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Magic Industry Empire Volume 5 Chapter 2 - Urgent rescue

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After stopping at this Magic Refill Station, Kennard and ambassador Hakanin headed off again.

The Magic Sedan quickly moved through the Slight Dream Forest. Ambassador Hakanin and Kennard kept talking in the Magic Sedan.

Compared to the small Magic Dryer, he had placed more interest in the running water and the water system.

Seeing that he was more focused on the water system, Kennard was a bit surprised.

Because ambassador Hakanin was usually useless, so Kennard thought that he wouldnt see that the water system was more important than the small Magic Dryer. He never thought that he would take the initiative to ask about this matter.

Thinking about it, Kennard decided to seriously consider this.

“This automatic water system as the name suggests doesnt need human control and it will supply water to where it is needed automatically. Ambassador Hakanin, you saw its use in supplying water for flushing and washing hands, that is a part of the water system.”

“Oh This means that if I want water in other places, like the kitchen, the bathroom, and the garden, it is all possible” Ambassador Hakanin looked very interested.

“Yes.” Kennard nodded, “Actually, the main part of the system is in the water pipes. For example, when you were washing your hand, the pipe that released the water was just a terminal.”

Seeing that ambassador Hakanin was a bit confused, Kennard explained, “Thisterminal is a concept that our sir chairman has proposed. Thisterminal refers to the place where the water is released. For the water system, it is the water faucet.”

Ambassador Hakanin nodded in a manner that seemed like he didnt really understand, “This means that if I want, I can arrange a water system and have water come out in any place”


“Then where does the water from the water system come from Why does the water come out of the faucets from the pipes”

Kennard revealed a faint smile, “The water for the water system actually comes from the prepared reservoir made with the Magic Water Pump. Then it is cleaned by the water filtration facility and then sent into a water tank in a high place, which then feeds into each pipe.”

“So its like this……” Ambassador Hakanin suddenly understood, “Its no wonder the water looked so clean, I even felt…..there was no problem directly drinking it.”

“Of course theres no problem.” Kennard revealed a proud smile, “This water systems filtration system is a secret technique of the elves, it ensures that the water is clean. It is even better than the water people draw from underground wells or the water from rivers.”

“Its actually a secret technique of the elves” Ambassador Hakanin was a bit surprised, “Ive heard that the elves were close to your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but I never thought that elves would be willing to take out their secret techniques for you. This really is too shocking.”

“There are still many surprises……” Kennard secretly laughed in his heart, but he said, “That is only one of the projects that the elves are cooperating on with our company, they arent giving it to us for free. For example, for this water system, our company has to share it with the elves. The elves in the Slight Dream Forest are also using this water system and all the facilities are built by our company for them for free.”

“Being able to have the elves cooperate with you is already unbelievable enough.” Ambassador Hakanin said. When he was about to ask another question, he saw Kennard knit his brows.

Ambassador Hakanin was surprised and thought there was an accident. He followed Kennards gaze and saw that under a tree in front to the right of the road, there was a person lying there.


Kennard said to the driver in front.

The driver clearly understood Kennards intention and stopped by the person lying on the ground.

Kennard quickly came out of the car and came to the persons side to look him over. He put his hand on that persons neck before turning to order the driver, “It seems that he cant be moved, quickly call the ambulance.”

The driver nodded and took out a small rectangular box from his chest. He pressed a few times on it before saying into the metal box, “Emergency center I have a serious patient here, please send an ambulance and medical personnel right away. Right, in the Slight Dream Forest, the Stru Road……”

The driver paused and looked around before saying, “Between section four eighty three and four eighty four. Right, right by the road. Please hurry, this person doesnt look too good.”

After doing this, Kennard seemed to have relaxed a bit. But he didnt understand medicine and couldnt rashly move this person, so there was nothing he could do.

Knitting his brows to think, he suddenly thought of something. He reached into his chest and took out a cylinder which he pointed at the sky, opening the lid on it.


With a soft sound, there was a light green smoke that came out and flew into the sky.

After around five minutes, there was the sounds of leaf rustling that came from the trees. There were two slender figures that jumped out of the trees.

Ambassador Hakanin looked over and noticed their sharp ears and perfect faces. They were actually two elves!

Even if he was an important person in the Candra Empire, ambassador Hakanin had never seen elves in the Candra Empire before. This was the first time in his life that he was seeing real live elves!

The two elves nodded to Kennard and didnt ask what was going on because they had already seen that person lying by the road.

The two elves came to that persons side and began seriously looking over them. One of the elves released a green light from their hand and tried to use first aid on that person with elven magic. Ambassador Hakanin couldnt help rubbing his eyes as his face filled with shock.

The person on the ground was a human!

When were elves willing to do everything they could to heal a human

The two elves should have been summoned by Kennard, which was already enough to surprise ambassador Hakanin. Now that he was seeing these two elves being willing to use magic to save a human, this filled ambassador Hakanin with even more disbelief.

Could it be…..The relationship between the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Stantine Duchy elves had already reached this level

With the special treatment magic of the elves, that person was clearly looking better, they were even able to slightly open their eyes.

But he was still very weak and couldnt say a thing.

At this time, there were some loud noises that came from the road in front. It was like there was a strange bird that was getting closer.

Hearing this sound, whether it was Kennard, the driver, or the two elves, their expressions all relaxed.

After a while, a medium passenger Magic Car that was pure white with two red lines crossed flew across the road and stopped right by Kennard.

Two middle aged men wearing white robes came out of the car with a stretcher. One of them looked over that person before the two of them lifted that person onto the stretcher. After getting that person in, they got back in the Magic Car and quickly drove off.

During this process, the two of them had moved very quickly. It was clear that they had done this many times and were very familiar with this.

As for the people on the side, only Kennard had spoken a few words to them, the rest didnt say a thing.

When the Magic Car was gone, the two elves gave Kennard a bow before jumping into the trees, disappearing without a trace.

Seeing Kennard and the driver return to the Magic Sedan, ambassador Hakanin had a confused look.

“CEO Kennard, since you wanted to save that person, why didnt you follow through to the end Why didnt you find a doctor and make sure he got better”

“Ive already handed him to the emergency center, the people there will take care of the rest, I dont need to do anything.” Kennard replied.

“What is this emergency center” Ambassador Hakanin was even more confused, “Could it be that it is specially used to save people”

“Yes, this was something that sir chairman specially allocated funds for. Right now there are a total of eight emergency centers in the Stantine Duchy, spread across the entire duchy. Sir chairman said that this is far from enough, according to the plans, there has to be at least a hundred emergency centers in the duchy.”

Ambassador Hakanin was a bit stunned, “How much money does that cost I saw that you didnt even give them any money, could it be that this emergency center is a public service”

“This isnt a public service.” Kennard shook his head with a smile, “Although according to sir chairmans rules, these emergency centers had to treat urgent patients first, they still need to collect fees. Normally if others are sent there for treatment, they would also have to pay.”

“Then the medical fees for that person just now……”

“I told them to put it on my account for now.”

“Isnt this your Frestech Chamber of Commerces account, what difference is there from no fees” Ambassador Hakanin criticized in his heart, but he praised with a smile, “CEO Kennard, you really are generous.”

Kennard laughed, “This is too much praise.”

Seeing that Kennard didnt care at all, ambassador Hakanin felt doubt in his heart.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce setting up these emergency centers should be like those companies in the Candra Empire giving the poor food or clothes, it was considered charity.

He didnt doubt the intentions of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, but he doubted the things he saw.

First was the close relationship between the elves and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

From the water system to how close Kennard was with those elves, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce wasnt just simply close to the elves.

Next…..there was that small metal box the driver had taken out.

Why had he said a few words and the Magic Car for treatment had rushed over

That small box, just what kind of strange thing was it

Ambassador Hakanin found that the more contact he had with the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, the more surprises they brought him.

What kind of surprise would he encounter after meeting chairman Xu again-

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