already considered it. The Magic Sedan that Im giving you this time is the newest one developed by our company, it is a high quality Magic Sedan equipped with cross country functionality. Moreover, this new Magic Sedan has the Wind Magic Cushion system that our company had developed, so it can make it feel not as bumpy on roads that arent as smooth. I guarantee that you will like it.”

Ambassador Hakanin looked at Xu Yi in surprise, as he didnt believe it.

The Magic Sedans were this powerful They could actually drive across broken roads

Xu Yi guessed his thoughts, but he didnt explain. After pausing, he said, “Of course, no matter how good the Magic Sedans are, it cant compare to changing the roads. Your excellency ambassador, the proposal that I had before about building a road to connect the Mirando Duchy and Wimbledon City, have you raised it to the emperor”

Hearing this question, ambassador Hakanin was shocked before he said with a nod, “Ive mentioned it and his majesty is very interested. But there is a bit of a problem that needs to be solved. There are three countries between the Mirando Duchy and Wimbledon City, so to build a road, we have to pass through those three countries.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “As long as your Candra Empire speaks, those three countries definitely wont oppose you.”

“Of course.” Ambassador Hakanin said with a proud look, “Those three small countries wouldnt dare go against the will of our Candra Empire. But chairman Xu, his majesty isnt certain that building a road rashly is a good thing. He wants to see what kind of benefits the roads can bring before making a decision, so…..”

“So you want us to go to the Candra Empire to build a road” Xu Yi asked.

“Thats right.”

Xu Yi was silent for a bit before nodding, “His majestys thoughts are correct, but building roads is unrelated to our Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Its done by the Amrit Chamber of Commerce, so your excellency ambassador will have to discuss this with them.”

“I think the Amrit Chamber of Commerce definitely wont reject our Candra Empires invitation.” Ambassador Hakanin said with a confident smile, “Other than this, as for the magic machines that your Frestech Chamber of Commerce produces, especially the military magic machines, the emperor is interested, so he hopes that……”


There was suddenly a loud sound that stopped ambassador Hakanins words.

There were deafening cheers that came from the crowd and as the voice swept forth, it made ambassador Hakanin unable to say anything or even hear anything.

Ambassador Hakanin saw Xu Yi open his mouth and Xu Yis words clearly entered his ears.

“Your excellency ambassador, lets discuss this matter later. As for now, lets focus on watching the competition.”

Seeing the smile on Xu Yis face, ambassador Hakanin was shocked.

Being able to send his voice clearly to his ears in this environment, unless he used his powerful aura to do so or using the Spatial Magic at the Great Magician level, he wouldnt have been able to do this.

Xu Yi was not a powerful martial arts practitioner because everyone knew that he was a magician.

But…..But he could actually use Spatial Magic to this degree.

Could it be…..he was already a Great Magician-

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